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Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Zuhel0's reviews (1)

i am a massive resident evil fan so when i saw they had released Resident evil 1 the mother of all survival horrors on the nintendo ds i had to have it. it's pretty much a straight port from the playstation 1 version with a few added touch screen perks. it runs pretty well and looks alright for a ds game. If you like resident evil or just survival horror games this is a must buy. It also has a versus mode but i am yet to find someone to play with but its always an added bonus for when you have complete the story or for when you just get bored of playing on your own. - 5/5 Stars

  Very nice

| | See all 1990JCR's reviews (4)

When Resident Evil first came out I watched my dad play through it, it terrified me as a kid and seeing it now on the DS brings back a load of memories. I say get it for the nostalgia if nothing else.

If you're new to Resident Evil the game might seem a bit dated but you have to remember this is the game that launched a thousand survival horrors. I'd play it because it set the standard for games to come.

If you still need convincing look some of the cheesy dialogue up, the voice acting is hilarious (bad but funny). They make me laugh everytime, "You were almost a Jill sandwich!"

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  Best game for DS

| | See all Thingyabob's reviews (3)

When Resident Evil first emerged on the Playstation back in 1996, I was at a friends house and he decided to rent it from his local blockbuster, to see if it was any good. By god we were amazed by the graphic FMV's, as well as the gameplay itself.

To sum up the DS version, if you had the privelage of playing this when it first arrived on the PS, you will rekindle your first memories of what made the game such a wow factor. If you are new to the game series, you will appreciate the fact that you get a lot of game on such a small cartridge.

Anyone who owns a DS should have this in their collection.

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  Resident Evil (Deadly Silence)

| | See all tonyhorn's reviews (3)

This is a brilliant game and as good as the Playstation versions, my only criticism is why dont Nintendo bring out sequels to this fantastic game.


| | See all MusicReviewer's reviews (56)

OMG this game is soo good and soo scary it actually made me jump. i love the use of the stylus and the knife its really cool and it gets you that bit closer to the zombies and other monsters.
Best game i have totally recommend it to everyone.

  Almost as good as the remake,so evil you can almost touch it

| | See all samH91's reviews (25)

This game has two modes,classic and rebirth ,the game is a port of resident evil 1 in the mansion where you play as Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield,Although the gameplay is similar the choice of rebirth mode(added extras and touch sections)can bring the game back to life as although the game still centres around the same area and storyline the enemies are in different locations and are dispersed differently so it dosn't feel like playing the game all over againthis game is very useful for people who can't aford paying the hefty price of the gamecube just to play a single yet brilliant game.The only downsides i beleive the game has is the poor dialogue inbetween cutscenes and the real life characters at the start of the game made the game seem a bit amateur.

  the best version of the older resident evil

| | See all gentman's reviews (5)

i have all the resident evils on game cube (0-4) and i can say that resident evil ds is the easyest resident evil game 2 play however it hasn't lost any of the resident evil character it is still an awsome game highly recomended

  Great fun. Relive the adventure once more

| | See all alchemix's reviews (3)

This is one of the best games currently availiable on the DS. The story mode, although slightly different than original GC Resident Evil, reminds of the game a lot. However, the rebirth mode offers the use of stylus and multiple character endings only add more fun. Once bought, you're almost guaranteed to get hooked up on the game, until u complete the whole of it, especially if you're a Resi fan. and, of course, the multiplayer mode, which unfortunately I couldn't try since none of my mates have a europe version of the game (only american, which is not compatible- what a shame). With some cheats, like unlimited rocket launcher to unlock, this is a 5* rating, definitely worth to buy.
The only possible downer - getting used to controls may take a while unless u have played the GC version before.

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