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New Super Mario Bros

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (148 reviews)"

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  Mario's going back to his roots

| | See all Adam2712's reviews (7)

Do you remember the days when Mario used to run through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser, instead of playing some pointless sport or board game? I do, and, thankfully, so does Mario.

New Super Mario Bros. is the first 2D Mario game since the excellent Super Mario World on the SNES back in 1991. 16 years later and Mario's still got it.
Once again Princess Peach has been captured by Bowser & Bowser Jr, so it's up to our favourite dungaree wearing plumber to save the day.
New Super Mario Bros. still has all of the classic of gameplay from the original NES and SNES titles without making it feel like an old game, but making it feel fresh and new instead. You have to work your way through each level, defeating or avoiding enemies whilst collecting coins and solving puzzles on the way. You can also unlock hidden secrets by collecting 3 Star coins which are hidden in each level. And let's not forget the Power-Ups, you still have the classics such as the Mushroom and the Fire Flower but now there are two new additions, first is the Mega Mushroom which makes Mario grow so much that he fills the screen, with this Power-Up you can smash almost everything in your path. The other Power-Up is the Mini Mushroom which shrinks Mario, allowing him to reach into small gaps; Mini Mario also has the ability to jump higher than Normal Mario.
The graphics are great too, even though the game is 2D the characters are 3D (very similar to Sonic Rush) which works really well. The level design is fantastic with some levels taking place in the sky or underwater; and the game is so bright and colourful, even the castle levels will make your Art teacher cry with joy.

New Super Mario Bros. also has a Multiplayer mode where you and a friend, who play as either Mario or Luigi, have to race through a level and reach the goal. The game includes "Single Card Download" so your friends can also get a taste of this game There are also some mini games too, but the majority of these are from Super Mario 64 DS, but they're still fun to play.

Overall this is a great game. The Single player mode is great and, at the same time, challenging. And with Multiplayer mode and mini games included, you'll be playing this for quiet some time. After all, Princess don't save themselves.

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| | See all Crimson's reviews (8)

hahah this game is sooooo coool brings back memories of the original. I have to say when i first bought i was a little scepticle but definatly glad that i did buy it on the first day i barley got a chance to play it all my friends wanted it. the graphics are cripss and the gameplay is truly awesome this game is just wow a musttt buy for all

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  Hurray - 2D platforming back at its best - Brilliant

| | See all niftyuk's reviews (184)

On Super Mario Bros first play. For those of you who like me owned an NES when we were small, will love the fact that after the overly difficult 3D Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 on the Gamecube and N64, will be thanking our lucky stars Nintendo have gone back to what I consider the best Mario gameto be, Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World.

As with these games, you enter different world's and walk a map to challenge the next level, collecting Stars on each level (3 available on each) to unlock all the games secrets. Oh, ad obviously Princess Peach has been captured by Bowser, and at the end of every World you complete a Castle mission, battle bowser to the next world until you rescue the Princess.

The games music is great, gameplay great and from the DS LCD screen the colours bright and cheery.

Power ups are great, from super tiny mario who runs on water to super giant mario who crushes everything. Would of loved for the racoon suit to make a re-appearence.

I like the fact this game isn't over challenging. It is highly addictive and on my recent holiday to Tenerife I completed the game pool side.

Multiplayer is a laugh and you don't need 2 copies of the game for a friend or family member to battle. They can download the multiplayer level from your DS so you can battle it out for the coins and Stars. A right laugh

This game is not for nostalga. It is a brilliant game using old schoool scrolling left to right 2D platforming. Well done Nintendo - A must for any DS owner

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  Shigsy has left the building

| | See all Bashimitsu's reviews (61)

Don't get me wrong I really believe that New Super Mario Brothers is one of the better games for the DS but compared to the older games it feels a little soulless - That's a really difficult thing to quantify but I'll do me best:
The updated graphics and music just don't look or sound as classy or inspired as the older games and the characters err on muddy-looking as though there's too much detail for the DS screen to handle. If you know your Mario games then you'll already be fond of finding all the games secrets and discovering everything the game has to offer but the secrets in this game vary from being totally banal to so contrived that revealing them just doesn't leave you with the same sort of satisfaction that the old Mario games did (You are a super player).
These are harsh criticisms and possibly even petty but when it comes to Mario games I think you rightly expect so much that anything less than perfect just won't do.
This game is definitely better than merely better-than-average but it's by no means one of Mario's better outings and I'd be inclined to recommend Mario 64 if not for awkward DS controls.
You really won't go wrong with this game and fans of the series old and new will have a lot of fun playing it but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been something more....
Like the old games.

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| | See all AJT305's reviews (15)

Great game def one of the best its a timeless classic side scrolling game but is done to near perfection. If you have a DS I cant believe u wouldn't have this game in your collection its a MUST HAVE.
The game overall is quite easy you'll complete a level in two attempts but it'll take you a lot longer for 100%.
The mini games are a welcome change from the norm and you'll love playing someone on the link up or even by your self.
All I can say is that if your reading this and really have a DS but dont have this game then you've better of pressed the buy button already you wont be disappointed.

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  Old School Revamped To Perfection

| | See all Icarus's reviews (29)

Nintendo has created the perfect classic game.

When you think Mario you think of the old classic left to right completion and warp tubes and goomba's and all the other funky memories.

Nintendo have actually built on those memories and have released an absolute gem. Not only is it better looking graphically but everything you ever remembered of the Mario series is included and looks and sounds great!

It adopts the same approach to the old Mario 3 on the NES where you travel along certain worlds progressing with each stage trying to save the Princess and you can uncover alternative paths to reach hidden worlds.

The soundtrack will have you humming along and with some of the classics included as well I'm sure it will rekindle your love for the Italian plumber.

There is one only one problem I found with this game it was the lack of Yoshi his beloved dino munching team mate, but to be perfectly honest the game is fun enough for him to be omitted.

Overall if you own a DS you should have a copy of this game as Nintendo really did deliver on this title.

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| | See all PlopHole's reviews (11)

This game convinced me to get the Nintendo DS, and i'm glad i did. Super game! If you've ever played any of the old originals then you will definately want to play this. I love the mini games, they're so addictive.

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  The best side-scrolling Mario game for years!

| | See all WelshBen's reviews (53)

This game is the reason I bought my DS, highly enjoyable and colourful, this game also has a pleasing difficuty curve to get past, which on some levels, you will find yourself losing lives repeatedly! Thats not a bad thing though...it brings the sense of achievemnt on completion!!

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