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Fallout Collection

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all MCGoddard's reviews (5)

I got fallout 3 on release and so my brother brought me this collection for Christmas (mainly as a joke)...
It is excellent, from a purely technical standpoint all three games run (and patched up) fine on windows vista, almost completely glitchless, which is amazing when you consider Fallout was released in 1997!
Amazing storylines, epic gameplay and expansive worlds, what's not to love!?
I especially like the tie-ins with the entire series, the same topics appearing in the games in this box, and in Fallout 3.
All in all a must-buy for any fans of the RPG genre, classic games enthusiasts, and especially fans of Fallout 3!

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| | See all Lewisjon's reviews (1)

old school fallout, the true fan needs to play these to understand more of the history within the game.

bought it a few weeks ago, well worth it.

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  5 for a timeless classic

| | See all MrNoble's reviews (11)

Such a good price for three classic games. Good story. Good use of character interaction and quests. Basically everything a great RPG needs. The quests do annoy me sometimes and the timeframe aswell but hey nothings perfect. A ruddy good use of free time.

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  Post apocalyptic masterpieces

| | See all mattmachine's reviews (6)

This is in my oppinion, THE greatest RPG Series EVER made. Fallout and Fallout 2 are definatly two of my favourite games from any genre. Fallout tactics is fairly Meh - but fun for a while

The graphics are far from perfect as you would expect in games that are 10+ years old, but that is not what these games are about. Fallout and Fallout 2 are superb, original RPGS, where everything you do feels like it has an impact. There are many RPG games today such has Oblivion that simply cannot compare to the characters of this game, and the way you interact with the world, every action has a consequence.

The greatest thing about this game is you can be whom ever you want, inherantly noble - rushing around saving damsels in distress or terribly evil, yes you can hit a child in the groin with a sledge hammer.

The fallout games are very dark at times, and contain things that other games don't or can't, but contains masses of black comedy, wit, and some hilarious dialouge.

The game is MASSIVE and there is so much to do that without a detailed walkthrough there is so much you will miss, and catch a 2nd,3rd or 4th time of replaying. I have completed this game countless times and it still gives me new things that i missed before.

Hugely replayable, Hugely Immersing, and just darn right excellent. If your a fan of games you should at least give this a whirl.

One thing I will say is you need to patch up before playing, for example if you don't install the children patch - guess what? There are no children which reduces tonnes of quests and many things don't make sense (this is becase in the UK you can't have children in games you can kill :S - however in the US you can)

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| | See all Hunter8888's reviews (9)

its not a bad game but the fighting style gets on ur nerves im mean if u want to be a big guy with muscles u cant move as much but if ur a kamikaze u move more but ur armor sucks and u get wasted.anyway enough abut the bad things THE GOOD THINGS are u dont have to run around to make money if u got lots of crap in ur inventory you trade it for other stuff but if u aint good with some guns u miss alot the game is good but fallout tactics say that i need to insert a disc of fallout tactics when i have the disc in . WEIRD

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  Classic with faults

| | See all damwookie's reviews (39)

The post nuclear world is fantastic with so much character and depth. The plot is good and the combat is fine. It can be very addictive at times.
However two few sprites are used for the areas. Load up a game and you could be in one of a hundred different places. Some of the quests are unfair, or are timed so you can end up with a worse ending just because you enjoyed exploring, or have a stat reduced in certain fights that you win. If you don't mind replaying, using walkthroughs or enjoy the fact futility adds to the sense of doom it not a problem.

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  The Greatest RPG Series Ever Made?

| | See all Kaediin's reviews (1)

The Fallout series has to be one of (if not the) greatest RPG games series ever made. With an epic storyline and replayability I have not encountered since, Fallout & Fallout 2 would rank as my top 2 games ever played (and ive played alot of games).

Set in a Mad Max esq post apocoliptic world, you play the hero who starts out to save thier home but goes on to save the world. Along the way you will encounter a wide varity of people and places and be able to interact with them all to alter the ending of the game. YES!! your actions really do have consequences, play the nice guy and sae everyone or play the bad guy and crush those who oppose you - the choice is yours.

With a great skills, perks and traits system your character will evolve as you play and if you complete the games as a gun slinging psycho, reroll a new charater with a different set up and try again from a different angle like a smooth talker.

The one negative of these games is their age, and sadly it does show a bit in the graphics. But dont let this put you off as the game play more than makes up for the older graphics.

The only other thing I can add is roll on Fallout 3 next year.

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  One of the best!

| | See all Vinekblade's reviews (7)

I played the first one to death as I wanted to complete it so badly!. The second one was just as good. Tactics wasn't so great!.

I really loved the first and second games as they were a complete package, good art work, the story line was enthralling and the game play was fantastic.

For anyone who has never played these games before I envy you as you will discover them and love them!.

I can't wait for number 3!!!.

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  Absolute Bargain

| | See all ApexGamer's reviews (1)

Fall Out, the game that made me pursue a career in games. There is no question that this collection is a must have. Fall out, the best game ever made and its worthy sequel. Even though Tactics failed to recieve a warm welcome when it was released is still a solid game true to the Fall Out universe.

If you havent played any games from this franchise then your missing out. Heres your chance.

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