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Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  An absolute classsic. Don't miss out.

| | See all Bluet00th's reviews (5)

Just replayed this again and thought that this time I'd right a review. If you missed out on this when it came out for PC, BUY IT NOW! You won't regret it.

Some of the most immersive and intelligent game play ever on a HUGE world would be enough, but you get the expansion packs too! It can be played several times over due to the various different challenges of the story and the ability to customise your character. I won't go on to explain the game play, as other reviewers have done a great job here anyway. However I will say that it runs flawlessly for me on windows 7

  A "must have" in RPG

| | See all modok67's reviews (1)

Unbeliveble long RPG, similar to TES: IV, but with a better plot. You can do EVERYTHING you want. Expansions make it longer and allow you to play after finishing the Main Quest.
Nice graphics.
Highly recomended.

  Fantastic Game, But...

| | See all ajt123's reviews (4)

Love this game. Had it on the Xbox with all the DLC's, and I recently bought it for my laptop to install community mods, improvements etc.
This brings to the 'but'. As brilliant as this game is, DON'T buy the game of the year edition if your using a laptop/PC WITHOUT a dedicated graphics card. It doesn't matter how good the integrated one is, the DLC packs just don't work (although I had Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta working at one point, it still, eventually, leads to crashing).
So as good as this game is, if you're using a laptop with no dedicated graphics, stick to the normal game or don't install the second disc.

  Amazing game!

| | See all iDeal4You's reviews (1)

This has to be one of the greatest games of all time anyone who loves RPGs (or Doesnt) Will love this game Ive spent so many hours playing this game I must of completed it like 5 times! I also got it on pc, xbox and ps3 just to experience it on all platforms :) Pc has to be the best for graphics followed by the ps3 then xbox! A must buy

  fallout 3

| | See all neily12789's reviews (1)

It's a great game to play and many things to do but once you have everything it gets boring but you can always make more profiles and get money and better weapons

  "Dude.. where's my game?"

| | See all 89654123's reviews (56)

So.. after initially being very impressed with this game, I find it now to be totally boring. All it is (even after 35 hours play) is "find new area, mooch around killing a few mobs, pick up loot, find yet ANOTHER metro station to explore, exit the metro station and rinse and repeat in another area". That's it, over and over. Or am I missing something?

p.s. There are compatability issues with Vista and Windows 7, but pay a visit to the Bethesda forums and you'll find a workaround. I have W7 and just copied/pasted a few lines of code into the .ini file located in the "My Documents" folder - easy peasy.

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  First Completed on Xbox 360

| | See all Carpella's reviews (3)

I completed this game with 3 of the DLC's on Xbox 360 with Good Karma and Evil Karma on hard now to have the challenge of playing it on a PC. This has to be one of the best games ever played, spent months on this with so much to see and achieve. Absolutely fantastic game. Shame they haven't done the same with Fallout New Vegas. Buy the way the deathclaw monsters as mentioned above are easy enough to take out once you have crafted a dart gun. Put one of the darts with Radscorpion poison glands into a deathclaw to cripple it which slows it down then take him out bit by bit even with another crafted weapon the Sishkebab from behind or with one of its own species claws by making the deathclaw weapon.

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| | See all RandomIncarnate's reviews (1)

This game has a great storyline, and great quests. It's also massive. There's loads and loads of enemies to kill and places to explore. Another great thing is the freedom of choice; You can be good, helping people, or you can be evil, shooting them instead. (You can also be neither, but who wants to be neutral?) The VATS system is fun, and you get to choose from lots of different weapons, all the way from melee knives to high-tech laser rifles. I find the voice acting for the game quite good as well. This is really a must-have for any rpg-fan. Lastly, it's also very gory. And what's better than ridiculous amounts of gore to brighten your day?

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  Greatest game ever!

| | See all PostieDoc's reviews (16)

This game is immense in size. The good thing is that the free-roam world isn't just an empty wasteland with random bad guys to boringly kill over and over again. It is full of bunkers, settlements, ruins, cannibals, raiders, super mutants and most importantly you will find yourself stumbling upon new quests all the time.
When you hit level 20 take the explorer perk as it shows up all locations of note (apart from vaults which you can get from the vault-tec hq in DC).
I had been playing the game for ages and thought I had discovered most places only to have another 30-40 appear on my map when I took the explorer perk.
It is best to use the VATS combat system. It works very well and it is worth remember that this isn't an out and out FPS.
One bit of ingame advice.
When doing Agathe's quest to collect an old violin from one of the vaults (92 or 96 can't remember which) you will notice a settlement to the east of it.
Be very careful if you head there as it is full of Deathclaws, the baddest creatures in the waste! You need to seriously gear up to take them all on (bottlecap mines and either the missile launcher or Fatman nucleur rocket launcher worked for me).

  Oblivion with guns?

| | See all MisterPiglet's reviews (10)

Beautifully artistic and yet so desolate view of a nuclear aftermath. Same engine and story telling style as Oblivion, so essentially if you liked that you'll like this. Except I preferred the setting and story. And humour.