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Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all DozzerPlay's reviews (2)

What an absolute and utter dissapointment, i very rarely review so this means it needs to be said.

No plot, no stratagy, no c and c classic game play,the whole fun is building a base

i leant this game to a friend, i actually dont want it back. i will not even sell it as its unfair and i would feel i was ripping somone off.

sad days.

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  C&C 4

| | See all MCRSte's reviews (1)

I don't why people hate this game so much coz i think it is just amazing, i know it's not as good as the other C&C's but this is something new which i think is good coz like bands with their style of music they had to change something which is good i think to be honest, i know you can't build bases like you could in the other C&C's but i like the way that you can build units on the middle of the battlefield with the crawlers and move the crawlers away from the battlefield, i'd give this game 5 stars as i think it's really good to be honest

  Not that bad

| | See all Bluuuh's reviews (1)

The graphics may not be as good as the third one and the way they got rid of building bases and having resources is bad but it isn't all bad. The storyline is ok and the way you gain experience and level up is cool as you unlock new units and upgrades. However it would have been way better if they stuck to the original style of gameplay but for 10 pounds and if your a fan of command and conquer it is worth getting.

  If there were zero, it would get zero...

| | See all enigmab17's reviews (5)

Like many others I am a long-time C&C fan. I love the series, I love the stories, and the gameplay has always been great...so what has happened?

2 letters for you...EA
Ever since EA got their hands on the C&C Franchise it has taken a large series of steps to falling down the toilet...and to be honest with C&C3 I thought they had got the point and starting making things better...

Obviously not. How you go from a great game like C&C3 (the only good c&c game to come from EA if you ask me)...to this is beyond me.

I've got 2 main gripes with it.
1- Multiplayer...C&C is and always has been a Single player game. I find it extremely disheartening that C&C4 was basically built as a multiplayer game...which is what it is despite whatever it says on the box. The single player wreaks of laziness and is horrid. The game play is horrid, the classes system is horrid. I am all in favour of doing new things, but this was just terrible...terrible terrible implementation.

2- DRM! Oh god why EA seem intent on destroying whatever rep they've rebuilt i dont know. I'm not a criminal and I don't appreciate being treated like one, if I want to be online ill be online if I dont I wont, shouldn't effect my gameplay. not a big issue anymore as I actually played the game and once I had finished it realised what a pos it was.

Overall it is a lazy attempt to recreate a game which has had a core fanbase for the last 20 years, and as usual this means nothing to EA as this is just them spitting in our faces.

I am shocked that I can't find one good thing to say about it. it has no endearing features, nothing good about it, in general is a complete utter failure, and has topped my list as being probably the worst game I have ever played.

Thanks EA...good job.

  i think play should bring in a zero star rating!!

| | See all diddyhayz's reviews (2)

i just bought this game and as soon as i started i thought it was stupid that you needed to start and account even if you want to play the campaign. Secondly i dont like the way they have completely turned their back on the traditional c&c principle of having a base, they now have an army cap and game takes forever swapping crawlers so you can build the various units. I also found that a small squad of enemy units could easily destroy a larger group of mine. the videos and story line are very bleak and make the storyline come to a non eventual end. i have only managed to play a few missions as i feel its a complete waste of time, the original command and conquer tiberian dawn is better than this!!!. i believe the day westwood was taken over by ea was the starting of an epic decline in quality. ea have milked the c&c name down to the last penny, this game is a binner not a keeper!!!

  Why did EA do this?

| | See all Chakai's reviews (19)

I have played every single C&C to the end, besides this one. It gave me NOTHING.
The Command & Conquer game has been defiled.

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  what a pity

| | See all Stefan2006's reviews (6)

even one star is too much
Im a fan of the other commands, this is total rubbish.
What a way to end an epic game, TERRIBLE.
Fans, save your money.
why do they do this?

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  what a waste

| | See all tupper29's reviews (1)

They said this game was the last. to finish a saga. Well they have done that and killed it in one swift kick in the face of everyone who has been loyal to the story of CnC over the years. I can't even give this game away!

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  This IS Odd

| | See all binny117's reviews (1)

I just bought the game went on it NO tuorial on how to play completely different any of the othe games couldnt build buildings only units You have a choice between 3 mcvs support defence and attack i didnt undestand anyof it i couldnt do nothing just sit there and lose the campaign didnt say how to do anything graphics are pathetic and the game is genrally Rushed and Boring .:DO NOT BUY:.

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  Different from previous CNC's

| | See all monkeyman1234's reviews (1)

this game is totally different to the other CNC's which everyone loved but i don't think people understand why there is no bases or tiberium harvesting, which their is in old CNC's. People are complaining about how there's no bases and tiberium harvesting but that is something to do with the plot. The plot is obviously the tiberium control network being set up which controls tiberium so there is no need to harvest it. Also there are no bases because the technology in the game has improved so there are mobile bases. Thats what most people don't understand. Some points I have to agree with though like the graphics being a bit cartoony and always having to be connected to the internet, which has caused problems for some people.

Overall, if your prepared for something different from other CNC's then this game might be for you but don'tbuy if you want to play it like a original CNC

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