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Left 4 Dead 2 (Left For Dead)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Steam off

| | See all Smeethers's reviews (43)

I got this as I thought it would be a great action game. But no, you have to join "Steam" to install the game and then download over 3 Gb of updates before you can even load the game to play online or even offline. So thanks to steam this has been a waste of money.

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  fast action shooter

| | See all Muyashi's reviews (9)

I was a little apprehensive when i bought this as it is a team game and run on Steam. After a week I have enjoyed its fast action and uniqueness of each game that you get from real players and the way mobs are scripted. The games been out a while now but I had no problems finding servers. If you have L4D original then you might not want it as it is exactly the same maps with a few extra bits.

  Resurrect Bill Vol 1

| | See all theWub's reviews (135)

I just love the original Left 4 Dead. It's a simple yet effective (and in my case addictive) game. So I started Left 4 Dead 2 with very high hopes. And I haven't been disappointed. Valve have improved almost everything. We have 4 new survivors and the location has been moved to the deep south. The campaigns are considerably longer due to larger maps. More challenging tasks have been introduced and the zombies come thicker and faster than ever. There are several new "specials" to deal with, along with some new weapons, including melee weapons ranging from cricket bats to machetes. L4D2 looks even better than the original and there are some great in-game events: the use of weather as a hindrance to your progress in the Heavy Rain campaign is particularly inspired. It's also a good deal more difficult than the original. So, pretty much everything about L4D2 is superior to the L4D1. Except for the survivors. For me they lack the character of the original team, and although Valve have lived up to their deserved reputation for the quality of the dialogue I just don't find them as engaging as the original 4. The chat between the survivors in L4D1 is full of great one-liners which helped build the bond with the player, even though you know they're just bots. Obviously this hardly matters when playing with other people but I wish, nonetheless, that the original characters had been carried over from L4D1. Still, L4D2 is a great game. Play it. Now!


| | See all HardcoreInflam3's reviews (1)

Ahhh fun game! I bought it here when it was cheaper! If your system can run it fully, its a great game to play with friends or without. The first one was fun for a few hours, then it died off but this version is just complete fun and games! Kill the zombie hordes with weapons ranging from pistols, machine guns, shotguns, cricket bats and more! Won't release all the weapons you can get ;)

Good buy! 7.6/10!

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| | See all Dratorn's reviews (3)

I love this game, it's extremely addictive and has something for everyone. From single player, for those achievement lovers, to Versus for playing as infected against human survivors. These are only 2 of the game play modes, the others are really good including a "Mutation" mode, which varies and offers different unique game modes.

In comparison to L4D the original... It is better in some regards, for example the new levels, weapons (Including melee) and of course the new special infected, but if you played the original game you will probably agree it's still great for vintage reasons =)

A definite recommendation for any zombie lovers.

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  WARNING! Seriously addictive game...

| | See all brooksyboy's reviews (4)

I played this online for the first time last night, and a quick go on it turned into an hour, turned into 3 hours, turned into "Oh my god, I have to get up for work in 3 hours!". Seriously people, you will lose hours/days to this, the gameplay is that addictive. Graphics are superb, fantastic AI (both Zombies and NPCs). The multiplayer options are brilliant, and you get to use nearly any weapon you can think of, so imagine my surprise when I managed to ditch my crowbar for a beautiful Samurai Sword? Oh this is just too much fun....

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  Better than what i thought

| | See all AshRUk's reviews (4)

Really good game, exceeded my expectations of it! The multiplayer is extremely good on this game and very fun to play.
Delivery time was fast. Definately recommend.

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  Beats L4D for sure!

| | See all djterrum's reviews (20)

More zombie shooting?! Who can't love that. With extra weapons and more quality killing. Still a very basic game though so it can't get my full 5 stars I'm afraid.

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| | See all RichardOToole's reviews (1)

To put it simply, one of the best co-op games on the internet to date.

Grab your friends and battle your way through fun and creepy campaigns with big guns and newly added melee weapons. When you get bored of that, you and your friends can vs other groups of friends online in various gaming modes ...in which you can play as both The Survivors and The Infected.

Buy it. Get your friends to buy it. Go kill some Zombies!

(warning: must download & install Steam to play ...Steam is free download online.)

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| | See all Stringed's reviews (1)

This is my absolute favourite online game and has been for the past year. On PC it's best played with a group of friends with headsets, but online with random members of the public can be fun too - like you're meeting up with random survivors after the zombie apocalypse.

You can play it for a few minutes in one of the competative game modes or just go all out and spend hours going through the campaigns getting achievements. Lots of mayhem and fun to be had, limbs to be lost and flesh to be mashed.

This game is untouchable in its genre (coop FPS) and will be for months and months to come, no doubt.

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