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Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

Released on 19 March 2010

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

(33 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

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Welcome back, Commander! Command & Conquer 4 allows C&C fans to finally experience the epic conclusion to one of gaming's most beloved and longest-running series, the 15-year Tiberium saga. Kane. GDI. Nod. Tiberium. How will it end? Find out in Command & Conquer 4, told through gritty live-action cinematics, persistent player progression, and a multitude of innovations to the classic fast and fluid Command & Conquer gameplay.

In the year 2062, humanity found itself on the brink of extinction. Tiberium, the mysterious, alien crystalline structure that infested Earth for decades and caused years of relentless conflict between the Global Defence Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod, was close to rendering the planet uninhabitable. In the midst of this crisis, Kane, Nod's prophetic leader, emerged from seclusion to deliver GDI the message that he had developed a system that could control Tiberium and harness its power. But he could not build this "Tiberium Control Network" without GDI's cooperation. Thus, the two opposing factions - GDI and Nod - found themselves in a desperate and unlikely alliance to stop Tiberium from extinguishing mankind.

Now, after 15 years, the network is nearly complete. Tiberium is under strict control and our revitalised planet is on the cusp of a new age of prosperity and progress. It is only now that the world's citizens begin to seriously ponder why Kane chose to help, and what he will want in return. These questions and more lead to the dramatic final act of the Tiberium saga.

  • The Epic Conclusion to the Tiberium Saga: Kane returns in the thrilling conclusion to one of gaming's longest running storylines, told through gritty live-action cinematics. Choose to take on the campaign solo or team up with a friend and play cooperatively!
  • Persistent Player Progression: The more enemy units you destroy, the more experience points you earn to progress your player profile! Level up to unlock new units, powers, and upgrades to make your army more powerful!
  • Always on the Move: For the first time ever in the C&C series: a massive, mobile, all-in-one base, The Crawler, lets you pack up and move your base with your army for a new layer of strategic depth. Build units as you move across the field, and deploy whenever and wherever you choose!
  • Choose Your Class: Choose from three unique classes from both GDI and Nod, each with its own specialised units and powers, for more strategic and combative options that match your play style of choice! Offence, Defence, or Support classes - which will you pick?
  • Team Up and Take the Battle Online: Join your fellow commanders online and tackle your opponents in the biggest C&C multiplayer to date, featuring 5 vs 5 objective-based battles! Choose your favourite class and take online strategy action to the next level as you conquer objectives while pummelling your enemies. The all-new party system lets you move with your party of friends from one online battle to the next.

customer Reviews

 Average rating (33 reviews)

 C&C 4... Dont waste your money!

| | See all Webbysan's reviews (10)

I've just one thing to say... What a rubbish game! I had to rate it 1 Star, as there is nothing lower to select.

For all you fans out there of the C&C series, save your money. This has to be one of the worst RTS games ive ever played. They have completely done away with any form of classic C&C play.

* All you do now is spam unit build.
* Game play is 'Zerg or be Zerg'd'.
* Units look like they should be in a cartoon.
* Plot is rubbish.
* There is NO stratergy to the game.

You know what, i could go on, but whats the point, im just so disappointed with this game that i just cant be bothered anymore. If you do decide to buy this game, on your head be it, you were warned.


| | See all Pinafal's reviews (1)

I don't really know where to start with this, but i bought it the day after it came out. The first annoying feature is constantly being online to play the game, which could be a problem in university if the firewall blocks the connection and could stop you playing the game full stop. By doing this i think it's really just going to make people want to download the game instead of paying for it but there we go.

I've always been a fan of C&C since the beginning, but the moment i realised that you no longer base build as with the previous series it's no longer been the same. the graphics have just been used from Red Alert 3, so nothing that's going to impress when it's all just turned into cartoon style animation.
The game has lost all need for thought, with no planning what so ever! The game makes you think that some units are better at killing others, when it isn't true and tanks can easily take out infantry. Creating units over and over is the only way to win the game and makes it so dull you easily lose interest.
With the storyline i've completed the Nod campaign so far, and it didn't even answer anything for the end of a saga! it's as if Kane's Wrath didn't even happen which would have made the storyline much more interesting if they carried on with that story

All in all a game which is really not worth it, if you fancy a change then that's it, but don't expect great things from a rushed game.

 a big big let down.

| | See all jezzzz's reviews (1)

if you liked C&C 3 and Kane's Wrath you won't like this. First of all you cannot play the game if you are not connected to the internet and then you have to sign in - very annoying. Secondly there's no base building and no harvesting which means no managing of your economy and no trying to expand to new tiberium field and trying to hold on to them. So that's most of the fun gone straight away. All you do is capture nodes simply by being near them! The computer voice says "you've lost node 2" - you've also lost interest. Also the graphics seem flat and two dimensional unlike C&C 3 and Kane's Wrath. I bought it, I won't play it. I'm disappointed.

 NOT Command and Conquer

| | See all Ryster092's reviews (4)

This game is Command and Conquer by name only and should be AVOIDED like the plague by anybody looking to buy a typical Command and Conquer game. EA took a mish-mash of styles from other games, bundled them all into this game (poorly) and slapped the Command and Conquer badge on it. In the process losing the entire formula that makes a typical C&C game.

* Want base building? - You're not finding it here!
* Want resource harvesting? - Again, no such luck.
* Want to be treated like a loyal customer rather than a potential pirate? - Nope, flat out of luck. The game requires that you log into EA's servers before it lets you even play single player.

EA have basically used and abused the C&C brand to try and push their attempt at something new. The end result, a failure of a game that lets down the C&C fans, and isn't strong enough to stand on it's own right. Very disappointing for the final game in the franchise.

 Beyond bad

| | See all imperial's reviews (5)

The worst C&C game released almost as bad as red alert 3, the constant internet conection is one of the worst features making it crash the game is nothing like the C&C games of the past words canot describe how bad this game is NO STAR RATING. this game is offends the brand of C&C

Rating16+ (PEGI)