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Crysis (Classics)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (224 reviews)"

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  Maximum everything

| | See all theWub's reviews (135)

CRYSIS is an exceptional game in many respects. Firstly, and most famously, it looks absolutely stunning. On maximum settings the island on which the adventure takes place truly comes to life. The quality of the graphics and the physics remain unsurpassed, in my opinion, even when compared to more recent games. Immersion is critical in games such as this and the CryENGINE used provides this in spades. There's also a pretty good storyline behind the action and the pacing is good, with the action steadily ramping up to an impressive big finale. The voice acting is always convincing and the cut-scenes fit seamlessly into the flow of the game. The combat is challenging and rewarding. I have just two criticisms: First is the fact that the single player game ends! I wanted much more but this is a game that can be played more than once as the "sandbox" nature of the island allows for different approaches to the gameplay, plus there's a good multiplayer version to continue the fun, and there are custom maps and mods out there. Second, there's not enough humour. I think any game benefits from a few laughs (the Half-Life series is an excellent example) but I can't remember any in CRYSIS. Still, this doesn't matter too much when what you're given is so absorbing and entertaining.

  Amazing game.

| | See all BlueJHelios's reviews (1)

Stunning graphics, awesome single player... Not so happy with the multiplayer... but just wait for Crysis 2 ;)

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  what a pity

| | See all Stefan2006's reviews (6)

Yes the graffics are super, the best i seen anywhere.
I like everything, great yes, but the BUT is HUGE.
Why do these game makers DESTROY like this.
with great graffics who wants to be stuck in a mine or a dark spacehip for ages and ages, so long i now dont want to play.
A terrible way to spoil what is a good game otherwise.
Now go on and spoil the follow up, too. Whats the point of good graffics then? Do they think we love dark tombs, well we HATE THEM.

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  There's no Crysis here sir!

| | See all Skrtelboy's reviews (38)

Well like the title states, 'there's no crysis here'. Basically I'm saying that their are no mistakes with this game, but you need a good machine to handle the game due to its realistic graphics and major actions through the gameplay.

The story may be a little predictable but it still doesn't put you off this amazingly crafted game, I'm a huge shooter fan and I vouch this as the best shooter game ever made (putting aside the special powers then Call of Duty is the best). Simply the characters are top class, the story is top class, the graphics are top class and simply this game has been made to be top class!

My rating for this game is 9.5/10, because no game is perfect however this has come the closest I've seen to perfection for years!


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  Amazing game

| | See all 89654123's reviews (56)

If you have a good enough pc to play this game at full graphics, then go for it... the price is great and the gameplay is astonishing. I'm hooked!

  Get this while its NOT a classics version!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all DEEVOScranium's reviews (52)

The title explains it really,i was happy i recieved an original copy for 6.99 and not the classics version,apart from that,this game is the best fps ever created and iv played a lot of fps and in my opinion much better than the over rated half life 2 and halo series,if you have a meaty system then get this,even if its just for shooting trees in half or throwing chickens into the sea this is a must;)

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  Fantastic FPS!

| | See all Redfield's reviews (57)

Simply one of the best FPS that I've ever played...I played it with an E8400 and HD4850 at full detail without any problems and the game was simply amazing not only to see but also to play. From my point of view, even if it is a 2007 game, It is very hard nowadays to find a better game!

  Worth the money but £10 is nothing

| | See all BrillowPad's reviews (10)

The game is a decent game but EA has to mess things up with it, you can barely get into a online game, they need to make you get the updates all the time instead of making you search for them and finding out you still dont have the latest patch.

  Great game, bad service

| | See all TCM111's reviews (1)

I just bought this game, but received the "EA Classics" version. If the regular version is no longer sold, why not make a new page for this product??
Not happy!!!

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| | See all LtMoFo's reviews (3)

Dont get the comment on the cheap software, lol.

Crysis for £9.99 is amzing. I got it on release (Got a Tri 280GTX Sli machine now, used to have 1 8800GTX) and it choked under the 8800,but if ya got the kit then this is the game to have. Superb game physics & graphics adding too the gameplay. £9.99 is a give away, and yes, this will test your machine more than any other title.

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