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Walk With Me! (includes 2 Activity Meters)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Makes you move!

| | See all Ushwin's reviews (31)

Bizarrely this works.

My wife and I used this every day for about 6 months, vying with each other for most steps taken, and other minigames in the pack.

It becomes habit after a while to have the monitor on you at all times. I STILL have it on me now, although I check my steps weekly rather than daily.

The monitors have a light on them which flashes red if you have not reached the target you have set yourself, and green if you do. If it's red, you do feel like taking a quick walk to "get green".

Nice purchase. Even made me realise that one of the offices I work at gives me 2000 more steps a day without even trying!

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  Make sure you add an additional secure for the pedometers

| | See all Sarahdecymru's reviews (4)

I've only had this for 4 days and have really enjoyed checking both mine and my dogs activity (I was suprised to see how lazy my dog actually is!!!)

It does exactly what it says on the box and it has actually encouraged me to get more active (as well as get my dog moving).

Before I started using the activity meters I attached them to a key chain, instead of just relying on the belt clips. I am glad I did this because I would have lost them by now. So be warned!


| | See all malteser's reviews (17)

This is a really good game. I love this game. I got it for my birthday and was really happy. The pedometer on the game gives you tips every time you say you aren't going to carry it around for the rest of the day. The tips are helpful and get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. One of them is 'Keep your back straight when walking.'

You get to stamp the calandar off everytime which is fun because you can choose how your day has been (Really Good, Ok or Bad.) The pedometer flashes red every time you step until you reach your target, then it flashed green. Theres loads of other cool things about this game. You have to get it to find out. It really gets you up and moving.

(If your stuck on importing the mii from the wii then heres a tip. After pressing the buttons hold 2 like it says in the booklet but keep holding it for about ten seconds. Then it will ask you if you want to connect to the DS)


| | See all Joddaaaa's reviews (2)

I would recommend this game to any one who is wanting to loose weight. it helps you walk that little bit more to reach your target each day. the only thing i would say is that the games inwhich are on the game itself, are not all that brilliant. but overall i would recommend it to anyone! its brilliant!!!

  Walk With Me!

| | See all Lee65201's reviews (1)

A very enjoyable piece of software i have had it for a week and done a weeks worth of walking and is very good in how it tells you how you have done. I say a MUST HAVE for people who go out (job, general walking about) it registers every step you do and at what time you achieved it at. You get graded at what animal you are (its not as childish as you think) by the way and how long you walk for i have been graded a daytime ant also when i first got the game i was graded a koala due to me not walking much but as the week went on i generally found myself walking alot more and now i walked over 30,000 steps to count. A real MUST BUY in my opinion!!!

  very good

| | See all msmiler's reviews (9)

this is perfect if you have ever wondered like me how active you are throughout the day all you have to do is activate this when you recieve it pop the activity monitor on when you wake up and go about your life as normal then before bed you simply sync it with your ds to see how you progressed through the day like when you have been most active and the longest time you were least active helped me realise how unactive i am
its perfect for those who have wii fit and wonder what part of their day counts as being active
the reason why 4 stars not 5 is that the game itself could be better but easy to use and simple to understand

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  walk with this!

| | See all rjwoods's reviews (5)

i received my copy of this game on the morning of release and i wish i had a dog to strap 1 of the pedometers included onto.it makes you want to walk that bit further than normal just so you can see the green light at the end of the day when you connect it (wirelessly) to your ds and get your results.also this is the 1st ds game that you can use your wii mii in.5 stars.

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