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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Rating: 11+ (ELSPA)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Has issues with windows 7

| | See all Thudders's reviews (1)

I had many problems installing and running the game in Windows 7.
I finally got it running but it starts crashing early on in the game.
Gave two stars, as what little I played was OK but have now uninstalled it in frustration.
It may be a great game, going by the reviews, but if running it in Vista or windows 7 - beware.

  love it, love it, love it

| | See all MattyTheHatty's reviews (1)

ive been playing this game for such a long time. played hours upon hours of it on my xbox. unfortunately i played it so much that my disc go really scratched and barely works anymore. i took this as motivation to finally get it for PC and im going to have a lot of fun with all the little extra things now.

  Amazing Game

| | See all NextUK's reviews (27)

The fact that this game is nearly 10 years old, it is such a good game to play. Once you get out of the initial location the galaxy opens up, and there is just so much to do. It doesnt compare to the size and scope of Skyrim, as an example, I would defiantly recommend this game to any RPG fan. Brought back the memories of games such as Jedi Knight 2, etc...

  Best Game Ever

| | See all Holty12345's reviews (3)

This is simply an amazing game, it may have issues on Windows 7 but works fine for me on Vista, Not only does it have an amazing story of its own (and i mean really amazing to begin with i was like "this game sucks" and didnt touch it for a year played it cause i was bored and fell in love with it as after the begining it becomes really epic) and it has a large online modding community that has some really amazing mods for this game

  This game is great but...

| | See all RogalDorn's reviews (7)

I bought this game on disk only to find that it will not play without crashing due to me having Windows 7 and graphics card drivers which are too updated. I have a GeForce 8800 GTX so not such a new card but that doesn't seem to matter. With windows 7 this game will have problems. I have since bought the game on Steam and it works fine.


| | See all Metalhead11's reviews (7)

this game is so awesome i mean there is like 30+ hours game play, and if you add the Brotherhood of Shadows Mod thats an extra 10+ hours, what more could you ask for :) (fyi dont install Brotherhood of shadows until you have done the bastilas mothers quest as it stops you getting it for some reason haha!!)

  amazing game!

| | See all Gamer7809's reviews (2)

this game is by far the greatest star wars game i have ever played. i have played this game about 23 times, each time i find something new to explore and find. play this game if its the last thing you ever do!

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  Get, Play, Enjoy

| | See all AidanDravencole's reviews (1)

You don't need to be a Star Wars anorak to enjoy this, but it helps. This was the first RPG I'd played in a good few years, and I was kicking myself for buying this when it first came out and *not play it* for nearly five years. (easily distracted by newer shiny things) Anyway, the Taris stage isn't as boring as you might think, and the only real downside is having to respond to the '*name* looks troubled, do you want to speak to them?' prompts which gets a bit irritating. Otherwise, it's as enjoyable as the rest of the game, though I agree, they could have included a few more unfamiliar areas.

Anyway, story: gripping; and variable depending on which companions you take at each planet (you get a lot of quests out of just changing characters). UI: easy, pausing games mid-combat gives a great way of reviewing how you or your companions are doing and the fact that it's turn based hardly matters because it's done so fluidly. Variability: brilliant, you can go to any of the four StarMap worlds at your leisure. I actually went to the Sith world quite early, and it was quite a feeling of achievement kicking their butts when I was still quite a low level Consular. Replayability: awesome! Light side/Dark side, take your pick, but choose Force powers carefully. For the sake of sheer fun, Dark side, naturally. Force storming, Force waving and death fielding mass enemies is so satisfying!

  what can i say?

| | See all linthw8's reviews (4)

This game is simply phenomenal. Its one of, if not the best rpg's of all time. Diverse and exciting gamplay linked with the great graphics, interactions and story, makes it simply priceless. A great insight into the star wars universe and a great insight into the future of gaming.


| | See all muttley74's reviews (2)

This is by far the best game i have ever played. You cant fault this game at all, really. The characters the storyline and the twist at the end oh my god.