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Big Brain Academy

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  very good

| | See all lukesant's reviews (9)

this is one of the best puzzles ive played it contanies a lot of puzzles +they are all very fun i really recomend this game buy it now


| | See all Murryz's reviews (7)

Great game to play anywhere any time.I play this game alot when im travelling.It makes you think but at the same time you enjoy it.There are many puzzles to play and you can get medals in all of them if you get better.You can take a test to.See how heavy or smart your brain is.There are all types of puzzles.To make you think hard or to get you to work quicker.In time you will be bale to get high mars/medals and a better test grade to.

  Very good, very good indeed

| | See all samad5's reviews (21)

There are plenty of brain games around but only a few manage to retain your interest over a prolonged period and this most certainly is one. 5 distinct areas of challenge with futher 3 sub categories per area make for a meaty game that offers plenty of longegevity.

  Brilliant! A must buy for any brain trainer!

| | See all Omphalos's reviews (5)

This game is fantastic! At first, I thought it may have been a little bit kiddified, but there are different levels of difficulty in the Practice area, and the actual test can get challenging at times too! But I'd say it was great for all the family, especially as you can have 4 Profiles per game card.

There are lots of 3 different games in 5 different categories to choose from, each of which have the 3 levels of difficulty. They are all fun, and some are quite challenging! You can receive a bronze,silver and gold medal for each, so it's definitely something to work towards, unless you're just a genius!!

On the main test, it gives you a random game per category, and it combines all difficulties into one test. At the end of the test, you are presented with your Brain Size (which, yes, you should take quite light-heartedly. It cannot predict your physical brain size, which some people seem to think it can!!), as well as presenting you with a Level (A/B/C etc). and what your level of intelligence is equivalent too e.g. a lawyer, which is a fun addition! People need to note though - this game DOES NOT tell you the age of your brain - it's the brain size!!

It's a must buy for any brain trainer certainly! For me, it's better than the Brain Training: How Big Is Your Brain, because there is a greater aspect of fun to it, plus you can repeat the challenges as many times as you wish! So yes, buy buy buy :)

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  A good Brain Game...

| | See all gorgeousgames's reviews (44)

I like this game because of the activities and the tests. It wioll show you approximately how much your brain weighs, which is cool. The only thing i expected was for it to calculate my brain age but it didn't (hence the 4 stars). Other than that a great game worth playing fun for all family.

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| | See all misswelshgirl's reviews (7)

I LOVE this game! It's a lot more fun than other brain training games. There are loads of games to play and you can earn gold, silver or bronze medals playing each game... its really addictive because you just want to beat your previous medal. I have just found out that there are also platinum medals so I've got to beat all my gold ones now!! :o) This game also gives you a brain weight and tells you what job your brain can do. I've played this loads and havn't got bored yet.

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  Definetly one of the better Brain Games

| | See all smileitsjenny's reviews (38)

i think that this is one of the better brain games. There are more games you can play and they are more addictive. For instance, you have to work out whats weighs more, this or that and pick the odd one out etc. The music isn't horrendous either!!

If your a fan of brain games, you will love it.

  i'd say... not that bad

| | See all Yaya94's reviews (6)

This was the first nintendo ds game that i have ever played. At first it was fun challenging my brother and friends to find out who has the biggest brain but the games get boring after a little time.
The good think is that the games are pretty good for people of all ages, a good exercise for the brain. I really liked the memorise and identify section =)
I'm not telling you not to buy this game, i mean you could give it a try. It's good.

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  Good but not as good as the Brain Training games.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

Big Brain Academy trains your brain with 5 different categories which are think, memorize, analyze, compute and identify. It seems to be aimed more for children then the Brain Training games with it's simpler tasks and cartoon characters. If you have the two Brain Training games and want some more of the same type of thing then yes it's worth buying.

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  Challenge your brain!

| | See all glitterati's reviews (25)

I love this game! There are several different minigames that challenges different parts of your brains capabilities such as memory and thinking(puzzles). You can practice different levels (easy, medium, hard) and there's the test where you are given different minigames and it calculates the weight of your brain based on how well you do.. The bigger the brain the better! Cute music, characters, colors and games! I wish they would make another one as it's quite addictive!