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Action Replay Ultimate Pokemon Cheats for Nintendo DS/DSi

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Customer Reviews

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  How to use Action replay ultimate cheat with Platinum UK

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Took a while to get to grips with this :-( & to navigate all the help thats available out there on the net!!

Our expectations realised:
* You dont get to enter codes with this product.
* Its is a cheat only cartridge & doesnt contain any visible codes.
* You dont need to access a keypad to type in characters manually or access a star on the lower left of the screen.
* Unfortunately cheats are not all singing dancing additions to the game that announce that theyve been applied :-D lol
* The game will continue to progress normally through all your usual day to day play - enhanced by the cheats, some when activated in action. Others automatically once the initial activation sequence of pressing the Up + L + R buttons has been performed.
* You dont need to connect to a laptop or pc. Purchase or use additional usb leads or media sets. CDs, code managers, have a wifi connection/adapter or need an active internet connection for this cheat cartridge to work.

* The packaging we have is identical to the product image here on play.com and doesnt mention that it contains or supports cheats for ruby, sapphire or emerald.

How to use it:
NB: There are no instructions on how to use this cartridge that I could see on the packaging so here goes ..

1. Insert the cheat cartridge into the consol as you would normally & turn the consol on.

2. Theres no need to touch the screen, the cheat cartridge will run automatically - stating on the upper screen that its not a licensed or endorsed product.

3. Then when the upper screen scrolls the message INSERT GAME CART, swap cartridges: take out the cheat cartridge and insert the official game cartridge. For us it was Pokemon Platinum UK version.

Do not turn the consol off during this change over.

4. The cheat cartridge screen will still be visible and should hopefully state which game title & the type or version is that youve just put in.

5. Now press the CHOOSE button on the lower screen to see which or all cheats that you want to install/apply.

6. Use the A button to check the boxes next to all that you want and then press the big poke ball START button.

7. Fingers crossed.. you should now be able to continue with your new or ongoing game :-)

Once up and running ..

8. Press L & R buttons to activate max cash: you can check this by pressing X for the inventory/tool bar. Scroll down to your player name & press A: see what it says next to Money.
Exit this to continue ..

9. Press the Up + L & R button together to activate all other cheats.

When in battle - 1: press the start button to activate max health.
When in battle - 2: after selecting fight & then the fight move or TM hold down & continue to hold down the select button to activate the one hit kill cheat.
When in battle - 3: at the wild Pokemon faints message, press the R button for increased exp points.
Experience points are what leads to quicker level ups for each Pokemon.

Save the game so that all data remains for the next time.

Great item once this was sorted & I now have a very happy nearly 10 yr old that has had the opportunity to see & discuss what the differences are between working to obtain a new pokemon levels & what cheat levels involve before it might impact on any real player gaming later.

I hope this helps anyone that finds themselves in the same deep dark and muddy place that we found ourselves in when the cheat cartridge arrived!


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  No Disc!

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I order this item not knowing that i had to install on my Pc and wen it came it didnt have a disc. wat can i do? because i want to add codes. Plz Help

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  Not what I was expecting - but thats my fault

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To help others who have asked.The cheat has codes for Pokemon mystery dungeon: Explorers of darkness/Time& Blue Rescue Team. Pokemon Ranger:Shadows Of Almia. Pokemon,Platinum/Diamond/Pearl?dash/Link

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  Does this support Pokemon Platinum?

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I was tempted to buy this as a present for a friend but i was not sure if it supported pokemon platinum, can anyone tell me if it does or does'nt and if it does'nt support pokemon platinum is there a recomended action replay that does have it?

  Not correct information

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this cheat system doen NOT contain cheats for Pokémon Emerald / Fire / Leaf / Ruby / Sapphire as it says in the information. I bought it for this specifically and there aren't any for this.

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  Here we go guys

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Well guys ive bought this and yes it does have cheats for daimond/pearl but for some reason with me some of the cheats wont like max masters etc wont work but if you just intrested about getting all the pokemon then its good only 1 thing i can say about that is you can only select one pokemon at a time then turn the game off to pick anorther one ps i carnt see any cheats for ruby sapphire etc
Hope this was usefull for you

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  How to use game

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To shortest this is how the action replay works. First insert the action replay into the ds console and choose the game u wish to play. Secondly take the action replay out without turning ur console off then a pokeball will appear saying start. Now u can begin playing!

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does this action replay ultimate pokemon cheats works for vista and can you get all the pokemon with this action replay?