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Warcraft 3 (Bestsellers)

Rating: 11+ (ELSPA)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Azarak's reviews (1)

This game is great , if you like strategy then this is made for you!
The story is really great and after you get bored of single player then go multiplayer! multiplayer is really nice , lots of custom games etc..
really for that price , its more than worth it.

  Multiplayer Action - Absolutely Unbeatable

| | See all SovietSword's reviews (6)

Warcraft 3 - predessecor to the great wow!

I'd like to make a few points first.

1. You will need to buy the expansion "the frozen throne" to play this game to it's true content. Another £8 but worth it like hell!

2. After you do get bored of the single player, hope online. The game's content divides out like this.

Map creator: 2.99%
Single player mode: 0.01%
Battle.net multiplayer custom maps: 97%

Great games like battle tanks and dota are avaliable on here.

Now to convince you.
If you like strategy, this is your life in a box!
Warcraft 3 has excellent graphics for it's age and having the battle.net multiplayer feature makes the game more versatile than any game you have ever played. The game revolves around custom maps which are made by anyone but more frequently, coorporations who produce these maps!

Please buy now, i will cry if you don't!

In-game username: Brit_tank

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  It's worth every penny and more

| | See all LittleChris's reviews (10)

simply concider how much you get for your money and you'l. realise how much of a good deal this is:
great single player story that lets you try out all the characters and abilities with beautiful cut scenes, and free online multiplayer that never gets boring, with custom games if you want a break from rts fighting and you can design your own games with the included map maker to share online.
This really is a great game.

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  Warcraft 3 - Best RTS of all time!

| | See all MrAnderson's reviews (7)

Looking at how old this game is, consider how much it is still being played! This game is undoubtably one of the best RTS ever made!

Any RTS fan who hasn't played this should instantly purchase this game! At this great price, you really can't go wrong, and you won't be dissapointed either.

The singleplayer campaign is lengthy, fun, and features a great storyline.

The multiplayer in this game accounts for endless hours of gameplay, as it branches out into thousands of custom games, so it doesn't get boring and repetitive. Build up the level of your account as you win more games against other people. Battlenet is fast, reliable and safe way to play online in Warcraft 3. This really is a must buy!

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  complete and utter bargin perhaps my favourite game ever..

| | See all nathanPS3champion's reviews (17)

no game of this genre can match warcraft 3... perhaps the greatest storyline in a game ever, i found myself playing just too find out what was going to happen next.. and top of this there is great game play and it is one of the easiest games to pick up and play ever... the campaign is extremely long which is great and unsuprisingly fun all the way through. This is a game for anyone. But on top of all this you get to use blizzards attle.net online system allowing you to play online easily and its extremely great fun. For the price its great! hours of gameplay and endless fun. It's getting on now since its 2002 release but it will definately not disapoint the graphics certainly do not let it down and despite its age it can still easily compete with and beat games of today!

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  Top-notch fun!

| | See all JudasPriest's reviews (7)

An fantasy 3D real-time strategy (RTS) game combined with roleplaying (RPG) characteristics. It is thoroughly enjoyable to play with great comedy elements and a highly involving storyline.

The game itself follows the chronicles of a young paladin, Arthas Menethil, and his eventual fall from grace into the services of the undead (zombies! . . . eep!) alongside the adventures of several other heroes who follow in his wake.

- 4 playable and balanced race (humans, undead, orcs and night elves)!
- Maces and magic!
- Bargain price!
What more could you ask for???

It only just missed the 5-star rating because it couldn't compare to the starcraft experience.


| | See all DizzyDan's reviews (15)

Blizzard have yet to fail to NOT make an unbelieveably great game to play, still after 2/3 years of playin this game, is till play it regulary online. There loads of different game modes that can be created and played online. Also expansion is worth purchasing as well 10/10 :D

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| | See all keafdude's reviews (6)

this game was the best game ever!but like every game it gets old.....sad but i still think its worth 5 stars

  All time classic RTS

| | See all Monochronomicon's reviews (5)

I agree with the other reviewer. This was an amazing game when released and still is. The gameplay is engrossing, and the story telling will keep you glued to the screen. Single player mode is diversified enough since you will play as 4 different races during the main campaign, and that will keep the challenge up at all times, as all races are quite different. The game's age doesn't show too much by today's standards, and you will be able to run it with all details at maximum (including full AA and AF), at high resolutions. And given the price now, grab the expansion pack as well, it's really a bargain.

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| | See all scar182's reviews (1)

This game is brilliant. Cool single player campaigns and BRILLIANT multiplayer action. I recommend you buy it with the expansion pack too.