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Crysis (Classics)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (224 reviews)"

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  Not good as it could be

| | See all blastmoose's reviews (7)

This games reviews gave me high hopes for what turned out to be nothing more than a trigger happy steriod fueled FPS. Plot is not amazing, No feeling for the characters in the game and for a game that was given this amount of hype it should and could be better.
Singleplayer out of the way what about the multiplayer? Useless, every server has at least one hacker for you to contend with.

All round failure, One redeeming factor is the graphics however no computer in general circulation can play that game on high graphics.

Scores a 3/5 for the nanosuit alone.

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  Wow! What a way to see what your PC can (or can't) do...

| | See all andyblair1972's reviews (4)

It's an astonishing graphical showcase - even if the gameplay isn't all that original... I spent hours just exploring the environment and appreciating the incredible attention to detail. It seems every leaf, ever blade of grass moves out the way as you push through the dense, beautifully detailed undergrowth. I do wonder exactly what sort of beast you'd need to run it at full detail though; I'm running a OC'd 3.0GHZ Q6600 Quad Core on a Maximus Formula m/b, OC'd 4GB RAM @1150MHz and Raedon 3870 X2 and I have to settle for 'high' settings (they go to 'very high') and no AA. Make sure you apply the 1.2 patch to a virgin, clean install (and apparently you shouldn't uncheck PunkBuster if you custom install as Patch 1.2 references it). After applying the patch, when I tried to resume saved games my PC hung and when I started new games, performance was terrible. Applying the patch to a fresh install (no saved games or profiles and with PunkBuster installed) cured all.

  Qosmio X300

| | See all TheShume's reviews (6)

Im going to get the qosmio x300 and i would like to know if it is good enough to run crysis on max graphics well, i also gave it 4 stars so i didnt change the overall rating.

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| | See all z33ker's reviews (19)

I wasn't an avid follower of this game but i did check up on it once or twice while it was in developement.
However when i brought the game i was very disapointed.

This game is a prime example of what is increasingly happening within the games industy! All graphics and no content....
Crysis is an all out fps, using clips and clips of ammo to shoot, smash, blow and pulverise your way through groups of poor ai enemies until you reach yet again an alien/mutant twist as with all of the companies previous games involved. ( Stop with the aliens and mutants......they are boring. ) Where upon you reach the end of the game feeling asthough you've accomplished nothing but wearing down you left mouse button as well as your w,a,s and d keys.......

A game sheerly made for benchmarkers and showoffs.

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| | See all joe9656's reviews (16)

I got the game when it came out last year and the graphics are amazing no console could produce this high level graphically alot of people say you need a monster pc to run the game which i would agree if you want the best possible settings i have a quad core q6600 2.4 ghz 3gb of ram geforce 260 gtx and have the settings on high with no aa i have had it on highest detail but i find it best on high settings on my pc the game itself is great it just shows that the pc still cant be beaten on performance although to keep up with the latest games it can cost a bit!! But is worth it!

  Tech demo - shame the game is way too short

| | See all Kirkwuk's reviews (7)

The first thing that springs to mind when mentioning Crysis is the fact that the graphics engine for it's time was and is a huge leap forward for the technology. Crysis is the first game I've played where my eyes almost fell out at the incredible detail. You'll need a monster of a PC to play this at high settings, but it's worth the money if you truly appreciate PC gaming. The vegetation, luscious water effects and visceral quality are beyond words. Quite simply, Crysis still has the best graphics you'll see in a video game for a long time, and a year after its release it is still the best.

As for the gameplay, Crysis is not as outstanding as its plantation and landscapes.

But first, the storyline. It really doesn't get more generic than this. A group of archeologists uncovering a new discovery are captured by the Koreans, and the US army get involved in an effort to capture the archeologists. Along the way, an alien army is exposed, and your character, Nomad, with his special high-tech suit, is there to neutralize the enemy. Once you discover an alien spacecraft, you're on a secondary mission to discover what's going on.

As a lone warrior, your suit can be used dynamically to play any way you wish. Stealth players will love the limited invisibility. Others will love toying with the physics with extra-strength. I chose to just rush through the levels and remain undetected, using firepower as secondary. The first third of the game plays entirely like Far Cry, with beaches, palm trees in their thousands, blue skies and sun. It's all pretty generic stuff.

Crysis is one of the shortest games I've ever played. Games in general are a lot shorter than they used to be. But nine hours? There are some really impressive set-pieces which at times rival the great Half Life, but they're few and far between and not enough to give a lasting impression. They could have added some more tank battles, which were fun, to break the FPS action up and improve on the length. They could have added more focus to depend on your special abilities. For example there's an outstanding confrontation early on in which you discover the Koreans have researched the nano-suit technology, and you realize you have three enemies on your tail. Use of cloak is absolutely mandatory in this situation. More stuff like this wouldn't have been too much effort. Crysis has some great ideas, but you'll only see these ideas once. Adding more battles against these nano-suit Koreans wouldn't have got boring.

Not to mention the game is very easy for the most part, even on the higher difficulty settings. I only had trouble in a couple of places, and that's because I got lost.

The AI is decent, if you're spotted it's not unusual to see dozens of guards homing in on your position. The aliens only come in two types, and they have less than impressive AI.

The climax in Crysis is abysmal. The story doesn't end, it just finishes on a cliffhanger and when it does you'll be left wanting more, slightly angry the game finished before it really started.

Gaming magazines would be too scared to give Crysis anything less than a 9/10. Games like these push the industry into creating bigger and better graphics. But when all's said and done, Crysis is an average shooter which comes across as a tech demo once finished. I will definitely replay the game for the beauty of it, but I can't recommend it to anyone who hasn't got the rig to take it. There are more fun FPS games out there that can do a much better job.

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  Brilliant (if u can run it)

| | See all Quinnmesh's reviews (10)

I bought this game and got to say amazing game i run it on enthusiast with dx 10 installed no problem with about 45 -50 fps if cant run on at least high ur missing out so much.

My Rig is:
Intel core 2 quad Q9550 2.8GHZ
XFX GTX260 XXX 896mb
4GB DDR2 Dominator Ram
Gigabyte X48-DS4 Mother board

Im running Vista 64bit and had a bit of a problem installing. To get around this copy/paste all of the files on DVD to your desktop (i reccomend in a folder) then run the setup from there. This should work.

Hope this helped

  Best Game Ever(I Think)

| | See all chavykiller100's reviews (1)

This is one of the best games i have played. You basically go around killing koreans in a predator style

  One for the heavy brigade.

| | See all Reginaldcust's reviews (4)

To experience playing Crysis at very high definition level is a real treat,but the only problem so far is the lack of sufficient cooling within my computer to continue playing for more than an hour.

I can certainly play the game with everything turned up to maximum but prefer to play at the high setting where you loose little or no visual enjoyment.

The first experience of playing Crysis was one of amazement at the stunning realism of ocean life beneath the waves to walking around the jungle insearch of the Koreans.

To play Crysis at anything below high level is doing the game a disservice,i know most peoples computers willnot allow for play at these high gaming levels but the game was designed for gamers and a benchmark for high end computers.

My system of Quad processor and Striker Extream board coupled with a 8800Gtx Ko card can just about cope with the very high settings but the heat generated by my computer in such a short space of time is quite alarming.

I knew before hand that the game was very demanding on your processing power but unless i eventually install another cooling fan inside my case i can see me loosing some expensive gear.

It is a real shame that EA Electronics are dening the majority of the games purchesers with less than the full package.

I have played the game at its lower levels and without being patronising to those unable to do so much prefer it at its highest settings mainly because the visuals are trully incredible not that far away from dvd quality.

Also played at its lower settings the sound is disappointing to say the least.

Crysis is like a Ferrari or other dream car which few of us can afford to run let alone buy.

If you know right at the start that you cannot play the game at its highest setting save up for that dream computer because i can guarantee that the very high setting of gameplay is a very rare experience.


Now for that extra cooling fan.


| | See all Leeho123's reviews (7)

This FPS is possibly the best I have ever played. It has stunning graphics and i can run it on Medium/High with no lag at all. The story line makes me want to play more and more as there is a twist around every corner. Definately recommend this one. I'm currently running this on 4GB DDR2 800MHz RAM, 3.1 Dual core AMD, X1300 Pro Radeon (Even with this graphics card i can run on medium/high). The game is a very big file so beware, it's 12GB.