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Medal Of Honor: Airborne

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (78 reviews)"

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  The game is great but multiplayer rocks

| | See all justclerical's reviews (8)

This is a game that I have played a lot. With patches you can have up to 32 players online. There are a number of gaming communities out there that support this game. I never get tired of playing this. Would recommend it to anyone that wants to have a great gaming experience with a first person shooter. Hook up, green light. Go!Go!Go!
I really hope that Airborne 2 will come out.

  Do you have a NVIDA Graphics Card?

| | See all BengUK's reviews (19)

If you have a NVIDIA graphics card do not buy this game as there is a fault with the installer that effects the PhysX controller. The PhysX controller is now built into the NVIDIA drivers.
This instller sadly demands you have an OLD PhysX controller installed before it will work.

Sadly no patch, its just a bug in the installer.

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| | See all rogersxe's reviews (11)

This is an okey game.
What i like is the fact that you can land in any area you want after jumping of the plane, you can for example land on a high building and snipe all the germans you see. The game lools pretty good, buildings, weapons and people are nicely detailed.

What i dont like on the other hand, is the fact that very often when you shoot somebody, they fly through the air in very unnatural ways. The multiplayer is no fun at all, as you can only play 12 people in one game, on big maps, let me just say its very boring to look for the other guys when the erea's are as big as they are here. The game is a bit short and there is no story to the characters..just jump in, kill enemy, next mission!

  Fantasic Game...

| | See all paulieVTR's reviews (2)

Fantasic Game...But as others have said it is a little short. But that's ok once it's finished its time to play it again!

  Good but not long enough!

| | See all LPGames's reviews (1)

Really good game, nice touch on the weapon upgrades. Could of been longer, it would be good if they brought out some add on's.

  Awesome action, way too short and too distant to make...

| | See all QuantumCat's reviews (21)

Great action, way too short and too distant to make a lasting impression.

Let me begin with the bad.
-There are only 6 missions that will have about 1-2 hr of playing time, on average depending on how many times you get killed.
-I don't like the battlefield approach where you can drop in and walk about freely. It sounds nice, but they are still confined (rather small) and you still have to perform the missions in a certain order to unlock parts of the battlefield. This sometimes is forced upon you because you're mates go for target 1, while you landed in target zone 2. What I'm trying to say is this: the freedom to go where you want to go is as big as the battlefield, but the freedom of choice is very limited. Though as the levels progress, so does your freedom.
On the upside, it's no operation Typhoon. That had a world that was too big. At least with the smaller battlefields of MOH:A you'll meet enemies soon enough.

-Console based savepoints (called: checkpoints). I'm never a big checkpoint fan. The checkpoints can be reached and saved. It's a bummer that if you land on the wrong spot, you might run around for a reasonable long time and get killed before you reach a checkpoint. I've seen worse use of savepoint though.

-AI is not perfect. Though overall not bad, in some cases your men seem to want to stand in front of you while your aiming for an enemy and they have the tendency to get them killed. Enemies seem to just stand around doing nothing while you're gunning down their friends and some enemies don't react to getting hit or bullets ricocheting from an object nearby.

-because of the "only" 6 missions, starting in Italy and ending somewhere in Germany near the end of the war, it's become a more fragmatic gameplay experience, cutting down the story line immersion you had in the previous titles in the series.
Gives it a bit of a distant feel to it.

-with all this gun power (thommy gun, colt 45, bar, mg 44) I can't shoot through wooden planks and thin metal plates.

-Sometimes the enemy doesn't register hits ...are they on PCP or what?

The good:
-You can earn upgrades for your guns, for instance a muzzle that reduces the climbing of the gun when firing on automatic, improving the accuracy. The effects of the upgrades are really visible. Nice feature!

-The graphics are good. Maybe no Crysis, but who cares. They're simply good!

-The sound is good. It's designed to give you the feeling that you are in the middle of a battlefield. Remember the movie "Black Hawk Down" ...yeah only with Nazi's and Allied Airborne Troops and WWII hardware.

The action is awesome! Remember that remark about lack of immersion due to fragmatic storylining? Once the action starts you're immersed whether you want it or not. Screw storyline! I want to finish this level! It's a bit like the X-Wing series vs Wing Commander. Wing Commander you wanted to play because of the gameplay and storyline, X-Wing only because of the gameplay.
Once hell breaks loose ...HELL breaks loose. Black Hawk Down meets WWII!!!

Medal Of Honor: Airborne is a good title that has a few flaws working against it resulting in my rating of 3 stars. For me, it was the lack of decent storyline and the short singleplayer campaign, in the number of missions and in gameplay length.

One thing that sets this title apart from the previous MOH:A and made the series COD rival, is the action. Only one thing that raises this title above mediocre: The action. The action comes swift, it comes hard and it comes in full.

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  MOHA great fps

| | See all Watchout1983's reviews (1)

I was running this game in vista 32 bit, it ran like a dream no bug's, graphics were brill, and gameplay were to, i enjoyed the game all the way through, could have been a bit longer though, they could have put in more weapons, and more interaction, eg getting in vehicles, multiplayer is good, all and all worth getting

  MOHA Kicking Butt!!

| | See all allufrio's reviews (5)

Ok, maybe the single player game isn't as in depth as the likes of COD4, etc - still, it's tense and works a treat. With decent graphics and gameplay EA have done it once again...

Once you're bored with the single player game hit the multiplayer mode. Couple of let downs here - limited to a maximum of twelve players a game and just a handful of maps - other than that, it's great fun - not half as intense as the single player mode. Been playing multiplayer for months now and still not bored!

  MOH - Airborne

| | See all glassyeyedboy's reviews (1)

I'm sure this is a great game when you get to play it. My system has an up to date graphics card which will run it perfectly. Shame is that it won't install on my system running Windows Vista - beware

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  Mindless short and not all that good

| | See all Ali421's reviews (3)

land in a small radius and get funneled down surprisingly linear levels mowing down comedy Germans by the dozen

the AI i have found is shocking running towards me not firing, running out of cover because a grenade landed half a mile away from them, most cant shoot then one lands an entire clip on you perfectly in 3 seconds making you restart the checkpoint, tanks just drive around at constant speed in preset circles regardless of what is going on

entertaining if you liked serious sam

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