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Micro Machines V4

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Fun for a while but the graphics let it down...badly.

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Micro Machines has always been a fun little game and it has appeared on most systems since its creation in the early nineties. Even now in this day of high end graphics and such in depth game play it is still fun to just pick up and race around table tops and pool tables, collecting weapons and winning points. Whilst this game isn't the best version I've played (Playstation one version still is the best for me(MMV3)), it is still enjoyable. There are a couple of disappointing things with it which I'll get out of the way first.

Firstly the graphics aren't brilliant, even though I know the DS isn't a high graphics machine, with games such as Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing which are big games in themselves, they should have done better.

Also because of the graphics and the sometimes slowness of them, it can affect the handling of the cars, although to be honest you do get the hang of them eventually but they never feel intuitively controlled. Some cars will be more difficult to control than others depending on their specs but the higher speed cars for example mean when turning a corner there is a bit of a delay so it makes it a little bit more difficult to judge corners. You have to anticipate the corners a bit more, otherwise you will fly off into oblivion.

The other thing I would say is that you need to have your own copy of the game if you want to play multiplayer games. Again with Mario Kart multiple people can use one cartridge and this now appears to be the standard, yet Micro Machines has missed out on this brilliant feature. It is a shame that Codemasters didn't take advantage of this as I bought the game thinking I would be able to play against other people and have ended up just playing it by myself and that I would say is Micro Machines biggest attraction, racing against your friends and knocking them off the tracks or blowing them up trying to win that all important point.

The tracks that are on offer are fun though and there is a big selection of cars to choose from, 750 in fact. The idea of this is that you can swap them with other players and build your collection that way. The cars are separated into different styles, classes and collectability however most of these cars, other than the look, will have similar attributes to other cars and I think they should have had less cars and concentrated on better graphics.

Fun for a while but this will be a game that will be left on the shelf after a while due to there being better competition. I have both Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing and will be playing them for a long time yet, unfortunately Micro Machines is in last place.

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  I wouldn't recommend this game.

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This game is rubbish. I've played old Micro Machine games that have been loads better than this. The graphics are bad and there's nothing special about this game. I was really disapointed when I first played it and haven't really played it since.

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  Tiny racing can be fun

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Micro Machines V4 is one of those O.K games that will be a sort of filler to your game collection. For those who have owned previous Micro Machine games it is worth adding to the collection but do not expect to much.

The game involves a lot of racing around tracks but sometimes you have to win by being first across the line other times its about scoring points to win. There are weapons to help along the way and a variety of tracks each filled with hazards will keep you racing for a while. One nice element is that you unlock collections of cars which you can use to race with.

Graphics wise the game does have a nice look to it - backgrounds, moving objects, car models etc... but don't expect to much. The sounds in the game are not exactly masterpeices but they are nice. Although there are several modes like time trials and races after a while of playing it becomes very repetitive. Playability wise you will find it a game where you can play it, leave it and comeback to it easily - although you might find you don't play on it as long.

A good enjoyable game worth having but do not expect a masterpeice.

Graphics: 7/10 Sound: 6/10
Gameplay: 6/10 Playability: 7/10

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