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KORG DS-10 Synthesizer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Beware! - Serious addiction

| | See all PokemonBanzai's reviews (3)

this game will turn your ds into a serious beat making machine!

i've got yamaha tenori-on, kaoss pad, roland synth, sampler;

and the DS-10 adds great accompaniment to the above, as well as great fun just on its own!!

  Seriously usable synth! Awsome.

| | See all Synthman's reviews (12)

I saw the demo of this on the net with the guy using 4 of them sync'd up and was blown away! This is a games console after all. You get two mono synths and a 4 part drum machine. All the sounds are fully editable including the drum sounds with ADSR (ADS on drum sounds), VCO, VCF, VCA and a patch lead section to modulate the VCO/F/A. You also get a mixer section and overall FX section plus each drum sound can have its own effect (there are 3 FX, Chorus, Flanger and Delay). The sequencer is based on 16 beats per bar and 1 bar per pattern and there are 16 patterns. The patterns can then be arranged in song mode. You get some pre created sounds so you can start playing straight away. You can play with the 4 drum buttons or the 2 octave keyboard or the kaoss pad all on the touch screen. The kaoss pad function can either play notes or be used to control the oscillator functions in real time. If you already have a DS for gaming then this is a cheap way to have a synth. The only drawback is the limitations of the DS audio output but if you like a gritty 8 bit sound with a bit of noise then that is not a problem either, I use it to put down ideas which I can then copy on to my big synths (If only it had MIDI I could easily use it in my studio). If you like synths and want one you can take anywhere then this is it. If you just want to play about making up you own tracks like my 9 year old then this is it. You can have up to 8 of these play together with WiFi or Mix this up with Electroplankton and you have got some great music making fun.

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  Fantastic Gizmo

| | See all fyntan's reviews (1)

This is so much fun. There's a lot to it and you can get a great tune going really quickly - then you find you can save that one - copy it to a second bank - tweak it and start up another load of sequences of tunes. The drum beat and piano can be set dynamically to jam and retain the last bit you play. The drums can be recorded with on screen pads as well as using the editor. The patch bays are really fun and the whole thing will keep you amused for hours.
Cant offload stuff directly to PC but could use headphones to do this or connect it to an external mixer / PC or recording device.
Get one now.

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  A Question About The KORG DS - 10. Please Answer!

| | See all SlaveAndRave's reviews (1)

Hey i was wondering if it was easy to use? Because i've always wanted a korg. And does it work for the original ds? Just review back or something with the answer cheers

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  Excellent piece of kit!!

| | See all BruceyBaby's reviews (13)

This is seriously good fun, it can be used as just a boys toy if u have a slight intrest in music. But if like me you write you own music and are allways looking for new sounds. I ws suprised how much you can do on it and what a range of sounds and beats you can do im really blown away with it im definantelly gonna be busy playing with the korg ds 10 for alongtime.

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  At last: The music title that makes full use of the DS!

| | See all TheodoreKerabatsos's reviews (12)

As an owner of a Korg MS-10 synth - one of the models on which this program is based - I was sceptical about how good a job they'd do with this DS release. When I switched on my Nintendo I was quite impressed. As I delved further into the submenu screens I was blown away.

I always knew that there was great potential to use the DS as a music making machine, but I didn't think that something of this scale and quality would ever be seen on the handheld. It is amazing.

The synth itself is based on the MS mono-synth series of the early 80s, but also there is a drum sequencer with editable sounds and a pared-down Kaoss pad thrown in too. The synth has 2 VCOs which can be synchronised or detuned to beef up the sound and there are a range of waveforms to select from too, just like on the hardware synths. To complete the package there are a few FX such as flange and delay, which while not being great in themselves are a welcome addition to an already great package.

If this were released as a standalone instrument, you could expect it to set you back a couple of hundred pounds, so anyone with the slightest interest in music and analogue synths in particular would be missing a trick if they overlooked this cartridge. You will not be disappointed.

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