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Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Every girls dream

| | See all shoothillbabe's reviews (4)

This is a lovely game to play, the colours and detail are amazing, its just beautiful. There are lots to do so you never get board.Its 3+ but dont be put off, im a adult and I love it. When ever ive had a bad day at work or its a dull rainy day its the game I play, it just makes you feel happy

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  ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! 3+ rating refers to suitability...

| | See all FussyMum's reviews (1)

My girls love it (age 3 & 7), i also think it is well worth the money. 3+ Rating refers to the suitability of the content not if a 3 year could use it!! How dull would those games be with no words! They would also grow out of it within days as it would be so so simple.

This game is suitable for a 3 year old with help. Sit down and play with them to get them started, so they know 'what it's about'... Interact. It will not be long before they are shooing you away so they can get on with it themselves.

There are around 20 fairies who all want to be your friend. Tinkerbell can collect things by helping other fairies, playing mini games, finding shining sparkles. You can change her clothes and accessories and make accessories all gradually as you collect the items needed to make them i.e. Fairy medals to buy clothes or hunting for jewels to make jewellery.

I love ds games and this one is fab. The night sky in the game changes according to the time of day it really is (worked out by the the realtime on the ds) there are loads of gemstones to collect, flowers, beads, dresses, tops, shoes, hair 'clips', bracelets and anklets... What more could a girl want?

It is a really friendly game that gives the player that disney feel good factor (yes .. If you can read, but hey a 3 year old can't have everything!) but the fairies' expressions do change so the younger gamer will get the jist of how the fairy feels, super happy as apposed to blandly happy.

There would be only one little complaint (emailed disney who apologised, its an innocent comment in the states, but its still there on the game)... Rosetta fairy cares for the bugs and tenderly refers to the bugs as cute little 'bu**ers' ...yes she really does keep talking to her, she'll say it!(not out loud, you read it)

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| | See all BabyBump's reviews (7)

I bought this game for my 4 year old daughter and she cannot play it at all, I tried to show her myself and I ended up giving up as I hadn't a clue what I had to do, very disappointed with this game, age rating should not be 3+ it should be 7+ older children might know exactly what to do with it where as younger children dont!

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  fantastic game - cannot put it down

| | See all LUCKYDUCKY's reviews (2)

I was a bit worried that this game could be too young for my eleven year old daughter, but as she loves fairies i thought i would take a chance. It has become her favourite game, she can't put it down.the game has lots of mini games. Things to collect and deliver to the fairy queen to make the seasons of the year. A map to follow around pixie hollow,jewel finding, dew drop collecting, a repair shop and thread spinning + others ( you can also purchase new clothes and accesories and change tinkerbells costume. The game has quite a bit of reading to do, as all the fairies give you messages when they need your help collecting things( i think the amount of reading makes this game better suited to older children or accomplished readers as it could be frustrating for younger or novice readers to play) as a mum i can honestly say this game is great fun which i enjoy playing as well. Overall a great xmas presi which has already given value for money.

  Really lovely game

| | See all Abbafan1972's reviews (20)

I love this game and I am 36! I agree with what the others have said, it is a little hard for the really young, as it does involve a lot of reading. Basically you performs tasks and do jobs for other fairies around pixie hollow to bring about the changing of the seasons. The more seasons you change, the more things you get to do. It is very easy to play, although when you first start playing it is easy to get lost around all the different locations and you can end up going round in circles in you're not careful. But it is a nice relaxing game which passes the time. I didn't think I would enjoy it at first, but I am so addicted to it. The graphics are really pretty.

  Gorgeous game

| | See all PiskyDust's reviews (4)

Ok, I admit it - I'm 26 years old. Obviously, this game is aimed at a much younger audience, but I still love it. The graphics are gorgeous and there are all sorts of little things to discover. I find it a lovely, relaxing game to play of an evening. In response to those commenting on the age of child the game is intented for, the age guide refers to the content of the game, like a film age certificate. All 3+ means is that the game won't contain anything offensive. Many of the 'brain training' and puzzle games have this age classification but are obviously far too hard for a young child to attempt.

  Quite a good game

| | See all kimsim321's reviews (1)

I'm 17 and its sad for me to play it but i still love disney. I think this game is good for children between 4 and 11. The only thing wrong with it is that it is very repetitive but as it is a childs game I can't really complain. On the upside of things though, the clothes and items that you can make and buy are fantastic!

  Not Good - To hard for 4 year old

| | See all jenneeec's reviews (1)

There is a lot of reading in this game I brought it for my 4yr old daughters birthday she can not read it. I tryed to do this but it is impossible without reading it. Would possibly be suitable for 6 yr old!

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