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Scrabble: 2009 Edition

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  so not fun .. . . . . . . . . . just frustrating

| | See all sjd123456's reviews (1)

I know someone earlier said refer to the actual scrabble dictionary for the words that the computer uses in this game that seem dodgy but, really !! The collins scrabble dictionary says that ''SODAIN" (which the DS used against me tonight) is the same as "SUDDEN" - in what world? Put sodain in google and all that comes up is references to " a girl put SODA IN her drink". The DS game constantly slots this and many more weird ones in, all legal by the collins dictionary, but not fun to play against. Besides that the whole thing is very basic. Pretty poor.

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  Tis OK I guess

| | See all doc2584's reviews (5)

This game is better for 2 players really but not for 1. You get computer characters that have different difficulty levels which I guess is good for a challenge but I find that the harder the opponent is, the more they tend to use abnormal words that you haven't even heard of. I prefer to play against a family member by DS download play. Also, I would enjoy this game a whole lot more if it was much like the online version of Scrabble on facebook.com. Not because you get to talk to the other person playing but because you can also use a dictionary. Sure you could buy your own hand held dictionary but chances are it doesn't have the words you're looking for in it.

  Its ok!

| | See all lois01's reviews (1)

Its a good game to play when you have a spare 10 minutes however, the computer tends to use words that i would say are not words e.g, it will take the word "give" and put an "ed" on the end and the computer allows it as a valid word. i probably wont trade it in but i definately wouldnt buy a new edition....

  For anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary! 1st Class

| | See all Mutley11's reviews (3)

This game is fantastic. There are a number of different characters to play against: The 1st scores (approx) 180 points, 2nd = 200+ & so on. If you play the hardest person you will need to score over 400 (so you will need to be a pretty handy player). Puzzletters the mini-game is a way to improve quickly and is for all levels of player (the other two mini-games are very, very difficult). You need to be patient but you will see a dramatic improvement in your game in 2 months. A must buy!!

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  Stop Complaining!

| | See all anyarocks's reviews (8)

I bought this game about 2 months ago, and I go on it every day! Whenever I'm bored, I'll pick up my DS and have a good ol' game of Scrabble. All words the CPU uses are English, so stop complaining. The only qualm I have with this game is that the extra games, Anagrams and Escaletters, are too hard, even on the normal settings, and the Texas Hold 'Em game has no save option, so you lose your game half way through if there's something else you need to do.

  Absolute rubbish

| | See all Jinners's reviews (21)

Have traded mine in and got half back on a game for my 3 year old, Peppa Pig which is far more enjoyable, lol

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  Excellent Fun

| | See all TemporaryInk's reviews (1)

I've had this game for a few weeks and I really love it. There are opponents that are and easy and hard. The harder oppoments give a very good game and I have beaten them only once so far. They I'm not sure why people are complaining though as although the game uses uncommon words, they are still English words. I think people need to check their dictionary more often. Timed gamed and playing a friend using a second DS makes it more enjoyable.

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  Biggest let down ever

| | See all sianyo's reviews (14)

Cant believe how rubbish this game was. Its so hard to win its untrue. You put in a really good word, and get low marks, then all of a sudden the computer can put anything possible in, and get a really high score. it is stupid!? ....WORST GAME EVER.

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| | See all sweets25's reviews (5)

I was so looking forward to this game after being totally addicted to the other scrabble 07. But what a dissappointment man!! the adventure game lasted all of about 20 mins and after 3 games of scrabble i was told i have defeated him and won all the tiles i mean what was that about, i cant find any tournaments like on the other one and the players are not as challanging as the other game, i keep playing the old version.

  What a let down. What's hot seat mode?

| | See all crooksy's reviews (3)

I was really hoping that this game would improve on it's predecessor and allow more than one person to play using one game and one console simply by passing the machine to the other player. In the text it mentions "hotseat" mode which is what I presumed would be the ability to hand it over. Yet I can't find this ability anywhere and it seems that to be able to play against another person you need to have 2 DS's!
I feel ripped off - it's no better than the 2008 version.

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