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Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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| | See all Mitonski's reviews (7)

An excellent game! The role playing aspect means this is not just another puzzle game where you're matching gems over and over again, it really gives you something to go back to. Very addictive. Slightly frustrating later on where it's hard to progress the story when you're constantly battling random enemies but still a very good game and would thoroughly recommend.

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  Pure puzzle perfection.

| | See all Jaymedia's reviews (12)

Remember the first time you played Tetris? Remember how difficult it was to put down? Well, this game is in the same category. Simple in its design, yet highly addictive. Players will soon find themselves suffering from "just one more go" syndrome. The premisie of the game is simple enough; match coloured gems to make them disappear. As the game progresses you can collect spells, power-ups, weapons, etc. The complexity of these items is balanced in such a way that their benefits are easy to learn, but a little more tricky to master. And therein lies the crux of this game. Its both casual and eliteist in equal measures. You can rush through it in a few solid days, but skipping the text and cut-scenes, however tempting, is ill-advised. Its the combo of rpg and puzzle elements that make this title a dream to play. Highly recommended.


| | See all 2good2bad's reviews (59)

This was the game that actually forced me into getting my own DS. I kept nicking my daughters console to have a play, it's really that addictive. I can't remember the game having an over reliance on luck to complete the tasks, just make sure that you are using the correct spells, weapons or tactics and you'll be more than capable of holding your own. Go on, give it a go, you'll be hooked in no time!

  Puzzle Perfection.

| | See all Harmunt's reviews (9)

The simple formula laid down by the likes of Bejeweled and Zoo Keeper transformed to a fantasy adventure complete with hit points and spells.

This is amazingly addictive and guaranteed to be wedged in your DS for weeks to come.

Good use of the touchscreen and dual screen which reduces screen clutter somewhat. Particular note must go to the music which is great and perfectly suited to the game story and backdrop.

  simply frustrating!

| | See all PJACE1's reviews (21)

having played this on my psp i was looking forward to playing this on the ds.....how wrong was i....when playing and moving the items on the "game square" i found it very hard to pick and move the gems,skulls etc to the correct spot and selecting the chap on the map and bringing up the menu for selecting quests,shop,tavern was a pain too,you have to be exact on the mark..or could it be i have bad eyesight??? the psp was so simple just move the directional buttons so why couldnt they have done that here as well.......
great game but badly done on the ds

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| | See all markh117's reviews (14)

I got this game for my mom for christmas and so far ive played it way more than her.
i got this for her to bridge the gap between casual puzzle games and games with a plot and it seams to have worked.
At its heart its a very simple puzzle game but the added plot and leveling up of skills keep this feeling new and fresh. If your a fan of puzzle games then this is a must get game, or its a great gift (esp at this price) to get casual gamers into more deeper plot based games.
Me and my Mom both love this game

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  This is fantastic and annoyingly addictive!

| | See all Bluelotus's reviews (4)

I did read all the negative reviews before deciding to buy Puzzlequest. I even downloaded a free demo of the game from the Puzzlequest website onto my PC to try it out. I have to say I disagree with the previous reviewer completely about how bad the game is. In fact, the game is really simple and very cleverly addictive. Yes you have to match up the jewels and skulls to get places, but it is more than just an RPG it is a strategy game. Its nothing to do with the AI of the computer. The whole point is you have to use your brains to win by looking at your moves just as you do in chess. And you can capture beasts and learn their magic to unleash the magic during the strategy game in order to win. There are times when I have lost games, but you keep going because you can improve your character at the citadel or train your mounts or change weapons. Its a great game in that also if you only had 5 mins to play you could do so. Its a must at this price, a real essential game.

  A rare gem?

| | See all davidmce's reviews (1)

A great price for this game from Play.com and based on excellent reviews, I picked it up. It's basically Zoo Keeper type gameplay (coloured gems are swapped to create blocks of three or more) with an RPG type quest mode (use experience gained to improve your stats) to provide longevity. The overall experience should be fantastic (and for an hour or so, you'll think it is) with the kind of 'easy to play, hard to master' gameplay typical of great puzzle games. This is where things go wrong for me though; it's more like 'impossible to master', with the AI's knack for creating health sapping combos from absolutely nothing negating any skill the player may have shown. In a nutshell, the game quickly become a question of luck, and more often than not, it's the DS that has the last laugh.

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  Great puzzle/RPG that could've been perfect

| | See all BagronkeN's reviews (4)

The puzzle and RPG aspects of the game are great fun, but it would have given you a more complete experience if it were more strategically challenging and maybe a tad less repetitive. Still, the different game play elements within the game gives you more than you can ask for.

A very addictive and a superb game that you can pick up and play anytime. An absolute must if you enjoy the Colums/Bejeweled/Zoo Keeper setup but want an extra level of game play.


| | See all LeFishy's reviews (2)

This is a brilliant game. Seriously I loved it... so why did I trade it in after owning it for a week? Luck. This game is far too heavily based on luck for someone like me who likes to be able to show of their skill when in a game.

Graphically it is very lacking and the sound effects don't help it out. But it's a puzzle game so I can let this slide.

Brilliant deep game but way to annoying for me.

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