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Crysis: Maximum Edition

Released on 08 May 2009

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

(7 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

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Comment:brand new sealed

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The Entire Crysis World In One Box!

Finally, gamers can get their hands on the entire Crysis world in Crysis: Maximum Edition. The 2007 PC Game of the Year is packaged along with the critically acclaimed parallel story, Crysis: Warhead, and the explosive multiplayer combat of Crysis Wars. For newcomers to the Crysis world, Crysis: Maximum Edition gives players chance to don the Nanosuit in three different games. Whether they're saving mankind from an alien apocalypse or fighting alongside friends in online team instant action matches, there is something for everyone in Crysis: Maximum Edition.
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  • Confront an ancient alien terror to save mankind from extinction
  • Adapt your approach - change combat tactics by customising your Nanosuit in real-time

Crysis: Warhead

  • Fight as the volatile Sergeant Sykes on a secret mission to stop the enemy from obtaining a weapon that threatens humanity
  • Discover what happened on the other side of the island in a campaign that takes place at the same time as the events of Crysis
  • Never play the same way twice - experiment with going stealth or with guns blazing in over-the-top action

Crysis Wars

  • Engage in many explosive multiplayer game modes on 21 total maps
  • Up to 32 players can battle it out on foot or by vehicle in Team Instant Action, Power Struggle, and other online game modes

customer Reviews

 Average rating (7 reviews)

 Maximum Addiction!

| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

Top 100 Games Reviewer

What can be said about Crysis that hasn't been said before? We know it's beautiful, we know how great the AI is and we also know it falters a bit towards the end. We have been warned about the huge system requirements and the exclusive DX10 visuals (that ended up not being that exclusive). But what didn't get mentioned were the characters, Nomad, Prophet, Jester, Aztec and Psycho. In Crysis you play Nomad, who has a voice but remains faceless, this detracts a little from the empathy you might feel. The producers obviously realised the potential in the other characters and in Crysis: Warhead you get to play Psycho. This has got to be one of the greatest game characters ever created. Well scripted, acted and visualised. You not only like the character you want him to prevail and later in the game you feel his anguish. The developers also realised that the best part of Crysis was in the jungle against the Koreans, in Warhead they take this template expand and improve it. The action starts immediately and continues to ramp up with every level. The final level hits a crescendo and you are left wanting more. I can only hope that future games enable you to play as the other surviving character. In addition to all this you also get Crysis Wars, the multiplayer add on. This doesn't do anything new or inspiring, just decent vehicular based war, with nanosuits!!
Crysis 8/10
Warhead 9/10
Crysis Wars 7/10

 Caused an issue with Firewall when Installing

| | See all METHYLoBROMIDE's reviews (4)

Hi all, I have a high end pc - intel quad to core with 2 x sli mode Nividia 260s and this pc pretty much plays everything with ease. So when I was reading the positive reviews I thought I would buy it.

I am running Windows Vista Premium with Zone Alarm Firewall and while the installation was three quaters through, windows then popped up reporting "stating" click here to turn on a firewall as my firewall had been deactivated. This is in no way a virus or anything along those lines but I felt concerned that a game installation had caused this. I instantly turned the firewall back on and everything seemed fine. One day later on turning the pc on the firewall was permanently deactivated and there is no shadow of a doubt that Crysis installation caused the malfunction.

Now I only installed one disk as the software wanted to installed EA Download manager and Game Comrade. Now call me old fashioned being an adult and not a child but when I install a game I dont like having other things installed along side it which really do not interest me. I understand the concept with to assist with the playing and logging/updating of the game but felt this was not needed.

The graphics on single player is fantastic but the multiplayer side does not seem popular as I could not find any players. Two be honest if your system cannot install 26GB of software and is anything less that what I am running hardware wise then dont buy it. Even my quad core struggled at one point with some of the graphics in game play (only by stalling for a second)

I am more a multiplayer guy and find the graphics on single player and multiplayer Call of Duty 4 far better than this. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for PC is still an experience that this game has not quite met. I give a 1 on review because the firewall is a crucial part of a machine next to your router. I give the game play a 2 as single player does not involve your team mates. Your sent out on missions and then you meet up with them during the game once you have completed bits on your own! Whats that!? COD4 is one disk only why couldnt this been that simple.

Thanks for reading

 Beautiful...the true child of Far Cry

| | See all Jimmy2307's reviews (8)

Simply put, even three years later there are hardly any games out there that look as good as this. Because the gameplay is not what this game is about, although it is good fun, this game was made to push your graphics card to the edge.
The gameplay is different from most other FPSs in which you are often an all powerful super man...in Crysis your suit is what makes you great, but it can only focus on one attribute at a time, speed, strength, armor and cloaking. Adjusting the suit is done in real time, as are weapons modifications, which really puts the pressure on if you're stuck in a firefight.
This is not a game where you can waltz into a KPA camp and expect to walk out again without doing a bit of planning first.
If you have played Far Cry and were looking for more this is the game for you. A truely epic gaming experience with a beautiful enviroment, excellent AI and a variety of levels. And the online multiplayer isnt bad either...

 top class

| | See all shoooter's reviews (28)

get this game if you have high end rig you wont be dissapointed the game is in a world of its own and both games for £25 you carnt go wrong.

 WOW what a game

| | See all legoman's reviews (23)

The gameplay is brill & the graphics are great on medium.The nanosuit saves your bacon in more ways than one These games are well worth a look. YOU NEED INTERNET TO ACTIVATE IT.

Rating16+ (PEGI)