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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (GTA)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (82 reviews)"

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| | See all warped100's reviews (37)

I can't stress that enough, this game is no way shap or form for anybody under 18. Okay that's out of the way, this is one of the best game avaliable on the DS by far, far better and more enjoyable then GTA 4, a great laugh to play, even though the cut scenes are all still shots they are still very funny to watch. I boought this game on Saturday and i didn't put it down for hours. This game gives the player hours of fun running cops off the road, dealing drugs, destroying cars people and the best part is the newest feature you can throw cocktails and grenades out of the window! An action packed explosive amazing game for the DS every adult with a DS should buy this game

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  must have game of the year for DS

| | See all attra2's reviews (36)

well after what i thaught was a dissapointing GTA 4 i was put off because i was having to take someone for a drink or a game of pool ever 30 minutes and it ruined the fun and carnage GTA was all about but when i saw some gameplay footage of chinatown wars i was very happy to se it was back to the old school GTA

graphics: fantastic for the DS you work from the top down view like in the classic GTAs but the coulers and detail is abseloutley amazing, plenty of variation in cars and other vichels and the cut scens are very well done in a slide show style with fantastic art work
sound: everything in this game sounds beautifull from the shouts off pedestrians to the radio stations ok theres no songs but the music fits so well each station has a diffrent style and you will find something you like
gameplay: well its typical GTA with some twist you play a newcommer to the city whos father a triad boss has recentley died as always liberty city welcomes its new arrivals with a short beating and theft, you start by as always working for one person but even up working for several but tehre are lots of nice new features the drug trading is a fantastic idea with hundreds of dealers around you can make a living by just dealing in drugs or like classic GTA you can steal a police car, fire engine or taxi and do those missions. there are jumps rampages and as ussual the good old grab the nearest car and see how meny cops you can hold out aaginst but this time unliek GTA 4 where it was quite easy to shake them its just not in this game however you can now smashcop cars and take them out by driving thrugh narrow routes or ramming them into other vichels or buildings i was a little concernedabout the driving but its fantastic each car handles diffrentley and theres plenty of safe houses for you to stash them in
Longeveity : well i have been playing it since release and iam only 10% the way thrugh it but this is because i have just been having fun with this game unlike GTA 4 where i felt restricted by this whole buddy system i ahve t say for me this is a far better game than GTA 4 and well worth the purchase

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  Another GTA Must-Buy

| | See all marrakoosh's reviews (1)

Absolutely fantastic game. As others have rightly pointed out, the amount of depth in this game is incredible. I've only done 6 or 7 missions, and yet I am so excited. The Dealer side bit is great fun. The cars look great, and I really enjoy being chased by the cops! Getting rid of them is great. It provides assistance all the way through the game (aligning your car to the road) but you never realise it.

A must-buy for 18+ DS owners.

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  Handheld Genius!!!

| | See all Freshprinz's reviews (24)

When you think of a GTA game for the DS, everyone has a view on how they think it would be and what they could do with it. Rockstar have done an amazing job in reincarnating liberty city for the DS. Its unbelieveable how a game like this can fit on such a small cartrigde.

This is probably more fun that GTA4, as it goes back to the older roots of gta which brought the series so far while still blending some of the newer aspects to create a great package.

The best game available on any handheld system so far!!!

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  second best GTA game ever made

| | See all harry4000uk's reviews (1)

after vice city of course

the game has its problems. the story is iinconsequential and it could do with fully voiced cutscenes and online multiplayer. But the variety of missions, the drug dealing mechanic, the amazing array of extras, the multiplayer etc makes this the greatest 2D GTA ever made and one of the greatest GTA games ever made. Buy it, play it, love it.

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  Better than You Think it'll be..

| | See all xGMC79x's reviews (7)

And you think it'll be great!
there's really not much to say, apart from possibly the "Game Of The Year" on any format even this early in march. Dont think just buy!!, Fanstatic game.
Some great touch Screen features, buy with confidence. ;-)

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  Brrrriliant game

| | See all KeNNyMaN89's reviews (5)

Absolutely fantastic gameplay, great sound, excellent storyline and the use of the touch screen is sublime. Dont even hesitate to buy this! especially at that price! This game is fantastic!


| | See all SarahB85's reviews (1)

I pre-ordered this and received it on Friday and am already addicted!! I've been a GTA fan since the beginning and was worried how it was going to work on the DS, but it's fantastic! It's more limited in terms of the view than the Playstation versions (is similar to the original GTA but more 3D than that) but this doesn't matter as there's so much to do and the PDA idea is awesome to help you navigate!

My fave parts so far:
1. Drug dealing!! You receive emails when dealers are selling a particular drug cheap, or they are willing to pay top dollar for a something so you can make loadsa money... just don't get busted by the cops!!
2. Taxi driving - like the other GTAs you can steal a taxi and make money from the fares... you have GPS to get you to the end location, but that takes you the legal route, so you often need to take short cuts to get there in time e.g. driving across parks, down alleys or the wrong way up one way streets!
3. Getting rid of the cops - Although you can get resprayed, you can also remove your wanted level by getting the cop cars to crash which is much more fun! This can be quite tricky but is loadsa fun!!
4. All the missions - I've only completed about 4 missions as I've been having too much fun drug dealing/taxi driving but there seems like there will be loads and loads of variety. You have your main missions but also random ones if you speak to someone with a blue mark above their head. So far I've killed a few people, followed people, helped a guy to win a race by taking out the competition, nicked loadsa cars and even walked an old man to the bus station... anything to make money!!

Could rant on all night about this game... but I wanna get back to playing!!! Thank you Rockstar!!!!

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  superb game

| | See all meanmachine23's reviews (2)

Got this on release day after watching somereviews on it and or my god what a breathe of fresh air ! Having played and finished the ps3 sack of rubbish ( well more hype then actual game) i was well impressed with them going back to their roots with it . the game plays really well no the 2 screens and gets you involved with the stylus straight away. Defiantely a must have for the ds and just wish they had done so much better with the bigger brother version lol

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  Up there with the DS greats...

| | See all RoffleCopter's reviews (2)

Ok, the DS has had some EPIC games released, like the advance wars collectives and mario and luigi partners in time, Zelda, the original Puzzle quest, zookeeper etc etc.

I was a bit worried about this GTA game but from the videos i saw I was impressed. Having now had the hcance ot play it for a few days it is nothing short of breath taking.

The style is classic GTA and reminds me of the originals on the PS1 but upto date. the controls of moving your wee fella about can take a while to get used to due to the DS pad but overall it doesn't take long to get used to. The controls are overall very intuative.

The way Rockstar have made this game has raised the bar for many future DS games. the detail is immense and I just cannot beleive this all fits on the DS cartridge.

the bad bits? well I don't think there are any really. I would like some better music and some proper speech as the voices in all the other GTA's used to crack me up. but then we have to be realistic. this is a DS!

overall, loads of fun and what I have needed for some time... A great DS game to spend many a wee hour on!

RoffleCopter preparing for take over... laterz...

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