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Pokemon Platinum Version

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  adore this game

| | See all LyndzMay's reviews (13)

this is the one game that i can play over and over again !! it is brilliant !! ive completed it and then played it all over agin !! i cant put it down !! i havent played a pokemon game since the first ever ones with blue, red and yellow !! it is brilliant !!! i love it !!

  Great Fun

| | See all djayk85's reviews (6)

For those that say there is no difference between this and Diamond and Pearl don't know what they are talkign about. Some of the charges are subtle like snow in Twin Leaf town and the pokemon you can catch and their locations but others include the order you find and do things and the expantion of the Sinnoh Pokedex, inculding being able to record one of the most elusive pokemon of them all. Also once you have obtained the national Pokedex and spoken to Prof Oak in the Pal Park and Eterna City you'll be in for a HUGE suprise

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| | See all coolmike09's reviews (2)

I have been playing pokemon games for a long time now and i thought they couldn't get any better but they just have. This game is stunning and a good value for money i recomend it for all pokemon fans.

  Whats different?

| | See all Cullyrockers's reviews (5)

When i saw that this game was coming out i just had to go out and buy it, but as soon as i started playing it i noticed that there was nothing different. But i still carried on playing it to see for a change and there was hardly any difference to diamond... dont bother getting it if you have diamond or pearl. get the pokemon Mystery Dungeon games as they are much better

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  Love It !!!!!

| | See all LucasHefti's reviews (1)

All Pokemon fans... Listen up, i have just discovered in pokemon diamond and pearl thers no such thing as a shamon, and when you have defeted the pokemon league go to spring path near heathethaim and then follow the path to a little cave round the little square and girratina will be there. Fly to canalive city go outside canalive run about in the grassy area a ditto and before you go there you must obinate the national dex. Lucas Hefti (9 years old)

  Pokemon is Pokemon~

| | See all WinterWolf's reviews (6)

To say that these games are the same story wrapped in different skin is true for most games these days - for example Mario and Zelda. Pokemon is a formula that has worked for years, and will continue to work. Why mend something that isn't broken? The games are lovely to look at (though why can we not walk wherever which way we like yet?), play well with little to no glitches, and the Pokemon designs, though considered the weakest of the series, aren't all that bad, and in Platinum a lot of old favourites become available sooner, leading to happier retro fan boys and girls. Platinum is, yes, a copy of Diamond and Pearl, but with added features and the Pokemon swapped around here and there. Other than saying if you like Pokemon, or have a lot of spare time, you'll love Platinum, there's little else to say. Anyone who is sick of the series should just not buy the games really.

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  how can they get away with this?

| | See all LilShaun's reviews (16)

all pokemon games are exactly the same just all they've done is different skins for characters and pokemon.

not one thing is different.
- you start out choosing one of 3 pokemon
-you meet a rival.
-you do gym battles
-you meet a rival organization that wants to steal something
-you catch a legendary pokemon
-you finish up just going through the game doing a string of battles and then try and catch all the pokemon

and then you go out a few months later and buy the same game but with a different colour after the title.

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| | See all smokie1234's reviews (6)

Being a huge Pokemon fan i think this game is absolutely brill... and what more can you ask for updated version of Diamond/Pearl plus more varities of Pokemon including Scyther, Wingull, Ralts, Swablu and many many more, Also there is a new ledgendary in town...Giratina and a chance to catch Palkia and Dialga later on in the game. Also the game features new characters such as the looker who gives you a bit of info on the where abouts of team galactic and the insite to what they are up too. This game is even better than Diamond/Pearl and other Pokemon games out there on the hand held consoles. As i have completed only Pearl i found much easier to complete Platinum as i did find difficulty completing Pearl the first time. Overall this game is 100%, 10/10, Superbly brilliant. :D

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  Great game

| | See all Lolmeister's reviews (3)

Anyone who is a fan of the series of Pokemon should get this game. It is similar in some ways to the Pearl and Diamond games but with extra places and battles. The game is good and long, with the familiar Pokemon. Great price so its highly recommended.


| | See all florence3's reviews (10)

This game is the LATEST (MAYBE LAST) of the sinnoh region games like GOLD, SLIVER, "CRYSTAL "for the Jhoto Region. This and like all the final third games of each region have some minor changes to the appearance of the town and a few GYM's are revamped and new frontier. It has the same style of gameplay however but it doesn't mean its bad I think its nostalgic interms of getting the same gameplay system each Nintendo game.
So basically get this if you haven't played diamond or pearl verisons or if you havent played those two versions for a while and feel like trying a game with minor changes, improvements to the region and feel like reliving the adventure again JUST GET IT!!!!!