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Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  very good game and cute

| | See all katykool123's reviews (7)

nintendogs is a great game there are so many thing to the game that make it great
1. The graphics are very good very realstic
2. Lots of differnt dogs to choose from all with unique personality
3. Very fun and good if you dont have a real dog and really want one
and so much more
but over all i would defananatly recomend this game great for all ages and all types of personalities and a great christmas gift.

  cute dogs

| | See all misswelshgirl's reviews (7)

This is great if you have the time to play everyday as its like a virtual pet and needs lots of attention! The dogs are cute but take ages to train using the microphone so this can be embarassing if you're in company! I got bored of this fairly quickly.

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| | See all Bubblesneo's reviews (11)

Was the first game I got with my DS and I still go back to it. Its easy to use and all the gameplay is fun.
My only criticism would have to be that it is in real time. This is a good thing if you are planning on playing it every day a bit like a tamagotchi, but for me, my dogs hate me when I havent played for a while and I have to start almost from scratch every time.
One other point is that obedience trials involve the microphone - very embarassing if you're in public!
Even so, this is a brilliant game and I have had it over 6months and not given up playing it like so many other of my games! I haven't managed to collect all the dogs yet but I'm on my way!
Maybe this game is better suited for younger players, but i'm 17 and I love it!

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  Love this game!

| | See all JustDagi's reviews (14)

I bought this game a long time ago, it's a bit tricky to play at first but it's very addictive!

  Repetitive but still a great game

| | See all helenc1's reviews (3)

I love this game and although it can get repetitive after a while, you still get a lot to do with your dog/s The more you train your dog, the more points you earn and then you can buy treats for your dog, you can redecorate the dog's house and get more breeds of dogs to look after. You can enter your dogs for competetions and earn money from them.

  Very good

| | See all jammybear10's reviews (28)

This game is similar to Dalmation, Dashound and Labrador Nontendogs. I have them all. The first one which was out was Dashound Nontendogs. But then all of them got repetetive.

  Good but repetitive

| | See all lizzy86's reviews (91)

This game is really good but can get repetitive and boring after a few months. At the start of the game you can pick from 6 different breeds of dogs but you can also unlock different dogs by earning Trainer Points. You have to take your dogs for walks, feed and play with them and give them a bath and brush them. You have to train your dogs and then you can enter them in contests. There are 3 different contests Disk Competition, Agillty and Obedience Trial. You can buy your dogs toys, Hats and other accessories. You can have 3 dogs in your house at any one time the dogs you dont want you can take to the Kenels or to the Dog Hotel. You can use the Bark Mode to visit your friends dogs.

  good for dog lovers, bad for normal people

| | See all dungeonoutlaw's reviews (12)

This is a really poor game. you do what you can and once you've done that theres nothing more no extras nothing. i would not advise this game if your normal but if you like dogs then buy it.

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| | See all natidabest's reviews (14)

Nintendogs was the DS game that I obssesed about until it was released and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, I remember when it came in its package from play.com, I ripped it out of the packaging, teared the cellaphame (appologies if i spelt that wrong), stuck the chip in and was slightly dissapointed. For about the first half an hour I was sat there screaming into the mic to get my new pup just to learn its name. Does it get better ?

Yes. Aside from having to teach your dog its name (Lizzie isn't that hard is it ?) you can teach it tricks which are fun to do and not to mension watch, you can take your dog for walks and find various things to stick on its face, play with and more importantly SELL SELL SELL. Money on this game goes towards supplies, various toys, basic accesories and some times junk thats completely pointless but amusing to your dogs. There are two ways to earn money, SELL SELL SELL and enter competitions, these are simple and very fun. The three catagories are frisby (a breeze), speed (a breeze if you have the right dog) and obedience (fat chance). You can practise frisby up the park and speed up the local gym. You have to wash your dog and give it food and water (greedy little things, do they think I am made of money) and dump them in a dog hotel.

The graphics in this game are a delight for handheld Nintendo's, truely this is probably the best game for graphics on the DS. Not that this matters as most people who actually by Nintendo brand things aren't bothered about that. Moving on.

This game will keep you amused for about an hour as you can only teach your dog 3 tricks a day, you have to wait an hour before you can the little things again, and your only alowd to enter a dog in 3 competitions a day. This is about the only thing wrong with it ooh and that if your voice changes you can forget about using the mic, trust me I learned that the hard way. NINTENDON

By Naithan Stubbs

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