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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (GTA)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (82 reviews)"

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| | See all im2sexy69's reviews (7)

Great graphics, awsome storyline, good sound effects - this is a brilliant game.

The only thing that is slightly frustrating is the camera angle, you cannot see that far ahead, althogh you can adjust this slightly, so its only a very minor gripe.

The storey line is, as with all GTA's, interesting, funny and exciting, keeps you ploughing through the game.

A great game at a bargain price...a must buy!

  absolutely awesome

| | See all rajesh35's reviews (2)

soon has i got this game i was hooked its absolutely incredible for a ds game well worth the £10 price tag an incredible steal.All i can say is if you have a nintendo ds don't miss out buy it now.

  great game

| | See all cosmicsheep25's reviews (4)

very good game...how they could cram all this onto such a small piece of plastic amazes me...i have found the experience is enhanced when playing with earphones and it immerses you into the game even more!!! its a steal for the price...i thought i had a bargain for 17.99 but now its even cheaper....

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  exceeded expectations!!

| | See all cgreen88's reviews (1)

I got this game for my birthday and wasn't sure if it would live up the hype but I am hooked on it! Its brilliant and I just can't put it down! would highly recomment his for any GTA fans!

  great game!

| | See all PS3GamerT0M's reviews (5)

i bought this game a few moths ago now and as ever, if a game is made by rockstar it is going to be good. they have proved that with this game!
obviously the graphics and not great but for the DS there amazing
the game also has it's own physics engine so you can actually flip your car and flip other etc..
I found the story really cool as well, it was not just do this do that basis i actually got into it.
only issue:
getting the pen out during missions or while being chased by the cops can be annoying and hard. other that that it is a great buy
and for the price as well! in the shops it is like £29.99
what a bargain!

  gta handheld awesome!!!

| | See all ashley88's reviews (3)

this latest entry in the gta franchise is handled beatifully the liberty city that was used in gta is recreated beatifully here with the use of cel-shaded graphics a solid story you play as huang lee who is on a quest to retrieve his familys stolen sword there are many plot twists and the chracters are very well fleshed out there are also some inspired uses of the ds touch screen from car jacking to making molotov cokctails all in all a fantastic game and another brilliant entry in the gta franchise

  shurely the best game on the ds so far

| | See all ichitha's reviews (4)

loved this game did take a little gettin used to with the camera view but really clever what theyve done exploiting the possabilities the ds offers building your sniper rifle and hot wiring cars are simple but great additions and the missions are fun to a must buy if you have a ds

  Best game on the DS? I think so!

| | See all CASgamer398's reviews (89)

I've been a big fan of the sanbox genre since GTAIII which is my favourite game of all time.

Chinatown works really well on the DS, utillizing the consoles features while keeping the Grand Theft Auto magic.

Everything is there, and more. They've brought bask the old taxi missions which were wrongfully left out of GTAIV. The game has been seriously updated to include things like a PDA and home delivery from AmmuNation. All these little touches set the game apart from it's 3D counterparts and gives it it's own identity.

The touch screen has been implimented really well too. Everything is a mini-game like making Molotovs to searching dust bins for weapons.

I didn't find the game that hard but it's fun and there's a lot to do. If like me you like to spend a lot of time mucking about in a sandbox game then this should last you ages.

The only problem I had was with the cut scenes. You've got to read all the dialogue, however that's the same with almost all DS games. Sound wise it's pretty damn good from the sound effects when you DS console from sleep to the pretty decent radio channels.

Buy it, you've got to. Argueably the best game on the DS.

  GTA China Town

| | See all mingle's reviews (6)

Very good images, only problem is trying to control driving the cars, but then again i am a woman! Love playing it but find it sometimes difficult. Its more for guys then gals if being honest.

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  Love it !!

| | See all messypup's reviews (3)

im a female and i absolutly love this game.
its is sooo addicting
i have played it until my ds was running out of battery. i was even playing it while my ds was charging :)
the missions are not to hard or easy just about right
im soo glad i brought this game.