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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  A Fantastic Fix for a 5 Minute Break

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This is a brilliant game for those bored moments inbetween the different jobs of the day. Almost every time I have 5 minutes with which I know I have nothing better to do, I find myself flipping open my DS and have a quick battle, and, as with most Dragonball Z, nothing is more satisfying when bored than firing off excessively large laser beams and punching Villainous Aliens.

The controls can be somewhat difficult to get used to as the relatively small DS button layout can be fiddely and I've managed to hurt my wrist in some sessions (Must Beat Buu! Keep Mashing Buttons!) but their is a step by step tutorial and after a short while movement and abilities come natural. When you reach this, the difficulty can be raised in the settings at any point.

While the game has excellent opportunities for "Open and Go" playing ,(WIth options of "Z Battles" for instantly entering 7 rounds of visually cool battles) it also provides the player with several significantly more challenging modes. "Story Mode" allows you to work hard in rather difficult fights in the pursuit of unlocking new abilities for your favourite characters. (should you have one. I didn't have too much knowledge of Dragonball Z before buying this game, I was just looking for a fighting game. No regrets.) Meanwhile there is the option for "Maximum Mode" where you pit a team of your favourite 3 against battle after battle of increasingly difficult opponent teams. (I personally ended up with a vendetta against a particular group of characters because THEY JUST WOULDN'T GO DOWN.)

For those with friends who also have a DS and a copy of the game (I didn't, so don't take my word for it) there is a 2 player Vs. option so you can battle your buddies. I'm sure this is fun, but again, I have no such DS wielding Friends.)

Of course, there is no game without a downside. While I'm aware an entirely English (with the FUNimation dub voices) version exists, the copy I received was English Writing and Japanese Voices. Again, this is easy to get over (and somewhat hillarious. The "Engrish" translations in the written sections can be fairly painfully done.)

There is also NO ERASE GAME option. This means if you are buying the game Pre-Owned, you will have whatever Save Game the owners had before you. If you want to start from the beginning and work for your characters and abilities, buy the game new. I personally preferred receiving mine with half the stuff unlocked, because I just wanted to put it in my Card Slot and fight, rather than spend a week or so working for all the characters.

I personally love this game. I love it because I know I'll probably keep it for as long as I keep my DS, because although I might get bored of jumping on Goobas or running around dungeons with a Boomerang, It'll be a long time before I get bored of blasting Villainous Aliens with obscenely large laser beams.

Fully Recommended.


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a must have this game is just so good the gamplay completely matches that of the story line i loved it!!

  Not Just For DBZ Fans!

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This is a truely great game, not just because it follows the dbz story with alot of charecters it also gives you new insights of them. This game isnt just for dbz fans because it gives you new ways to play your ds because there isnt many fighting games for it atm. Great game and challegeing to complete.

  the Dragonball experience!

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Dragonball z supersonic warriors gives you that dragonball z experience and is easy to get the hang of in regards of Gameplay. The pace can be that of the episodes on tv,adding to the realism however i feel the story mode could be explained a little more in the instructions as chapters remain which cannot be accessed.im still yet to find out.worth the buy if you enjoy fighting games and definetely if you are a fan on akira toriyama's genius creation.