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Trauma Centre: Under The Knife

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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| | See all smileitsjenny's reviews (38)

This was such a fun and interesting game. Although there were times where it was genuinely scary, as if you did something wrong the heart monitor would go crazy or they would start hemerging blood.

However its very very addictive if not slightly difficult. At this price, you would be silly not to get it!

  hidden gem...

| | See all lulubear5's reviews (45)

This game is a hidden gem, if it weren't for the fact that i have a 100 in 1 games card and my uncle just put mi 80 random games on here then i wouldn't have discovered it. I can see why some people may be put off at this game as it may be a bit gory for people under 12 but it has an addictive and interesting story line and has lots of fun operations to do in an action packed story. BUY! BUY! BUY!

  Trauma Centre - just fantastic!!!!

| | See all LotsyPotsyPoodles's reviews (16)

I always wanted this game ever since I got the DS but I was always held back by thinking it would be too babyish and a bit silly. Finally I took the plunge and have since become a completely anti-social addict!! often shouting out 'damn, the aneurism burst again' at the most inconvenient times. Joking aside this is a great game. Starts you off gently so you get to learn the tools and basic methods and the operations are great, some are very difficult (i have had to succomb to the odd internet walkthrough) but the satisfaction from OPERATION SUCCESFUL is great. I found though that this is not a game you can be doing while half heartedly watching the TV or chatting - as the vitals are dropping and the time is ticking you will feel you're own heart beginning to beat faster and just finishing the operation is all you can focus on. Please get this game, it's absolutely great! As soon as i have completed this i will get the sequel but i hope they bring out more!

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  Trauma center

| | See all loulou1003's reviews (4)

I LOVE !!! this game, i have had it for ages and still play it, the game has a story where you are a new doctor and have to learn how to operate on the patents it has simple instructions, some of the operations are difficult but it just makes you want to play it more to complete them,
i have heard that there is going to be a trauma center 2 so looking forward to its release

  Absolutely Amazing

| | See all Blinkee's reviews (7)

This game had me hooked for about 2 weeks.

I must say, to begin with, that I never usually finish games. I always buy it, then give up. Plus, I'm squeamish. The thought of cracking my knuckles sends me into panic mode.

But when I went to my friends' house, and they had Trauma Center: Second Opinion on the Wii, I was entirely hooked, which was amazing. I hate blood. Yet, there I was, cutting someone open! I was so chuffed with myself!

Next time I was searching around on Play for something, I spotted it. "Tramua Center: Under the Knife". Well, I just HAD to buy it! And a great buy it was, too.

You start off the game as Doctor Stiles, a new guy on the scene. The first few operations are like tutorials, but then you really get serious.

At first, only one or two people die from this fatal disease. Then three, then four. Soon, the doctors realise that a new illness is attacking people in different ways, and it's called G.U.I.L.T.

I've finished the game now, happy and pleased with the final result. The plot on this story has just so many twists and turns, but all the loose ends are tied up at the end.

The only thing that angers me is the language - sometimes it can get a bit out of hand. No effing and blinding, just the odd asterisk, but that really can't be helped.

The graphics are so good, yet it doesn't feel as though you are operating on real people. The Trauma Center team have outdone themselves in this 5 star game.

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  trauma center

| | See all PrincessDx's reviews (3)

I LOVE this game is keeps you entertained!!!! You use the touch screen throughout the game! its just a great game i would advise anyone over 12 to buy it!!!!!

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  Hidden jewel!

| | See all prettypee's reviews (30)

I LOVE this game, Great game that kept me entertained the whole way through- gets quite difficult sometimes. However I can see how some people may dislike it, but I think its great. You perform operations with a time limit and use the touch feature constantly! Great fun, maybe not for the too young though.

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  Hard and Frustrating

| | See all lizzy86's reviews (91)

In this game you play as Derek Stiles and you have to use the Stylus to do different operations. In this game there are a number of different instruments that you use during surgery. I found this game to be very hard and frustrating in the end i just stoped playing it.

  Good game

| | See all Lillass's reviews (1)

This game is quite exciting and offers a challenge with the operations and puzzles scattered throughout. However, there is alot of talking and it can get repetitive. Sometimes you have to do the same type of operation over and over as the story progresses. I still haven't completed it tho and it does offer hours of distraction. Worth a try for anyone who likes medical drama.