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Test Drive Unlimited

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Agree with previous reviewer -

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I also had a truly horrendous time getting this game to work properly on my PC. I have Windows Vista x64 on a Quad Core 3.0GHz, HD3870X2, 4GB machine which runs the game silky smooth at full resolution with everything turned on/turned up full. It's a truly beautiful game to look at I easily spent days of my life just driving around, lusting after various cars before even considering what little plot there actually is to the game. Many Windows Vista hotfixes were required before this would run properly but the biggest problem with this game is the absolutely ridiculous security protection on the DVD (securom). If you have anything like Daemon Tools or any other virtual drive software installed (note - it doesn't even have to be active, just having it installed is enough as securom seems to check the registry), you will have difficulty getting the DVD to play (the message "Please insert the original disc" keeps being displayed). My copy now only plays because I did a full re-install of Windows which wiped the registry and any traces of virtual hard drive software I had.

  Test Drive Unlimited bugs

| | See all PawnSacrifice's reviews (7)

A bit late to the party but I decided to buy this game as it looked great and I enjoyed the SNES version of Test Drive 2.
It takes a little time to install but is a great game...when it works. When it doesn't work it can be a complete nightmare. Unfortunately for me I experienced the random crashing with this game and after trying every possible option in the universe it still refuses to play correctly.
Take into account this is over 2 years after its release yet Atari have failed to update these huge problems with the game. A quick look on google will let you see how many people suffered from this random crashing/graphical glitches.
If this game had worked as it was suppose to I would have given 5 stars. Shame that Atari messed this port up...due to them doing so TDU has been more or less forgotten by many.


| | See all DarkOnister's reviews (8)

A cool concept which indeed is fun to play. The fact that I have freedom to go anywhere besides stuck on a circuit is a real plus, and also you can focus on getting cars or properties on the huge island which you get to play on.

  Awesome game

| | See all subduction37's reviews (5)

This game is just awesome, you can just drive around do what you want, race when you want, I use my steering wheel and pedals and this makes it more enjoyable. The only problem I have come across is not getting a lookin due to my 7 year old daughter, she loves it too.

At the moment I have 2 homes, 7 cars and over 1.5 million in the bank, it's very additictive. The graphics are truly stunning, other games companies should take not

  Quality Game!

| | See all SparnY's reviews (1)

This game is brilliant, the way you can drive around the island and just do whatever you want to do!

Love it, the online game is also great!
And one of the only games you can get bikes in to!!!!
5 Star

  Atari shoots itself in foot again

| | See all Tycoonspaceman's reviews (2)

where to start its got great graphics good sound, can be quite fun if you can CONNECT to other player's which sadly I cannot and after 2 weeks of trying everything other than buy another router, which was suggested, Atari seem unable to find a fix and this issue affects quite a number of user's, Atari does not give technical support either it seems, game rating 2 out of 10

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  Not got round to playing anything else BUT this lately !

| | See all Elevation's reviews (32)

Test Drive had it's problem for me at first - the problem being it refused to start. But once I got onto XP Pro 64bit Edition it then generously deigned to start for me - and I've not looked back since (except through my rear window of course). This game is IMMENSE! Can you name another game where the following happens right from the start : Firstly you select your character waiting in line at the airport to board a plane - can be male or female from a selection of several. Then you fly to Hawaii (cue lovely opening cut scene). Upon arrival you select a hire car. With this car you head straight for the "real estate" office and buy yourself a house. You then head straight out and buy yourself a car...the rest is entirely up to you. I honestly can't think of another game that does everything this game does and does it so lavishly. Your driving is done via gps, with a nice soothing female voice telling you to "turn right here" etc. You can zoom out to a satellite view and pick a race, or just stumble across them whilst out driving. You can give people a lift and earn clothing tokens, which you then use to buy yourself designer gear. You can flash your AI friends and challenge them to a race where you choose ANY finishing line point. You can save up and buy more houses, more cars, more paint jobs. You also get missions where you have to deliver a high powered car intact and there's no time limit on those. The in car view is really nice, it really makes you feel like you're out there driving. Newspapers blow across the road, birds fly overhead, it really does immerse you in the experience. Also you don't hit invisible barriers if you drive off the tarmac - you just drive through the grass ! The amount of exploring you can do is mind blowing really. The one strange thing about the game is that whilst you can total other cars, your car has no damage model at all. This is the only downside to the game. Did I mention the police chases ?? Oh yes. This game has pretty much everything you could wish for, and it's execution is very stylish. And you can really see the attention to detail that Eden have ploughed into this. The graphics are very, VERY nice, but you will need one hell of a meaty system to run it, but if you do then do not pass up a chance to play this game.

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  great game

| | See all js1989's reviews (4)

this is a great game, iv only ever played it with the logitech g25 steering wheel, and it is great :) it may just be the wheel that makes the game good and if so buy the g25 :)

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