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Nintendogs Labrador & Friends

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  very good game must buy

| | See all katykool123's reviews (7)

nintendogs is a great game there are so many thing to the game that make it great
1. The graphics are very good very realstic
2. Lots of differnt dogs to choose from all with unique personality
3. Very fun and good if you dont have a real dog and really want one
and so much more
but over all i would defananatly recomend this game great for all ages and all types of personalities and a great christmas gift.

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  Lovely game, but beware - not for the faint hearted!

| | See all Petersgirl's reviews (17)

The game has lovely graphics and AI, with lots to do: competitions to enter, walks to take, toys to play with, grooming. Each version has different "starter" dogs, but you can eventually get all the breeds by getting enough "Trainer Points" or by finding items on walks.
This is a sweet game, especially if you love dogs, but it will take the odd bit of learning to do things like teach your dog tricks (you actually have to wait for it to do the action, then tap an icon, then say your "code" for that trick into the mic). You can have up to 8 dogs (3 at home, 5 in a Hotel) so the choice is pretty diverse!

However, be warned. This game does have its downsides.It behaves like a real virtual pet and exists in real time, and while your DS is turned off your dog still gets hungry/thirsty/grubby and the longer you leave it, the worse the dog gets. Eventually it might even run off! (It will come back, but it's a bit like virtual pets in the sense you have to look after it every single day). The game sometimes has a habit of making your dog forget tricks by accident or changing your dog's skills (your dog is brilliant at disc outside the comps but somehow fails miserably in the actual shows, despite loads of practice). Also be aware that the voice recognition system is very sensitive - sometimes commands sound the same and your dog gets confused, for example. You can alter the mic sensitivity or go somewhere quieter if this happens, but it can get annoying if your dog rarely performs the trick you need it to learn.

The game uses all the best parts of the DS - you can blow into a bubble blower to blow bubbles, speak to and call your dog, and stroke your dog by using the stylus. A great, fun game but quite demanding of time and sometimes monotonous (after all, you can only do so much in the game and once you've won all the contests there isn't really much left to do). If you just want a game you can pop open for ten minutes a day on the way to school, work, etc this is a great, fun, easy game to choose. If you want a game with longevity, don't go for this one. I find it terrific fun and very addictive, but it is true that it does turn monotonous and time-consuming after a while.

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  nintendogs labrador & friends

| | See all platypushead's reviews (1)

My 6 year old daughter really loves this game, very easy to play, and i even find my-self playing on it in the evenings, very addictive, fab game.

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  better than real dogs

| | See all hen1014's reviews (37)

this was the first game i got for d.s nd recomend it to every d.s owner any ages any sex it doesnt matter u will love it anyway. u get to tlk to ur dog train it take it on walks compete in competitions feed it clean, play wiv it the list is endless. the dogs r soo cute. this game sadly does get repetitive but i did get to the top level lol so i guess it didnt bother me. just buy it at this price its a genius game

  Great Game!

| | See all kate2811's reviews (9)

I LOVE this game! It was my first ever game i got and i played it for months. I love doing contests and taking the dogs for walks best. Sometimes it can get annoying if the dogs don't understand you when your teaching them tricks or their name. Bark Mode is really fun and i love washing and feeding my dogs. I definitely would recommend this to anyone!

  Is it working properly?

| | See all mel2009's reviews (1)

At the moment the only thing my daughter can do is call the puppy's name. There are no other icons to teach / shop etc
So to me it looks like it is faulty, but if it is not then we're not sure how to get to next stage and meanwhile it bis quite boring!

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  SO CUTE!!!!!

| | See all emeraldlights's reviews (6)

The dogs are really cute and totally adore and depend on you! You need to walk them every day, where you walk the dogs, and they meet other dogs and give you little gifts!! You can dress them up in accesories .

I would reccomend this for all ages - from my 3 yr old cousin or my 74 yr old grandma!!!

  Good game

| | See all Doglover101's reviews (7)

This game is great fun. You can have up to 8 dogs. It is great fun entering them in competitions. Slightly repetetive but all in all a great fun game! :)


| | See all kirstisugax's reviews (37)

I really, really love this game, it's great!

Yes it is repetitive, but I like that in a game! It's v.v.addictive, and such fun to play.

A must have for the DS I'd say.

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