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Lost: The Video Game

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Lost Fans Only!

| | See all DaveCUFC's reviews (28)

An immensely pleasing game to play - to be part of the action on the Losties island. The storyline is average but it's the graphics and gameplay which amaze me. It may take up almost 5GB but you can see why when you play it.

You may as well be in the hatch pushing the buttons! Although if you don't have a recent enough computer, I'm sure you'll be smashing the buttons on your keyboard. "Check your spec!" is all I'm saying.

  the game is alright

| | See all gamereporter's reviews (3)

if you only like shooting and action games.... DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!
its made as a adventure game only to discover secrets not to fight and shoot
if you liked the myst games this isn`t so bad =)

i think only LOST-fans would like it =p

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  For Lost fans only...

| | See all Sparkler17's reviews (5)

It's a good game, but it's very short, and offers little replay value. You could probably have the game completed in a couple of days, easy. I got it after a price drop for about a tenner, and would not pay more.

If you are a fan of the show, check out the game. Has moments that really make you feel part of the Lost world. Some of the actors from the show provide the voices, some don't, strangely.

As for the people saying they had performance issues, I have a mid range system, and had no problems playing this on high graphics settings. Just check the minimum specs before buying.

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  great game but whats everyone complaing about performace?

| | See all Xisme18's reviews (5)

why did you people buy this game if your computer dosnt support what it requires? first of all ram/ memory doesnt stop the game from playing as long as you got enought to open the game then you have enought but to keep it stable without closing and system warnings of low memory you have to meet its minimum! and anyway memory dosnt make the performace bad! its your graphics card 90% of computers today come with on board graphics which im graphic memory can go to 256MB but then you think ive got that but you may have the amount of memory but you dont have the hardware/ graphics card to get the most out of this game you will require to buy a graphics card if you do not have one and install it inside the computer best thing todo if you dont know what your doing take it to a computer store and show them the game and what you want and they will install what you need/ want. but i strongly sugest stop looking at just the memory/ram because that isnt the game performace its what graphics card you have intel graphics are rubbish, nvidia onboard rubbish, ati onboard rubbish, but when you purchase a graphics card you will get around 4x to 30x of your computers performace depending on how much you spend. this game runs really smooth on my pc that i built.

AMD 64bit AM2 3800+ 2.6Ghz equivilant to 3.8Ghz
2.5Gb DDR2 533Mhz memory
250GB hard drive 7200rpm
ATI 3870 512MB DDR4 graphics card
windows vista 64bit

p.s if you do have onboard the game could run but not fantasticly if your having problems running it i recommend that you find out what onboard graphics you got and download the latest drivers and install them for the game to run better... 5 stars.

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  lost:the video game

| | See all bluesdad's reviews (1)

Found this game to be very disapointing.Graphically very good but the game is far to short and the ending leaves a lot to be desired.Having to take photo's during the game is also a drag.Lost fans only need apply!

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  Dissapointed- Cant Play

| | See all Chonk21's reviews (16)

Although the game idea looks good i would not recommend you purchase this unless you have above the minimum requirements. I have 1 Gig RAM and still the graphics and gameplay are stuttering and sometimes freezes/crashes occur. From what i managed to play it was good, but they seem to have focused too much on imagry rather than game play making you require an amazing machine to handle it. the game play is quite primitive with restricted areas and invisible walls so dont see why it requires 5Gig harddisk space. clumsly made, graphics apart, which make the game unplayable for most people anyways.

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  Mixed reactions.

| | See all stefp29's reviews (1)

One thing I must say is that for this game to play at it's full graphical and streamlined capability you're going to need quite a powerful machine, as I found out. Unless you're a real fan of the show, don't go anywhere near this game, you're just not going to 'get it'.
As a fan of the show myself I was dissapointed. I like the graphics a lot and the storyline and episodonic gameplay are a real plus. Problem is it's far too short and decidedley repetetive. Characters could've been vastly improved upon and the game would have benefited hugley with a free-roaming element.

Overall I think that unless you're a fan of the show, don't get this game. And if you are a fan, try renting this game first, it has excellent elements, I just think they couldve done it so much better.

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  waste of money

| | See all ufoonek's reviews (1)

I played this game and it is so easy and i finished it in 4 hours, graphics is nice, but other things are not good. Total waste of money. And i love LOST in TV :((( really dispointed with game

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| | See all SMC4175's reviews (5)

LOST the video while graphically amazing falls short in many ways. The first is gameplay, it is basically just talking to NPC's and doing the often repetitive fuse puzzles.

Many of the shows main cast seem completely out of character.

The game play is really nothing but a virtual tour of the island with the odd bit of interaction, puzzles and mini-games. For a TV show that has so many layers the game is just to linear an experience to do it any justice.

Good graphics all round but now worth the full price.

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  So Gutted! :(

| | See all bugeyboy's reviews (2)

I have to say, when i first played the game the graphics and the game looked amazing, until the game kept coming out of it, i think its something about updating my graphic drivers? unfortunaely i dont know how to do this? if anyone has any ideas on how to update drivers? coz apparantly i have two drivers working at the same time? so i have to delete the old driver, and install the new one? again if anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please leave a review and i will get back to it!

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