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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (86 reviews)"

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| | See all Noker112's reviews (2)

cod 6 in the most realisttic fps ever . This game successed and now there are going to be cod8. unfortionatly black ops did not success as this . When you are don from the campaign . you cant play spec ops with frinds or solo . you go up to five team missions sort of : alpha bravo charlie delta and echo with each of them consist 5 mission which youu can play . there are action and stealth. some of them easy some of them hard and echo ... insane!! rarely survive . there are 10 prestiges in multiplayer mode. after each prestige your guns and attachment camo etc will dissipear . because when you prestige you will get back to lvl 1 with higher rank . N.B titles and emblems will not dissipear. you can do a private match with you steam friends . i love this game as i like all other cods

good day and happy playing :) lol

  Good game but some things need to be sorted

| | See all snoopios's reviews (3)

This game is really good. It's fun both online and offline with loads of things to do so you'll never get bored.
One annoying this is definitely the fact that there aren't any dedicated servers but as long as you get a good host, then it's all good.
And like a lot of the other reviews, the biggest thing letting this game down are the players online and the ridiculous amounts of hacking!!
An amazing game but need to sort out them hackers and servers!!

  Under and overrated.

| | See all MisterPiglet's reviews (10)

This isn't game of the century or the worst thing devised by man or pig.

It furthers the last games story, making it a bit more outrageous, but it is intense combat all the way. good weapons and very tight controls and engrossing single player make it worth it alone and worth getting. With spec-ops it is an excellent single player experience.

Multplayer is as good as it is frustrating. Excellent games lag free with decent people in, followed by laggy games with campers and insta-headshotters make it very annoying.

Overall an excellent game though

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  Traitor to the Series

| | See all barabajagal's reviews (6)

This game is console console console all the way and is about as far removed from the ethos of the original COD as is possible. It bored me to be honest and the original Modern Warfare is a much much better game. I was fed up literally stumbling over the amount of ordanance that just lies at your feet when the enemy and your own troops are killed. Fed up with dumbed down gaming and stupid popup Steam achievements, all this detracts from what I want in a game which is to get an immersive experience and no I don't do multiplayer so this is based on the single player game.

To sum up it's a waste of money and as far removed from the excellent original COD and COD:Modern Warfare as is possible.

Hopefully COD:Black Ops will come along and restore my faith in the series.

This game is pure mince.

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  Be Warned!

| | See all TheEnglishMan17's reviews (5)

Beware buying this pre-owned. If you're buying from someone who has already played it, it WILL NOT work for you. There is an activation code needed and it binds to your steam accounts (the system needed to play this game) therefore you will not be able to use it yourself. I found this out the hard way...
Other than that, it's a good game both offline and online. I'd say way better than playing it on xbox/ps3.

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  One of the BEST!!! Games ever!!!

| | See all SammyBoii's reviews (1)

The single player is amazing a bit short but doesnt disapoint great game and the spec ops mode is a good change from the main story and the multiplayer is the best there is i love this A Must Buy Game for all Shooter Fans
Pc Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Very Impressive.

| | See all Alista99's reviews (2)

I admit the singleplayer campaign is rather short, but it does not fail to deliver, definatley kept me on the edge of my seat. Dont get me started on the multiplayer, which is fantastic, it matches the first one at every corner on that front.

Definatley worth the purchase, will provide days of gameplay entertainment.

  Not perfect but still great

| | See all JumpingJoly's reviews (2)

Like all other COD's great gameplay,very good graphics,exciting campaign and great coopmode, so far the usuall what ide expect from the COD series .
what doesnt feel like cod is online gaming (IWnet), be prepared to lose alot of time to get in a game, they have very short time online games duration Ex:waiting 15 minutes to be in a game game lasts something like 7 minutes; doesnt matter what type of game it is it happens in all of them.Laggy games: you can count on it!im on broadband connection and i still get those.Online game gets repetitive, if it wasnt for the prestige mode id be bored of it already. I know my friends are, it becomes too predictable after a while.Small note nobody told me, if Steam servers are down for maintenance you cant play online!So online, this game isnt the cod we loved that one is dead.

  I had a life before this....

| | See all Gooddeal4u's reviews (2)

Do not buy this game ... I have just topped four and half days online(not in one go I may add) but it is so totally consuming I really wish I had asked for socks for xmas.
The single play is short, phenominal and sweet , best graphics and gameplay I ve come across and online is 10 times better. 11 out of 10

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  Marmite Gaming

| | See all ManchAndy's reviews (4)

I played COD4 & CODWAW previous to the release of this game, I really was looking forward to MW2's release.

Infinity ward didnt do themselves any favours initially upsetting the gaming clans and server providers by releasing IWNET rather than having dedicated servers like previous versions for hosting games.

So it now runs through IWNET more like a console gaming matchmaker where it trys to match players of similar skills and ranks but not necessarily the best host. If you are in a clan and just want to play games with your clan mates and unless there are only 6 of you in hardcore play or more if softcore is more your cuppa then it can be fustrating.

If you are a casual gamer that just looks for an enjoyable Multiplay game to relax & chill then otherwise its very good. The single play is also very good more following or taking place in a linear film than any free roaming game and is similar to COD4 in that respect but is visually immense. Please note that there is a section/level in the airport that is controversial but your are prewarned by the developer before playing.

Overall a very good game more arcade and more console orientated gameplay and experience. Dont expect the game to be like either COD4 or CODWAW because it isnt.

The hackers & cheat arguement is also raised but every game i have played has had cheaters on it even COD4 and is not as rife as made out.

A good game that i would recommend to all fps fans and casual gamers :)