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Guitar Hero: On Tour - Decades (with Guitar Grip)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Game brill controller not that great

| | See all MovieBee's reviews (26)

I love the GH series have 2 and 3 and World Tour on the Xbox 360, thought I would like the DS version, the game is good fun and typical of the series, but I was not that happy with the controller grip. Found I couldn't grip it well without twisting my wrist which wasn't the most comfortable after a while and it had a habit of the grip popping out of the slot. If they changed the way the grip worked then I would recommend it.

  Rocking all over the world on the DS again - but better!

| | See all Wiiloveit's reviews (18)

Guitar Hero On Tour wasn't the most successful game in the franchise; in fact, it was far from it. Despite being a pretty good experience to say it's on your DS, there were so many little tweaks that could have been improved that it didn't feel like a proper Guitar Hero title. This game is very similar in terms of gameplay, but thankfully, many of the tweaks from the previous game have been ironed out.

The game is played by selecting colours on the fret controller, and then sliding or tapping on the touch screen to play that colour note, in time with the beats as they arrive at their designated position at the bottom of the screen. This all works the same as the last game, with only presentational differences (the star power bar is now shaped like a microphone and the rock meter is more attractive) changing in this sequel.

There are a few more improvements as well. The controls in the guitar duel mode are more functional than before (they always register this time, rather than only registering on a certain part of the screen), there are a couple more unlockable tracks, your progress in harder difficulties is also reflected in the lower difficulty modes, and most importantly, the song list (which includes songs from the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and "modern" genres) is much better.

Sadly, if you've got Guitar Hero World Tour, several of the songs will be familiar, but nonetheless, it seems a lot less like Activision is only trying to appeal to the casual, child and female audience. This is reinforced with the harder difficulty level which requires more skill than before, with super fast streams of ever changing notes.

In another new addition to the sequel, this game can also be connected to the original On Tour if you have a friend with that version, and you can seamlessly stream songs between either version to play, meaning that you can have up to 54 songs at the ready, giving players the chance to choose a song if they do (for some reason) prefer the first track list, which is a very nice (and well done) touch.

This has been improved on in loads of different ways, and feels more as though it is being aimed at core rockers, rather than pop wannabes. Because of this, this is the game you should look out for out of the two, but watch out for the grip controller, which is exactly the same as before and won't be to everyones comfort.

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  Good game

| | See all Touran's reviews (14)

Mine only arrived today so I haven't played it much but the songs are quite good. The controller is much easier than the normal one as it has no orange button but you have to press quite hard with the pick for it to respond. My brothers play the songs on Expert on the computer version but struggled with Hard on this DS version. I would still recommend it but it is quite expensive. Good fun.

  Great game

| | See all Tse333's reviews (7)

This game is much better than Guitar hero on tour
This is because the makers have made huge improvements to the songs you play. Not only do you have a wider range of songs, the makers have thought about the songlist and have picked popular and very famous songs for it.
Editing characters and guitars is now easyier, and now has a wider range to chose from.
4/5 worth buying

  I love it!

| | See all bear79's reviews (2)

I have just got this game for christmas & I love it!!! I've never played any of the other guitar hero formats before but i found it easy to use & the songs are excellent. If you are a novice like me then this game is great fun & probably a good introduction to the series.

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| | See all xRobyn91x's reviews (2)

Couldn't work the nintendo wii one very well .. Then got the ds version and i love it :) .. Now ive learnt im good on the wii one too :) .. Im getting everyone into guitar hero !!! I bought decades over in america after 6 days out of 14 of being there and i'd finished it all by the time i was home ! :) X

  Not half bad..

| | See all kibble's reviews (21)

The game, which has sold millions on the 3 other platforms extends it's reach with Guitar Hero:Decades. The game itself is good fun, You find yourself having a good old rock out with some really good music and a well thought out way of utalising the Ds's Touch screen, But.The game itself only took me 2 hours to complete, If that.. There's the re-play attributes that allways is fun to do, If you see it cheap or you get offered it. I'm sure you wont be dissapointed, Even if you fork out 35 odd quid your not dissapointed just left feeling slightly empty..

  I can see why people like it. But not for me.

| | See all bryngreen's reviews (2)

I'm a fan of the guitar hero series, and I thought I would invest in a DS version, I personally did not enjoy the game for the fact that I found the control difficult to hold and found it slipped out of my hand easily. I gave it 3 stars though as the song choice is excellent on this game. It could just be me, but I find it awkward to play, but if you managed the first ds version then you will really enjoy this due to the quality song set.