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My Japanese Coach: Learn To Speak Japanese

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Fantastic buy!!!!!!!

| | See all alexa2009's reviews (1)

This really is an amazing game. I bought this thinking it'll be intresting to learn a few phrases but that was it. I can now write and speak quite a bit of japanese. It really is worth the money!!!

  Great for learning kanas and right pronounciation!

| | See all Noirre's reviews (10)

This game really addicts you - to learning a new language! As far as learning the basics go, this really beats a book and a cd; the game lets you record your pronounciation and compare it to a native's, so you know how you REALLY sound, instead of just trying to mimic a casette and THINKING you got it right. I also found the kanas really easy to learn using the game. A completely different experience compared to cramming them up with a book in on hand and a dictionary in another!

All in all, this game is all I expected, and even more. Four stars because I can understand if someone who just wants to learn to speak the langauge gets frustrated that kana lessons can't be skipped and of course, if you really want to speak fluently, you'll have to get a grammar book to help you along the way. However, this is very quickly becoming my favorite game, and I'm thinking about buying others in the same series. A great buy at a bargain price!

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  Very intuitive

| | See all AlanTH's reviews (63)

Great tool for learning a Language, more then enough to get you by if you visit Japan and even if you dont you can have fun switching off the subtitles on films and anime and understanding what is being said. Very good, and fun to use.

  About time!

| | See all 4katsuki's reviews (1)

This game finally arrived yesterday, To be honest i forgot i was even waiting for it! But it is BRILLIANT. I have been studying Japanese for about 6 months now and was slowly starting to give up because i wasn't sure where i was at or what i actually knew..Until this game! I realised i know more than i thought, plus learnt tons more things through this game! The way i learnt Hiragana and Katakana was by writing on paper over and over and over but then eventually i started to forget them, this game has refreshed my memory and its a lot of fun too! Worth the money, defnitely :)


| | See all Jessdk's reviews (6)

In all seriousness i couldn't stand languages at school- going to french actually scared me!! lol pathetic i no but that's how bad i was- this game is just briliant - so easy to use - i suddenly realised i was just learning it by playing the games on there! within days i could do the numbers & months- (as they are really very similar)... If anyone wants to learn and has doubts about it - dont! Just buy this game- its fantastic- You will have no trouble. Just have a bit of trouble trying to fit the time in to do it! haha!! A great buy!!

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  Even a toddler can learn from this

| | See all IanHolley's reviews (7)

I brought this cause I wanted to learn some holiday Japanese alongside a language CD, and by using the 2 together this is a great way to grasp the basics
The lessons are really well structured and easy to grasp, though some of the games you can get through just by button mashing and therefore you don't learn from them, hence 4 not 5 stars.
As other people have pointed out you should use this along side other educational tools to get the most out of it, but it is a great and fun little game and well worth the money.
The best thing I can say to show how good this game is, is that whilst playing this game at home my 4 year old started to repeat and understand some of the words and phrases.

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  Here at last!

| | See all Turtle's reviews (2)

This game is brilliant!
It teaches you to read, write and speak japanese, the only thing It doesnt give you is the confidence of speaking with a Japanese person.
It has 1145 lessons overall, including a dictionary and a phrase book.
You have to play the games to 'master' the things your teacher shows you.
To benifit as much as you can from this game, I highly recommend using a good Japanese text book alongside your studies from the game. Minna no Nihongo is the one I use and alongside the game, it is a perfect combination.
To learn Japanese is my goal but if all goes well, I might be tempted to the other 'my coach' games.

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| | See all Jimbotat's reviews (2)

An absolute star buy for anyone who wants to learn Japanese, especially beginners. Its much easier & more fun to pick up then any textbook's i've read & very user friendly too. Only for those with a common interest in learning really, i highly reccomend.
It would be interesting to see if they make any follow-ups in the near future.

  good but get some text books too!

| | See all gamerbekka's reviews (4)

This game teaches you really well but from learning with text books aswell at the same time i strongly suggest using text books too. As i noticed that the numbers can be in kanji and hiragana so ive been using both my ds and books so i can apply my japanese even better and you should do it too :) but this game does really help and is definitely worth the by!!!

  Pretty good

| | See all kafleen's reviews (2)

Got this a few days ago and having trouble putting it down.
After switching on for the first time you make a profile where you are given a test of any knowledge you already have. This decides which lesson you begin on, but its easy enough to review any previous lessons.
The reason for only giving this four stars would be the kana (hiragana and katakana). I have a little knowledge with these so was surprised that this game teaches incorrect stroke order on several of them.