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ARMA: Armed Assault

Released on 16 February 2007

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

3.0 out of 5 (17 customer reviews) | Write a review

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The ultimate combat simulation... Brought to you by the creators of Operation Flashpoint, ARMA recharges in a new engine with additional fresh, modern time settings. Freedom of action and immersive complex environments blended with a unique touch of total realism return in this new game.
  • Use a large selection of playable military and civilian gear
  • Explore a wide, extremely detailed map covering over 400 sq km
  • Customisable game with built-in mission editor
  • Play a 21 missions singleplayer campaign
  • Use over 30 battle vehicles including APC's, tanks, boats, helicopters fighter planes and many more!
  • Experience a battle with 100 and more units on the same battlefield in multiplayer mode!
  • Developed by Bohemia Interactive, best known for the genre-breaking smash hit Operation Flashpoint
  • Extensive multiplayer modes and matches which offer something for every online FPS gamer
  • Two new aircraft: take to the skies in the fearsome Su-34 Fighter and Su-34 Bomber
  • Two new motorbikes: powerful "hogs of war" for both sides of the battle with the TT650 and the M1030 military motorcycles
  • Four new weapons: the Russian rifle AKS74PSO
  • another Russian favourite the KSVK
  • the giant US-designed M107 and US rifle variant the M16A4

customer Reviews

 Average rating (17 reviews)

 stupid and frustrating thats it

| | See all Webbo1's reviews (2)

What can I say, I'm sad, I'm sad because this game could have been a great game but it ends up being a complete let down.

So where do I start ok lets look to the positives,

1. Uses a great formula from operation flash point and expands on it

2. Huge playing area that enables free roaming and freedom of choice on how missions are completed

3. More tanks, choppers, cars and any other vehicles you can think of are there and ready to be used; I even completed a mission using a tractor!! Great fun

4. Same for weapons, so many to find and use throughout the game.
Err........that's it!

Ok the bad points
1. Graphics, you could let them go with flashpoint but not in 2007! Terrible no matter how you tweak em

2. AI OMG!! friendlies are stupid and cant hit a barn door enemy AI runs towards you barely seeking cover and are one hit killers even on the lowest difficulty settings very frustrating, example I was on a night level, on a hill in the dark, in a bush 180m away from an enemy camp, I managed to take down one guy before the rest pinpointed me and the first to shoot killed me with one shot............(that's not simulation that's insane! this would happen no matter how you would try to complete the mission.

3. Controls more complicated then trying to understand Stephen Hawkins calculations on black holes. Seriously no matter how you try to configure you controls or even a joystick which I did, trying to fly a chopper properly is impossible!!!! And very frustrating.
This also goes for trying to shoot people aiming is sooooo off its not funny

4. So many bugs and clipping issues really needs to be sorted too

5. due to the above problems most of your time is spent watching a loading screen which I don't know about you but for me is about as thrilling as listening to auntie tell me how she won first prize in a knitting competition and the technique she used.
I'm too annoyed to remember anymore

overall this game has some good points if you look deep enough but I suggest only hardcore fans who are patient to the nth level should get this game, or maybe a trainer patch or cheat for unlimited health might also be worth while just to help you get through a few tricky spots and trust me that s most of the game. the problem is most people I know who have played this have uninstalled it through frustration and the fact they know they wont enjoy reloading the same level over and over again and once you start a campaign even when you try to load a alternative level to the one you cant do it wont let you so your stuck playing the same level over and over again dying continuously by crack snipers with night vision and eyes of the hawk it gets boring very very fast.

If the makers had used elements from BF2 (graphics and easy to use controls even the AI in single player mode in BF2 is better then this) then it would have been a much better game

what annoys me the most is I want to like this game I do in fact I want to love it, all the ingredients add up to a fantastic dish its a shame the ingredients are out of date and mouldy

 Hardcore - you know the score.

| | See all Sandwich's reviews (1)

I own this game, I own it because I have a friend who plays it online too, we drive tanks, jeeps, helicopters, boats, pick-ups, bikes, you name it, we have driven it. And we usually end up dead in them too, dead but still laughing. This game is like supporting West Ham football club, sure a lot of goals go in, but when you do get one, its like the best thing in the world, worth the wait. Its HARDCORE, sometimes you will spend 10 minutes driving a jeep to the battle with your pal on the 50.cal machine gun and another friend in the passenger seat, only to be shot by a tank from 1 mile away, you wont even hear it coming let alone see it. But the times when you make it, burst through the enemy lines, take out that tank with an RPG while you friend lays down covering fire, then stealthily steal a helicopter from under the noses of the enemy is brilliant. If you dont have patience, if you dont like tactical shooters, you will fail, you will cry, and you will complain. If you can handle this, you just might have some fun.

Technical: The (draw) distance that you can see the landscape and objects can be immense, I was not exaggerating about the 1 mile or 10 minutes drives! (small distances, best to learn to fly at some point in training, tip: gentle movements of the mouse, dont overcorrect!), the game is made on 2 massive islands with varying terrain from mountains passes to wide grassy fields, forests to urban city areas and coastal crossings, you can go anywhere and are not restricted at any time but missions are usually concentrated on certain (large) parts of the island.

Buildings and bridges CAN be destroyed!, all you need is a lot of C4 positioned in a realistic manner, armoured vehicles can drive through things you might expect them to, trees, small walls, all those annoying bushes that other games wont let you drive over! Even some jeeps can eventually take out a bush after a little nudge. You will need a fairly nice set up to enjoy all the extra graphical touches thay have added to the game, contrary to former opinions it does look good if your PC can handle it, that being said, the lower end is still catered for. Patch 1.08 smoothed things out for me by a quarter.

Singleplayer is difficult, the A.I. will at times be mercilless, dont fret, use your wits and direct you squad using the in game squad commands, there's the great and easy ability to tell your men which posistion to sit in vehichles, or even which part of a building to wait in ambush for passing tanks and foe's, formations can be set, and also states of awareness can be given, and even after that if its still too hard, get your mates (plurel) to join in and help in CO-OP mode.

Personally I think online is where its best, you can have over to 100 players at one time! usually ends up at about 60 though, The community made missions are great, especially "HOLD" maps, its just a case of getting to the battle zone and keeping those areas for as long as possible.

So it all boils down to, buy if your HARDCORE and need a challenge. Think hard if you wont ever have the time to enjoy it, and are usually an instant, arcade player.

 A long term investment

| | See all Quicksilver11's reviews (29)

First of all you need to understand what your money is buying, ARMA is a long term investment in one of the best and most realistic war simulations on the market. It is not an arcade game where you jump around catching lead resulting in a slight limp, you get shot...you bleed and you will most likely die.

People who are new to this will find it frustrating, you really need to dive head first into the large community behind ARMA to learn the tactics and keep up to date with the latest modifications. Its very much a team based game, if you get a group of friends playing online its challenging and fun, probably the closest you can get to real warfare without joining to Army.

The reason I call it a long term investment is that even today, many years after its original release, Operation Flashpoint is still a very good game thanks to constant updates and community driven modding. Things such as AI updates, Texture packs, New vehicles, new soldiers, new maps, even GTA style games with drug dealing and police.

The graphics are a big improvement, and the lighting is simply stunning. However there are still bugs in the game, but nothing that won't be fixed in time either by the developers or the community.

To conclude I gave this game 4 stars, its a good follow up to OFP and despite a few bugs its very enjoyable.

 Good but flawed

| | See all BengUK's reviews (19)

I have to admit I did enjoy Flashpoint so had high expectations for this game. Sadly tho although the graphics engine has been updated the game play has not.
There are too many bugs in the game, the AI is just appalling. The enemy either just stands there waiting to be shot or shoots you when your hiding in deep grass or bushes IE hidden.
Your team mates are so script driven you find your self running about the game/mission area trying to progress the gameplay when your team mates just freeze.
Flying any of the aircraft seems harder than any flight sim, not because the game is trying to be real to life but because the control is just poor.
The good points, its huge. Lots of weapons, cars, tanks etc, many ways to achieve your objectives.
Sadly a possible great game made very average by bugs and poor AI.

 First class in every aspect

| | See all Gloopy's reviews (1)

This game superseeds any other on the market for probably one major reason. It's more than a "game". ArmA will give you a very realistic taste of everything you'd look for in any other game. Fast paced air combat, slow and tactical night time raids on foot and sheer destruction in the form of an armoured assault across the plains of Sahrani.

The actual game itself is pretty bare, but once you tap into the community's addons (of which there are hundreds) you can really create whatever you want out of the game. The built in mission editor enables you to make your own missions and if you're up for a bit of reading around the forums you can include scripts and more in your mission to really make it come to life.

So in short, if you like;
lots of weapons, planes, tanks, cars, aircraft and a 400km2 island to explore with breathtaking visuals and upto 100 person multiplayer that can range from pitting your wits against the AI to capture the whole Island or gritting it out against other players to take control of key locations ArmA might just be worth £17.

Do remember to get the patches though, upto at least version 1.08 as they include new units and a WHOLE load of bug fixes that enhance the game very much.

I would recommend for any new player to seek out a Co-Op Evolution Server. Evolution is an online co-op mission in which you work with players against the AI to clear entire towns of enemy, it gives the player a great insight into ArmA and allows them to progress as slow or as fast as they like.

Oh and if you're looking for Counter Strike/DoD/CoD1-4 they're on the other page somewhere.

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Rating16+ (PEGI)
Minimum RequirementsMinimum requirements:
Windows 2000/XP
Pentium 2 GHz or better
512 MB RAM
Nvidia Geforce FX w/128 MB RAM, ATI Radeon 9500 w/128 MB RAM or better
DirectX 9 compatible
6 GB free space
DVD ROM drive
MS DirectX 9

Recommended requirements:
Pentium 3 GHz or better
Nvidia 6800, Ati x800 with minimum of 256 MB RAM or better