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Starcraft & Broodwar Expansion Pack

Rating: 15+ (ELSPA)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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| | See all V3nom80's reviews (7)

This wasn't the game i hoped for, and despite the great resolution on my monitor, half the time i couldn't tell if something was happening until it was too late....go for C&C...

  the starcraft bottle

| | See all XXscififanaticXX's reviews (1)

Ive been playing this game since I was 7 so I've seen this game from the view of a child and an adult. As a child it was great to play just to have fun with my dad and as an adult ,well, it's great to play full stop. I can only enjoy a game if it adds something truly unique to the world of gaming and starcraft defined strategic gaming for years to come. At such a low price there is no greater act of idiocy that to not buy it.


| | See all fOXY88's reviews (2)

I've owned this game for over 10 years and it's still far the best game!! Although I haven't been able to play it in about 1-2 years since I've had windows 7. It won't work on Windows 7 even if you run it in compatibility mode...There are a few things to you can do, but none of them have worked for me and the other option is downloading a crack for windows 7, but it's risky as blizzard will block your account if your caught.

But still worth buying!!


| | See all D0MINIK's reviews (4)

HIGHLY recommended! in my opinion best strategy game on the market, it beats even SC2. very well done, no problems with the game, awesome movies! I have it since it came on the market and I will never sell it! Highly addictive! If you finish single mode you can play in multiplayer mode all the time in the world, but unfortunately it's never enough :(

  Simple Awesome

| | See all QuiSiLoR's reviews (8)

I just reordered this game as I cant find my Discs's and I cant wait to get stuck into it again ahead of SC2. This Game is simple amazing and one you can go back to time and again. I really wish blizzard would work on a SC MMO

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  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blizzard Does It Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all walker123's reviews (68)

Well done blizzard for bringing this everlasting starcraft game to our attention. Now i play warcraft 3 and i think that is great to but that gets old preety quick and starcraft never ever ever gets old im not the competitive type i never play battle.net i play custom games and mostly the camaigns but it really never gets that old and every single unit have their own personality and unique abiltys. This game is very very old now the original sarcraft dates back to 1998 and the expansion 1999 BUT it still is truley amazing. Now i cant really decide between warcraft 3 and starcraft but starcraft is really the most addictive game ive ever played apart from diablo 2. Just get it and see how much games have changed over the years and you will be !!!!!HOOKED !!!!!

  The Greatest RTS of all time.

| | See all Khimaros's reviews (4)

I've owned this game for 10 years, I've played through the full campaign perhaps 3 or 4 times, spent years playing competitive games online and last week went onto Battlenet and spent an evening destroying my old school friends. We are all nearly 30 and still love SC!

The universe Blizzard have created is lush with detail, every unit has character and personality, every race is utterly different from the other, and yet give you an equal chance of victory.

The world editor is incredible, you can create co-op campaigns with hero units (even specify their abilities and hitpoints) script stories, customise your favourite multiplayer maps or create ultra intense micro maps cramming 8 players onto a 64x64 map for frenzied fun!

If you're new to the game and want to know how the experts play, search google for either 'pimpest replays' or 'Boxer' (one of the greatest Korean players) and watch in humble amazement.

Due to its comic-book looks, SC has stood the test of time very well and the system requirements are so low your toaster could play it! If you alive and have even the slightest interest in videogames, BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!!

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  A timeless classic.

| | See all JudasPriest's reviews (7)

Starcraft is one of the greatest games of all time, a perfect real-time strategy game with an intriguing storyline mixed with a blend of futuristic action and dark humour. Even by today's standards, there are few games that match its gameplay. The game itself is easy to adapt to and the three playable races are equally balanced. The online multiplayer maybe more of a challenge for newer players since it is usually dominated by the more hardcore players.
A definite bargain for both the original game and expansion pack for under £10.

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