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Dead Space

Released on 24 October 2008

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

4.0 out of 5 (43 customer reviews) | Write a review

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  • Suitable for 18 years and over. Not for sale to persons under age 18. By purchasing this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age and over.

Dismemberment: This game's core mechanic is the strategic dismemberment of alien appendages. In true survival horror fashion, you must conserve ammo - in true Hollywood horror fashion, it's all about seeing bone fragments and arterial spray fly across the room. Enemies in the game are resilient. The conventional wisdom that a headshot will stop an alien is thrown out in Dead Space.

    Setting and Atmosphere: Dead Space is an immersive, interactive horror movie experience. An emergent, panic-inducing audio system, an innovative Minority Report-style HUD, and a nuanced, scary pace that will sink you into the game experience.

      Unique Weaponry: Stasis Gun is used to slow charging aliens and to help solve puzzles. The Gravity Gun and unique projectile-based weaponry are mining tools - your ability to upgrade weapons increases as you progress through the game.

        Zero Gravity: Survive and destroy the aliens in Zero G environments. Manipulate gravity with Havok physics to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

        customer Reviews

         Average rating (43 reviews)

         Best Horror of 2008? Most likely.

        | | See all Dethlok's reviews (3)

        Well I'm about half-way through the game now and I'v got to say, it's possibly the scariest horror game I'v played. I don't remember jumping this much during a game since the original Silent Hill. The game play itself is pretty solid, the combat is very fast-paced and brutal and the strategic dismemberment angle they've taken doesn't realy get old(The necromorphs aren't the only things that can get dismembered. some of the player deaths are truly inspired, almost worth getting brutally ripped apart just to see), the 'no HUD' policy they have adopted realy helps with the immersion, your health and oxygen are shown on your character and ammo reserves are shown on the weapon so there is realy nothing between you and the game.

        Visualy the game is pretty damn good, more or less what you would expect from a brand new big budget, big studio title. The setting is disturbing and fits the game brilliantly, anyone who has watched the Alien movies or even seen Event Horizon(one of my favourite movies) will feel very comfortable in this game and there are intentionally lots of little nods to classic horror movies and even some other games dotted throughout the entire title. All of the lighting in the game is based on Dentist lighting, it adds a sort of distorted and disturbing vision to everything in the game and although you can recognise everything in the game for what it is, it always looks sort of 'odd'.

        The soundtrack is possibly the best I'v heard in any game, never mind a horror game, it pretty much sets the tone for everything thats going on and is often scarier than any visual element, I know it's something they put alot of work into and it realy shows, it's also a part of a program which they created for the game called the 'fear emitter' Which controls random 'unscripted' events. What this means for the soundtrack is that it changes and adapts constantly to whatever you happen to be doing and at times it can have you pretty much on the edge of your seat, yes, just the soundtrack alone. It's not something I'v realy encountered in a horror game before.

        The 'fear emitter' program is a great idea on their part, it controls random and unscripted stuff happening throughout the game, whether it be a random noise from the sound of metal clanging on metal making you stop dead or a roar making you jump, to all the lights in the corridor your walking down simply going off for a minute(that was scarier than it sounds), To a shadow running across the wall infront of you making you spin around to find nothing there. etc. etc. There are hundreds of random events like this and they all add immensely to the tension and fear, which I suppose is exactly what the designers wanted.

        There are also scripted events and scares in the game which are understandably bigger and better and creepier, but in the cases of the scripted events you never get quite the same sort of thing twice(unless of course you're playing the game a second time!).

        The enemies themselves are great, the 'Necromorphs' as they're called =P are necro-recombinants, basically dead humans(the entire crew of the ship the game is set on) Who's DNA has been altered to make something else, in this case undead, hard to kill, alien, zombie type things. Think 'System Shock'. You can still see parts of the human features and human form, and in some cases make out where the bone has been ripped out, bent and twisted for a new use, which just makes it all the more grisly when you're cutting them apart limb from limb.

        Anyway, I think I'm gonna cut myself short there. I'm loving the game so far and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the genre. 5 stars from me.

         should have been a first person shooter

        | | See all illidanstormcast's reviews (8)

        For those of you who know nothing about the story, its a bit like a cross between Aliens, Solaris (certain aspects of it) and Resident Evil.
        Aliens because its set on a space ship in space and resident Evil because of the style of game play. But no more headshot kills, its now "strategic dismemberment" ie, you gotta cut off the limbs to kill them all, and cut off all their limbs. You'll see why.
        The effort by EA games wasn't bad and i can see a film will probably be made. However, there is one problem in my opinion: if you think the camera angle in Resident Evil was bad sometimes, this one is worse. You are constantly seeing things over the protagonists shoulder and there never seems to be enough viewing area. Just when you think that you killed the last of them, something else gets you. The camera angle makes this game very frustrating but then scary as you can't see all the time. Kind of a "its behind you" thing. This game would have been top if it were a first person shooter. Just hope Colonial Marines (Aliens) can learn from this.......

         What are you looking for in a game?

        | | See all Snick99's reviews (24)

        This game is a third person shooter of a particular brand: instead of military weapons, you mostly use futuristic cutting tools - which is good because you get to confront monsters whose limbs you'll need to cut off in order to vanquish them. Undoubtedly very gory - but scary is another matter: after my very first steps on the USG Ishimura, the game stopped surprising me, as it proves way too predictable and repetitive.
        I totally agree with the person comparing this title to Doom. Forget everything you know about tactics, situational awareness, precise shooting. Dead Space overdoes the gauntlet scheme: you are thrown in an enclosed area, then all the monsters in the world jump in around you. You can't avoid being surrounded, you can't really plan anything. Just hack, cut and maim, and quaff a medkit if your health gets too low.
        I played on the medium difficulty level, and the game is quite easy, frustration did not arise from difficulty. You find plenty of ammo and equipment, both on monster bodies and around in the environment. Still, I prefer games where you, the player, make a bigger difference. Games where the way you play may mean the difference between a brilliant victory and an utter defeat.
        So, if you are looking for frantic action with no planning whatsoever involved, you can safely buy this game. It's non-stop action and you face an endless stream of AI-less enemies thrown at you. If on the other hand you prefer a tactical approach, I suggest you steer clear of it.
        The PC port, it has SERIOUS mouse lagging problems, making the game almost unplayable. I was finally able to overcome them by disabling vsync in-game and forcing it on using 3D overrider (the control panel override does not work under Vista) but I feel the issue should not arise in the first place.

         Real atmosphere

        | | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

        Top 100 PC Reviewer

        Oozes quality and atmosphere right from the get go.

        Graphically this game excels and is one of THE best out there. The characters are stunningly created. I can't find a polygon ngle on a single one of the characters and that included the humans which are tough todo as we know what to expect with the human form and we see issues very quickly.

        The monsters are convincing and varied. All having sightly different attack methods and moves. They range from reasonably easy to tough and ugly.

        I have read this game is similar to Resident Evil in ways and I think this is a fair comment. You go through collecting weapons, money and ammo from dead bodies like Resi. You have and inventory like Resi that you can increase in size. The are shops (smal machines) that you use to by equipment and power up. All very Resi Evilish.

        But where this game really excels is in the combination of gamplay, graphics and sound. To really enjoy the game abd really get into it. Put some head phones on and play late at night with all he lights out. I guarentee if you do this the hairs of the back of your neck will stand up. It's an 18 for good reason and haven't allowed my 10 year old on it or let him watch me play.

        If this is what you get by crossing Doom 3 with Resi Evil 4, then I want more.

         OMG, can this game be any better?

        | | See all rajun2701's reviews (2)

        I suppose it could be. But that would be nit picking. As an overall package, this game is an absolute stonker! Never have i been scared so much playing a game (on PC anyway), especially in the dark with surround sound on.

        Graphics are superb on PC, smooth, fast with excellent use of lighting and effects. Sound, well, if you got the surround sound for it, you may well think you are right in there with the action with all the haunting noises all round you. Gameplay is cracking and although many people found the controls hard at times on PC, once you have fine tuned them (very easy and quick) it becomes a joy to play.

        Plenty of variety in gameplay, interesting use of levels (just remember you are on a massive spacecraft), great use of voice acting, and even though you have regular contact with your shipmates, the overall sense is one of loneliness. The weapons offer a different slant on the usual guns and like. Using blades and cutters to dismember your enemies is a blast. Plenty of gore, heck yes, loads of it!

        Yes this is a cracking game, I would say much better than Resident Evil 4 (which is indeed superb in its own right). If you havent played this, i would absolutely recommend it! You are missing out on a whole lot of fun and frights! Roll on the sequel(s)!

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        Rating18+ (BBFC)