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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (GTA)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (82 reviews)"

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  im addicted

| | See all perfectstranger's reviews (5)

this is nothing short of a belter. im mildly addicted. the only reasons it falls short of 5 stars are 2 tiny things. 1, you dont get sound for the cut sceens which is a little annoying and slightly stops you from getting as "in" to the story as you could be but the banters still funny. the 2nd is you only get 3 missions at a time and you have to do each one before you get more BUT theres always a small gap before you get new missions where you have nothing to do.
the sat navs great, home delivery from ammunation, and due to the drug dealers, your never short of cash.
3 tips, if you dont wana pay the toll bridge, jump out your car and walk thru the toll. you dont have to pay, you dont get a wanted level and you keep your car.
buy as many safe houses as you can, it saves driving

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| | See all joshb91's reviews (17)

This game really is brilliant in every aspect, even the graphics are very good for the DS system. One of the most engrossing, addictive games I have ever played!


| | See all LordNan's reviews (3)

I read the reviews before it came out and thought this should be good, but its not good its amazing, i just love how you can bash the cop cars to get rid of your wanted levels and playing just reminds me of the original GTA, the top down view. I can't put it down, whats even better is you don't have to pass x number of missions to unlock another of the islands as they are all unlocked so you can roam freely between each island. The drug dealing is so addictive, i keep waiting for the emails for the cheap drugs or i go round taking the other gangs vans. The twin screen thing works really well.

If you haven't already bought it what are you waiting for BUY IT.

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| | See all deanevs's reviews (1)

This is a awsome game. Bought it for my wifey and cant get her off it. Brilliant game if your into this stuff. A must buy game!!!

  Simply Awesome

| | See all Beardatron's reviews (3)

Well, what can i say? What an awesome game this is! I hardly played my DS, never really got into it, and then i heard GTA: Chinatown Wars was out. Instantly came on play.com and saw it was £17.99, and just impulse brought it. What a great buy it was.

The game is awesome, uses the touch screen really well. It can be hijacking cars, assembling a sniper rifle or getting a car off of a tow truck, the touch screen is used so well.

the drug dealing side game is BRILLIANT, i'm always looking for cheap drugs that i can sell on for massive profit. I've probably spent more time on the drug side game than i have on the main game at the moment.

The graphics are brilliant! They haven't attempted to over do the graphics which may have affected the game play, they have gone for simpler graphics with a top down view. Does that sound bad? Well it isn't! It works perfectly on the DS and the game looks amazing.

This is, for me, the best game on the DS so far, and every DS owner should own this. This game is so addicting, and whether your a GTA lover or you have never played a GTA before, you will still LOVE this game.


| | See all chimp07's reviews (5)

Just as good as GTA4! This game has great graphics and addictive gameplay that will keep you interested for hours!


| | See all flyinpig's reviews (11)

well, where do i start?!?!?! its all good!!! the only reason i actually bought this game was because 1) i love all the gta games 2) i had stoped playin my ds and this was the best 18 quid i hav ever spent on a ds game and i hav about 30 diffo games, well worth it! rockstar pulled this of perfectally and if you have resevations about gettin this 1, blank it out!!! brilliant!!! :D a must have for the collection

  good and easy game

| | See all willthedevil's reviews (1)

when i first bought this i expected it to be simple and very fun to play and i wasnt wrong. The missions are very easy and i like all the rampages and odd jobs. The graphics arent the best as its a birds eye view so thats the only thing to change. But overall its a very very good game and definitly worth 30 quid


| | See all luke982's reviews (2)

This game will really is a quality game! the new features like hi-jacking ammunation vans and other rivals drug vans etc as well as the drug deals hot wiring make it a complete game cant fault it one bit!