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Crysis 2: Limited Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Apeman222's reviews (3)

The gameplay and Graphics on this are amazing, the release of the Dx11 and Hi-Res updates for PC really push the boundaries. They have lost the destructive scenery which is disappointing however most FPS do not. Another sacrifice is the huge sandbox maps and we are now inside solely New York but in no way are small.
CRYTEK really know how to produce games.

As other people have said the story does not tie in directly to the previous two games and makes up feel we are missing a chapter. Although it is not hard to guess. for this I have reduced it to 4-stars

People giving it a bad review just because it was released on consoles claimed too much pride over the previous 2 games only released on PC. For that their reviews are basically useless since they do not seem to focus on the actual gameplay.

  Still a cracking series

| | See all neoglow's reviews (10)

Let me start by saying - Crysis 2 is not the same as Crysis 1. Simple. Does that make it a bad game? No - it dosent. Infact - Crysis 2 is a damn good game. The thing to remember as other reviewers have said - Crysis 1 was a benchmark in terms of graphics quality and game world design. By those I mean you had to have a powerhouse pc to run Crysis 1 on high quality when it was released years ago. Even now, low and mid range computers will struggle to run Crysis 1 with high settings. The performance hit is also a huge jump between DX9 and DX10. As for the game world - the whole game was set on an island with lots of open landscape like Farcry 1 and 2 by the same developer. This meant the sense of freedom is greater than that of other games - including Crysis 2.

The sequel still retains nice graphics - on high settings Crysis 2 runs smoothly on my mid to high end computer. This is through DX9 and Windows XP. I have not tried DX10 on Vista or Win7. The first thing that struck me when playing Crysis 2 was how the game world feels smaller and more built up. Bear in mind though, this Crysis is set in NYC and not a tropical island - you still have the ability to tackle objectives from various directions and decide if to run in all guns blazing or do it all stealth like.

From other reviews I have read for Crysis 2 it is quite apparent many PC gamers were disappointed with Crysis 2 as it was not like Crysis 1. Crysis 1 was an awesome game - and so was Crysis Warhead. Since the style of Crysis has changed with the sequel - fans of the games were hoping for the same style as Crysis 1 but with even more sequel goodness. A lot seem to feel they have got a console orientated Crysis. This is obviously true since it is a multi platform release. So that means the developer created a game engine to suit more than just the PC and to broaden their target audience to include console owners. Crysis 1 was only on PC. You may notice many reviews of Crysis 2 on the 360 and PS3 are good and this is because it is the series debut on a console, so considering its the same game no matter which platform then the good reviews show this is a quality game.

So far I have really enjoyed playing Crysis 2, its still fun to lay low and scope out an enemy objective before deciding weather to riddle the whole place with bullet holes or sneak in and pick them off one by one. From the minute the game starts I was hooked and the intro is really good but I wont spoil that and let you play it yourself. Definatley a 4 star, the only thing I can think of to mark it down one star was because I was one of those avid Crysis 1 fans and was hoping for more of the same open world playground gameplay in Crysis 2. But - now that I have played the sequel it is still a really good installment to the series and I recommend it to anyone.

  realy great game

| | See all graham139's reviews (4)

this is a great game brilliant graphics and game play I have never played the original Crysis game so I dont understand all the negative comments that Crysis2 is getting I just rate this game as a great stand alone shoot em up so just get this game sit back and start blasting you will enjoy it. I use an X-Box 360 wireless controller on my laptop and this works brilliantly with this game.Got the game for 12.99 in a one day sale but would have happily paid the full price (29.99) as I consider this game worth it, so ignore the negative comments and get blasting.

  Crytek/EA have seriously let down PC customers...

| | See all Guy1ncognito's reviews (6)

Crysis 2 is resounding proof that there is a way to make s*** shine. This game looks great, but great graphics don't make you want to come back for more.

PC gamers were assured their platform would not suffer from Crysis 2 being released on consoles. However, we've been handed nothing more than a cheap console port. Make no mistake, this game was designed from the ground-up to work on consoles 1st - and PC 2nd.

The reason this is so bad, is that Crysis is no longer a game set in a free-roaming world where you can decide for yourself which direction to take. The level design is very simple: go through a 'corridor' then exit to an open space (or 'action bubble') have a fight with several foes, then exit through a 'corridor' to start the process over and over again. This is a design perfectly suited to console gameplay and technology limitations.

It is also here where the cruel console-oriented autosave system comes in. You will have to fight your way to the other side of these 'action bubbles' before your game is autosaved. And don't think you can simply cheat by using your cloak - enemies can see you regardless of your invisibility.

You'll encounter Quicktime events, a weird, awkward and intrusive 'lean' function that only works when the game intends it to be used, occasionally the odd left-over Xbox controller instruction... all thanks to the developers porting it from consoles.

Fighting the alien enemy is not an enjoyable experience. Make one mistake and they'll descend on you so quick and ruthlessly you'll be screaming with anger after the umpteenth time it's happened. Sometimes the game will let you stealth kill if you're close enough, other times it inexplicably won't give you the option. The alien AI is SO unbalanced; even if you've activated your invisibility, they run straight at you from a far and attack. Other times they get stuck on each other or on the landscape.

I could continue to complain why this game turned out to be such a disappointment (did I say the story/acting is desperately poor?) but I think you get the gist. Crysis 2 is a beautiful game but severely lacking in the enjoyment department... and crucially, it's another slap in the face to PC customers.

  Candidate to Game of Year

| | See all Apolinario's reviews (1)

Crysis 2 is not the benchmark Crysis 1 was. Crysis 1 was the software of election for "trial by fire" tests on brand new machines.

By making Crysis 2 run much better on every PC, Crytek risked his hardcore fan base of real and wannabe over-clockers. But no one can ignore the fact that this is probably the best action single AND multi-player shooter of the year.

Crysis 2 is a tactical shooter where there's no twitch based kills. This is no Call of Duty clone. Here you have to think before you shoot and use the environment to your advantage. Jumping, sprinting, cloaking, evading direct fire, hiding and seeking is all part of the game. While some complain about the lack of DirectX 11, it's worth noting that according to many online surveys (Like the ones ran by Valve Software on their Steam platform) only 15% of the player base actually supports it. It's also worth mentioning that Crytek did not want a rushed out DirectX 11 version of their game and they will be releasing it this summer as a free update. Still, Crytek did an amazing job in the graphics department and this is the best looking game of the year. There is no one who can refute this with real facts. The game looks gorgeous!

The single player is a long 12 hour campaign with more twists and turns than a plate full of spaghetti. When you think the game is about to end something happens and you're thrown into the middle of another huge battle. It never stops and it never gets boring! The weapons available keep the experience fresh and the physics in some scripted events will make you "wow" over and over again.

The multiplayer is also a fresh and fun experience. Unlike the recent Call of Duty installments where players can actually spend more time respawning and looking at killcams rather then fighting the good fight, in Crysis 2 each kill is worth your time and there are no lucky 1 shot kills. The common strategy of the "Pray and Spray" doesn't work here. Each kill has to be earned. The game modes are the usual, with some fresh twists such as the "assault mode" where a team of regular soldiers armed with assault riffles defend intelligence from a team of nanosuit soldiers armed with pistols.

In summary, this is a must buy for any fan of tactical action packed shooters, or those looking for a very good single player campaign, or anyone to show off the amazing graphics this game has to their friends. Crysis 2 is a very good candidate to Game Of The Year.

Note: For the animation/Film making fans, Crytek will be releasing development kits for the Crysis 2 engine (Cry engine 3) which can be used to create content for Crysis 2 or brand new games, game modes, films, or whatever your imagination dictates!

  PC game lol more like console game

| | See all sargegames's reviews (4)

Is it me are most the games being made these days dumming it down. I mean the graphics are not that good for pc. PC gamers want better thats why they upgrade there rigs often. 2/5 as the crysis brande goes from great to average........


| | See all Dangerousbeans's reviews (1)

I was really excited to get this game...what a let down. It's too short, I was done with it in under a week of sporadic play. The AI is useless, it seemed that if you failed a particular part a couple of times it would then let you complete it by acting stupid. The online maps only suit one playing style...there's no room for strategy or thought...it's just too frantic.
The graphics are pretty, but not as good as the original. The gameplay is very linear, they tried to say this is a good thing but it just isn't.
In short I have wasted my money buying this.

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| | See all RolingJH's reviews (1)

Not much to add that hasn't been said already. A big step down from Crysis and Crysis WH in terms of graphics, gameplay and story (and let's face it, the plot in the first 2 wasn't great!)
This is clearly marketed towards the console crowd, to the massive expense of quality. Plodding through linear levels, shooting repetitive, unintelligent and uninteresting aliens, this soon becomes tiresome. The suit controls have been simplified (why?) and it feels like you have a lot less control over the action. In fact the only addition I like is the running slide, and that is it!
Overall a very disappointing sequel. Crytek should be ashamed.

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  Console benchmark at PC gamers expense

| | See all PublicDisturbance's reviews (33)

So 5 years on consoles get their benchmark game. Where as PC gamers get another poorly planned console port. Muddy textures up close, a Directx 9 release as opposed to Crysis 5 years ago being Directx 10, a lack of physx, no prone stance, laser sights considered a scope option? A lack of free roaming maps replaced with penned in environments and an unhealthy desire to playout the COD style "cinematic" gameplay. After you've played enough uninspired FPS games no matter how they try to dazzle you with explosions and destruction it's a half hearted attempt at making a game exciting when gameplay should be the key concern not a CGI orgy.

Can't help but feel we've been dealt a bad hand. Crysis 2 (should be named 3) is a money making ploy for the console market. Impressive they've optomised this for consoles but PC gamers suffer badly. A Directx 11 patch is coming out for PC gamers however this should have been on release, again prooving a rushed release of this game.

A suit that tells you what to do and an enemy AI that's been hit with the stupid train adds even more to this melancholy experience. There are some benefits, but they're few and far between, kicking cars, armour mode HUD surround and such like. But suit mods and being hand held with tutorials throughout the game and a linear map are treating us like we're children and making the game too easy.

All in all i'm not impressed, let the console kids consider this to be an FPS revolution, we've played the real Crysis 5 years ago, this is just a money making re-hash. The Directx patch might show a bit of promise, but all in all Crytek should've stuck to cater to the PC community.

Luckily battlefield 3 have confirmed it's being built from the ground up for PC, sorry Crytek but looks like you've sold out.

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  Still good but feels like a down grade.

| | See all JPMurtagh's reviews (33)

Crysis 1 was brilliant. From the huge open world allowing multiple routes therefore allowing various options when approaching the objectives to the incredible visuals. Crysis 2 still looks excellent but there is a lack of options which the PC definitely should have from graphical options to simply being able to save when you want. It feels very linear in comparison and it has a console feel to it in the way the game holds your hand and patronizes you throughout the game by telling you what to do most of the time. I still enjoyed it but Crysis 1 is superior. Releasing the game on multiplatforms was good for business but bad for the overall quality of the game. If this had been released only on PC you can guarantee it would been a classic like the original.

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