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Mass Effect 2

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  Top Notch

| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

I don't normally like the role playing, team building games, and I've never played the first Mass Effect, but I liked the idea of a decent space adventure, so at this price I bought it.
In brief, I'm really enjoying it, being playing it for weeks and still haven't finished it. Its well made, characters are great, locations are interesting and the graphics are top notch.
To me its more like a 3rd person action shooter, where you fly round the Galaxy as captain of an impressive ship, completing all types of missions on planets, ships and space stations.
The only negative is the planet mining which is a bit repetative, but its a very small niggle in an otherwise fun, interesting and well produced game, pleasantly suprised me and already looking forward to Mass Effect 3!!

  Building on the predecessor

| | See all Quibbling's reviews (6)

This is a very good game. It builds on Mass Effect, solving most of the major issues, like cluttered inventories and annoying vehicle sections. Some minor gripes, like the lack of planetary exploration, but still, a very immersive and fun game, with good re-playability,

  i hated the 1st one

| | See all mellortt's reviews (19)

the 1st one was bad i mean terrible. but this one is so much better the story is better the action is better and the graphics are like wow. it fun unlike the 1st i only paid 9.99 for the first one and i still didnt like it. thats why i am confused i like this one but i do. it is a must buy

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  Good But Repetitive.

| | See all Eniav08's reviews (3)

Dont get me wrong this game is very good, slick graphics and a good story line, as you would expect from bioware. The only reason's I have given it three stars is because the combat is very repetitive, there arnt many diffrent variations you can do, and compared to a game's like dragon age origins or knights of the old republic (other bioware titles) bonding with your crew seemed very difficult and at times forced.

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  Superb sequel with some great surprises

| | See all benminx's reviews (73)

I was very excited by the ability to bring through your custom character from Mass Effect 1, as well as the consequences of your decisions, and while I feel this was played up as affecting the game more than it does, it still helps it feel more like you're playing YOUR Shephard with YOUR decisions and is a very welcome feature. A couple of fan favourite characters are back, and some new exciting sidekicks are along for the ride in a more epic, bigger scale story where it feels like more is at stake. Some of the moral decisions you have to make are very thrilling, and it's good to feel you're given a genuine choice to play good or bad. I personally felt some of the side missions you had to accomplish in order to win the loyalty of sidekicks felt tagged on and "this is a side-mission" in nature, but they were still entertaining. The combat is better than Mass Effect 1. However, for me the ending felt like more like a typical giant boss battle from a console game than the more organic feeling story-driven battle at the end of Mass Effect 1. Also very much feels like what it is: - the middle chunk of a trilogy, not a concluded game in its own right. However, it's still terrific and well worth the time and money. Enjoy.


| | See all hades616's reviews (1)

Another brilliant game by bioware! This game is by far better than the first but the fisrt is still a brilliant game.

  This is how games should be.

| | See all Voidhawk's reviews (3)

The storyline is absorbing and immersive, with believable and entertaining characters and dialogue. It's definately got plenty of replay value as well, due to the different classes and storyline options.

Though still essentially linear the story flows nicely and gives you enough control to make you feel like you are part of it, and not just progressing through an interactive movie.

It would have been 5 stars but it does have some issues with poor squadmate AI. Most of the time they perform well, but they will need constant babysitting to stop them from running off and getting into trouble in some missions. They also seem to have an annoying habit of crossing your line of sight just as you begin firing, this is especially noticable when using the sniper rifle. It's not game breaking, but it can be quite annoying and does detract a little from the gameplay.

Overall though this is a very enjoyable game, with plenty of depth in both storyline and gameplay.

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  A (no pun intended) stellar game

| | See all Martinus's reviews (3)

Decidedly impressive sequel that weaves an absorbing storyline for the player. Interesting characters, more varied locations than the original and, with the ability to transfer your Mass Effect save-game, a feeling of reward as you almost seamlessly pick up the story where you left off.

I did prefer the original health system; being able to duck behind cover when you fancy to completely regenerate your health (Halo-syndrome?) dilutes the lethality of battle somewhat. Also, the scanning for minerals mini-game - if you can call it that - is rather dry after a while.

One very important consideration is the far saner DRM in comparison to the first game. Mass Effect was crippled with draconian DRM whilst Mass Effect 2 suggests that Atari/Bioware listened to their customer base.

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  good, but ME is better in many ways

| | See all Tychoanomaly's reviews (8)

There is a serious lack of continuity from the first Mass Effect which had a much more dramatic and purposeful storyline. This in effect makes Mass Effect 2 not so much a sequel but more a stand alone game as the main character goes from working for the Citadel Council the guardians of galactic peace to working for human supremacists. Supremacists who in the first ME were portrayed as an evil group involved in all sort of experiments that usually involved the great suffering of their victims. This dark and unpleasant Cerburus past is only vaguely hinted at in ME2 and as for the Citadel Council their mention in ME2 is hardly noticeable and I doubt Shepard would betray the Alliance let alone the Citadel Council and work so easily for Cerburus which is a group that seemingly has the funding and supplies of major galactic governments.

In their strive to correct the criticism of ME the developers have gone too far and lost is character customisation in terms of quantity of weapons and equipment and armour that they have literally undone much of what made ME great and I am inclined to revisit ME for replaying more than I am ME2 as you go from been able to customise all your characters in ME to only really been able to customise the player character in ME2. EA are clearly trying to cash in on the fan bases by making us customers pay for additional content much of which is rubbish considering the price. Don not get me wrong it is a good game, but there are a lot of elements of ME that make that a better and more involved game. I have no idea how the developer is going to link the story lines of ME which they have broken in ME2 for the finale that should be ME3. I can only hope they take a step back to ME to take ME3 forward as they clearly have not done this for ME2.

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