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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  A fun and unique game

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A very fun game, playing as a lawyer, attempting to prove your client is innocent by cross-examining witnesses and presenting evidence.
Visually, the game is presented in traditional anime style, with wacky facial expressions when needed.
The controls are easy to pick up as you simply use the stylus for most things, besides the option to yell 'Objection' etc into the mic.
The cases are interesting and the game does require attention to detail, as a tiny flaw in the prosecution could mean a win or fail.
As a final note, this game is quite rare to find brand new as they longer produce it, so DS collectors take note!

  Great Game

| | See all DesolateWinter79's reviews (3)

This game is great. It's fun & challanging. The stories & puzzles are really well thought-out. The characters are well rounded & there's a real feeling of satisfaction when you "Object" for the right reasons. Excellent & well worth a buy.

  Objection! This Game is Clearly Good

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Games where you become something other than a heroic space marine or fantasy hero are welcomed if the game is good enough to convince them that it's worth playing and Ace Attorney certainly does that job well.
You play spiky haired lawyer Phoenix Wright where you try and defend your clients from being found guilty of a crime they didn't commit.
As the game plays you'll do more than just question witnesses, you also need to investigate the crime scene and gather evidence when necessary.
Where the game shines is the great story telling and even better characters so the real enjoyment comes in the court room as witty script, hilarious facial expressions and clever gameplay offers plenty of enjoyment. It doesn't even need voice acting other than five words. "Take That!" "Hold it!" and the infamous word "Objection!"
I don't have any complaints but I will warn you that certain cases take much longer than you think so in some cases your looking at several hours on one chapter so if you're the type of person who's in to fast paced action then your not going to find it in Phoenix Wright.

  Who is that man dancing with the Blue Badger?

| | See all immistarkiller's reviews (7)

Gosh, i have to admit, i truly did underestimate this game.
Utterly fantastic. At no point was i bored.
Clue in the title, you are phoenix wright, a new defense attorney. Now, right there, people are automatically going to say "wow. Fun" with a sarcastic tone, but hear me out. While it sounds lame, it's one of the best games i have played on the ds.
The storylines and cases keep you on the edge of your seat, so much so that i couldn't put down my ds. The soundtrack is also fantastic. Just adding to the emotion and tension.
Buy this game.

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| | See all Javz333's reviews (4)


This is a must have for all DS owners. Very different, unique and attention grabbing! Thats how a game should be. Plus the music is fantastic for a game like this.

Perhaps you might want to become a lawyer after playing this :P

  A Fantastic Game

| | See all StoatyFox's reviews (3)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is one of the best adventure games ever made on any console.

The premise is simple in that the player controls Phoenix Wright in his first year as a defence lawyer. Using evidence that is collected in the investigation phases, players must use the evidence to prove their client's innocence in the courtroom.

The game itself is a port from the GBA version which was a Japan only title at the time, but now localised for Western audiences. The game itself keeps the player involved in the game with its excellent cases and catchy music.

The only downside is that there is no way to restore the mistakes made during the courtroom phases.

Overall, it is a definite purchase for fans of adventure games and for those that like a good challenge.


| | See all Spuddy123's reviews (18)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the first in the series of Ace Attorney games, and follows Phoenix through his first five trials as a defence attorney. Having already played Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, I was expecting a great game. And i wasn't disappointed. Although it's obvious that this game is the first, due to a few things lacking i.e. no special skill, the game is as good as ever. Converted from the GBA, this game isn't as graphically polished as Apollo Justice, but there isn't that much difference, and who plays these games for graphics anyway?
As stated before, the game is spilt into 5 cases, the initial one being extremely short, however this just serves as a tutorial case, so all is forgiven. You can't examine evidence in the 3D style seen in Apollo Justice, well not at least until the final case, but this takes nothing away from the gameplay. The cases are full of rememberable characters, and are all very interesting. Well worth it if you can find a copy.

  Best game on DS in my opinion.

| | See all cookie2264's reviews (6)

I am a huge fan of the PW series, and the start of the series fails to disappoint. There is 5 cases, which might not sound like a lot, but many of them include unexpected twists which mean they can last up to a good week, depending on how long you play them in a day. There is never a boring point in the game, each moment is interesting and humourous at the same time. The characters are brilliant to the game and it's easy to get used to them.

One thing people may see as a negative is it's high reading content, but this is the type of game it is. You will need to not mind reading in order to enjoy this game. Case 5, which is a case that has been added especially for the DS version of PW, has some touch screen abilities which are interesting, fun and different.

In conclusion, if you dont mind a reading based game, and love a game that is full of twists and suspense, this is definatley the game for you!

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| | See all clare1phoebe's reviews (17)

I was more than suprised at just how much I enjoyed this game. Its characters, plot and gameplay are fantastic and keep you interested until the very end. The way you get involved in examining evidence and going through the trials are superb.

If you are bored with the usual genres on offer then this is definately one to try. I immediately bought the second game in this series and the third installment is now on order!