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Nintendo DS - Top Sellers

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  1. Professor Layton And The Curious Village

    Professor Layton And The Curious Village

    New  from  £13 .75

    Available used  from  £2.99

    You, the world famous Professor Hershel Layton, have been tasked with solving a mystery that has long plagued the good people of St. Mystere. Along the way you'll have to get to grips with over 135 tricky puzzles in order to solve the mystery! Find your thinking cap, you'll need it before the end!


  2. The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    New  from  £27 .84

    Available used  from  £18.09

    The epic story of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker continues as Link finds himself lost and alone in unknown seas in a new adventure. Featuring intuitive touch-screen controls and innovative puzzles, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass offers many new challenges for fans of the series.


  3. Animal Crossing: Wild World

    Animal Crossing: Wild World

    New  from  £18 .99

    Available used  from  £44.99

    After much anticipation, Animal Crossing: Wild World is finally upon us, and the wait has certainly been worth it! The infamously stingy shopkeeper Tom Nook, Crazy Red, K.K. Slider and the gang are all present and looking for your patronage; as are the residents who'll be requiring your help to run errands and generally chew the fat. There are just too many things to do! In addition, DS Wi-Fi functionality allows up to 3 friends to hang-out in the same town, at the same time! 'Thanks much', Nintendo!


  4. New Super Mario Bros

    New Super Mario Bros

    New  from  £18 .97

    Available used  from  £12.69

    The first new 2D Mario platformer since Super Mario World has arrived. Boasting incredible 3D graphics to accompany classic 2D gameplay, this fast-paced adventure will have Mario fans cheering as they make their way over fields, under water, through castles and into the air!


  5. Mario Kart DS

    Mario Kart DS

    New  from  £18 .35

    Available used  from  £17.99

    Burn rubber, put one of your favourite Nintendo characters in the driving seat and turn your rivals into toast with an array of awesome weaponry: Mario Kart DS is here!


  6. Pawly Pets: My Pet Hotel

    Pawly Pets: My Pet Hotel

    New  from  £11 .39

    Available used  from  £1.72

    My Pet Hotel will fulfil all your wishes of taking care of your favourite pets. Only you are responsible for the well-being of the animals, whose owners have entrusted them to you. Take the best care you can of your four-legged and feathered guests!


  7. Golden Balls

    Golden Balls

    New  from  £3 .51

    Available used  from  £1.30

    Based on the hit TV show, Jasper Carrot takes you through this game of bluffs, lies and cheats with the aim of taking the maximum cash prize. Play solo against three of the crafty game characters or against friends in multiplayer mode.


  8. Art Academy

    Art Academy

    New  from  £7 .78

    Available used  from  £1.48

    Learn painting and drawing techniques with step-by-step training in Art Academy. Potential Pablo Picasso and budding Francis Bacons will have a ball playing through this easy-to-follow instructional title in which you can transform the DS touch screen into your very own canvas.


  9. Brothers In Arms DS

    Brothers In Arms DS

    New  from  £19 .99

    Available used  from  £3.91

    The first outing of Brothers in Arms on the DS takes full advantage of the system's unique features - including using the Touch Screen to aim. Brother's in Arms DS boasts 15+ missions and 3 different campaigns - and as always you'll have a arsenal of vehicles and weapons at you displosal!


  10. Nintendo DSi Console - Light Blue

    Nintendo DSi Console - Light Blue

    Available used  from  £79.70

    The Nintendo DSi is the latest version of the DS, as modelled here in this delightful light blue model. Housing a number of unique and exciting features including two motion-detecting digital cameras and a voice recorder/music player, the handheld is an interactive pocket rocket of a performer.


  11. Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends

    Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends

    New  from  £24 .99

    Available used  from  £4.99

    Always wanted a pet but know that it just wouldn't be fair or practical? Ninetendo has an alternative that will have you wagging your tail! Taking the virtual pet concept to the next level, Nintendogs can be touched, spoken to and even entered in dog shows! With six different breeds to choose from, there's a dog to suit everyone...


  12. Sega Superstars Tennis

    Sega Superstars Tennis

    New  from  £28 .97

    Available used  from  £2.63

    Sega Superstars Tennis has over 15 playable Sega idols including Sonic, AiAi from Super Monkeyball, and Amigo from Samba De Amigo. In addition to their own unique attributes, each character will also come equipped with their own superstar tennis skills, putting a whole new spin on each match played!


  13. Tetris DS

    Tetris DS

    New  from  £29 .99

    Every gamer, whether competitive or casual, will find a way to reconnect with one of the most popular puzzle games in history. Each of the six modes of play features a theme based on a classic Nintendo game, such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda or Metroid. The traditional Tetriminos (falling blocks) and line-clearing strategy remain the staples of the game, but the touch screen adds a whole new element of interactivity!


  14. Ben 10: Alien Force - Vilgax Attacks

    Ben 10: Alien Force - Vilgax Attacks

    New  from  £10 .66

    Available used  from  £5.88

    Based on Cartoon Network's animated series, Ben 10: Alien Force - Vilgax Attacks is an action-packed adventure with an original storyline developed exclusively for the game. As Ben, players must utilise 10 alien forms to thwart Vigilax in a sci-fi blend of combat, puzzling and platforming.


  15. Ben 10: Protector Of Earth

    Ben 10: Protector Of Earth

    New  from  £14 .82

    Available used  from  £4.98

    Ben Tennyson suddenly finds that his alien powers have been stolen! As Ben and his family set out to recapture the source of his amazing abilities, they encounter armies of otherworldly minions and uncover a plot to suck the Earth into the Null Void.


  16. Burnout Legends

    Burnout Legends

    New  from  £29 .69

    Available used  from  £2.44

    Inflict carnage and destruction as you tear through the best from the Burnout series made exclusively for handheld gaming. Race the legends, take on an Eliminator Challenge, or track down offenders in your high-performance cop car to unlock classic and new Burnout vehicles. Then go head-to-head in Wi-Fi multiplayer races to capture your friends' cars.


  17. Rhythm Paradise (Rhythm Heaven)

    Rhythm Paradise (Rhythm Heaven)

    New  from  £5 .35

    Available used  from  £3.98

    Can you feel the rhythm? Tap, lift and slide to the beat in over 50 music-based minigames, from the quirky to flat-out insane. Anyone can play - all you need is an ear (or two), and the ability to immerse yourself in the power of the beat!


  18. 42 All-Time Classics

    42 All-Time Classics

    New  from  £12 .99

    Available used  from  £2.98

    42 All-Time Classics brings all the fun and enjoyment of a range of favourites to the DS. Making the most of the easy-to-use interface, play solo or multiplayer choosing from card classics like Poker and Texas Hold 'Em to board games such as Chess and Backgammon. Get ready to bluff!


  19. More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain

    More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain

    New  from  £10 .60

    Available used  from  £0.98

    Brain Training is back with some new exercises as well as some popular favourites from the original. Sudoku makes a welcome return while 5x5 Memory Grid, Correct Change and Rock/Paper/Scissors are among the new additions. Using a single cart up to 16 players can compete in 4 different exercises!


  20. Disney's Club Penguin: Herbert's Revenge

    Disney's Club Penguin: Herbert's Revenge

    New  from  £3 .96

    Available used  from  £2.95

    If you want fun and adventure, you need to join the EPF! Waddle your way around the Antarctic, playing mini-games, solving mysteries and interacting with friends online. With a wealth of exciting missions and a dastardly Polar Bear plot to foil, don't be left out in the cold, become a club member!


  21. Sonic Rush

    Sonic Rush

    New  from  £19 .81

    Available used  from  £6.99

    The world's fastest and most famous hedgehog rushes onto the Nintendo DS for a new high-octane adventure! Sonic's joined by the mysterious Blaze the Cat as their worlds clash and collide as they search for the Sol Emerald. Dizzying dives, near vertical curves, extreme jumps and brain-twisting loops deliver a double-quick dose of fresh Sonic action!


  22. G-Force (G Force)

    G-Force (G Force)

    New  from  £9 .14

    Available used  from  £1.30

    Based on Disney's Jerry Bruckheimer-produced summer blockbuster, G-Force promises to capture all the fast-paced animated action of the movie. Crammed full of hi-tech gadgets, spy-related stealth tomfoolery and epic battles, the game even features the voice talent from the film.


  23. LEGO Batman: The Video Game

    LEGO Batman: The Video Game

    New  from  £10 .98

    Available used  from  £9.21

    Bring order to Gotham City as Batman and Robin, or create mayhem as The Joker, Catwoman, and a host of Bat-baddies. Stuffed with action and overflowing with high-tech gadgets and vehicles, Lego Batman is a true blockbuster!


  24. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    New  from  £11 .21

    Available used  from  £3.00

    Take control of Darth Vader's secret apprentice in his quest to purge the last remaining Jedi scattered across the galaxy. As the name implies, The Force Unleashed completely re-imagines the scope and scale of the force by taking full advantage of next-gen technology.


  25. Asphalt: Urban GT

    Asphalt: Urban GT

    New  from  £13 .95

    Available used  from  £2.94

    Asphalt Urban GT combines the virtues of both simulation and arcade racing for the Nintendo DS. Players will be in the driver's seat while hitting the streets in a wide range of licensed high-performance cars on tracks from all over the world.


  26. Madagascar


    New  from  £23 .98

    Available used  from  £2.59

    Relive all the fun from the film and more! Master the personality packed exotic animals from the jungles of Madagascar. Rock the city and rule the jungle exploring a variety of lush environments, mini games and eleven action packed chapters. Choose your animal and fight for survival!