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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (GTA)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (82 reviews)"

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  GTA on the ds

| | See all legoman's reviews (23)

I've been waiting for this game plays like gta should do. The controls are good but driving & shooting with the tank is a pain.

The mini game are great from stealing the cars to putting the sniper rifle together. This is a great game & at £17.99 it,s a steal.

  At last a grown up ds game

| | See all craigey19's reviews (12)

First of all, well done rockstar!
The ds has always seemed to of been aimed at children and girls and now the elderly and due to that, there haven't been any gamers games.
Until now finally a proper game that doesn't have smiley faced chubby children and the likes of Mario with similar story lines dating back to 1989.
Overall great game the D pad is trouble sum whilst driving though, but addictive great multiplayer and sure to keep you out of mischief for 20 something hours and decent storyline true to the series.


| | See all xjoannax's reviews (2)

Before i bought this i was sceptical about how good this would be for the DS but i was pleasantly suprised! The graphics are old school like the first grand theft autos but it's brilliant. With lots of missions and side jobs like drug dealing and cab driving it can keep me amused for hours. Definately the best game i've bought for DS, would highly recommend :)

  Old Skool

| | See all REVIEWMEOFF's reviews (17)

This is very much like the original Grand Theft Auto Games, with a few added extras. The story is rubbish, but who cares thats not why you play GTA. Being on the DS makes it a bit more interesting because you can use the stylus for different things e.g. hot wiring a car. I particularly like the work you can do at the tattoo parlour, tatooing people with the stylus. Over all this game is brilliant and at £10 its an absolute steal!

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  Amazing Game for DS. Buy before it increases in price!!!

| | See all gorgeousgames's reviews (44)

For only 9.99 it is truely an unmissable bargain. The touch is effective and the the missions are classics. I would recomeend to GTA fans or any who owns a DS! Buy it quick beacuse, it is likely to increase soon!

  Amazing game

| | See all jimisfireburns's reviews (35)

Played briefly on GTA 2 a while back. This is my first time with GTA since then, and it is simply brilliant. It is challenging as well, and a sign of a good game is when you are itching to pick up and play. Which is what Chinatown Wars is about. Theres a lot of variety, fun and plot to keep you going. One of the best on DS. Hope this sells well so we can have more mature games for the DS.

  Best DS game ever?

| | See all MichaelSAM's reviews (1)

I certainly think so. In terms of size, such a huge map, so many different places to explore, but places are still so familiar from GTA IV, fantastic art style and animation, story's a little weak, but that can be forgiven, what with everything else you can do in this game. All of the side missions that were missing from GTA IV are back. I was particularly pleased to see rampages again. I still haven't completed this game 100%, and probably never will.

Absolutely the best game on a handheld ever.


| | See all Dom377's reviews (5)

Best £10 ive ever spent on play.com. Its a must buy if you are a fan of the GTA games. Massive map and superb game play.
Buy it now!

  Excellent game

| | See all nffcevans's reviews (1)

I was sceptical about this handheld GTA, but for £10 I thought I couldnt go wrong. Turns out I was right. Its a brilliant game, got the GTA feel to it through and through, theres lots of funny moments, fun mini-tasks with the touch screen, fairly intuitive controls and for once in a GTA game side missions you actually feel like doing! All in all, get this game, it feels like a proper GTA and is a blast.

  Rockstar do the impossible...

| | See all MattMan101's reviews (4)

When I first played GTA: Chinatown Wars, the first words that came to mind were How?, and Awesome...

Rockstar has manged to fit 2 of the main islands (the eastern ones) and the other 2 that are not as a large but sit north of the most eastern one and the smaller that lies between them (I don't know the names), into a DS cartridge? How? And as a top down 3D perspective? I know, the graphics are cel-shaded..ish, but for a DS game they really look stunning.

There are many things to do in that city, of course, plenty of main and side missions, rampages and mini games, One of the mini games is Hobotron, one of my faves, where you basically have to survive by shooting guys who chase you, or blow them up with time bombs! The touch screen is used nicely too... for instance if you land your car into water (we all do this occasionally, right?) you have to tap the windscreen to smash it and escape, otherwise you're sleeping with the fishes. On another you can make your own Molotov Cocktails by going to a gas station, dilling a bottle with the stuff and putting in a cloth, really cool.

It sounds ok too, some pretty funny one-liners when you're chasing some poor fellow with a gun, and so on. The music isnt that great, but as you can turn it off, you can just listen to that guy you are trying to run over shout 'I'm still a virgin!' Classic!

Overall GTA:CW breaks all the rules of DS gaming and deserves it's place as a classic for the console. Get it while it's still £9.99 here, you will not regret it.