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Spore (PC & Mac)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (159 reviews)"

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  Fun game, but poor update / patch support

| | See all mindovermatter's reviews (3)

Bought the game on disc. Installation went fine on Windows 7, 64 bit.

Over all game experience is good. It's a fun game to play and it is very rich in features and depth. Runs fine on highest graphics setting on 1980x1080 resolution.

Snag with graphics:
The game periodically goes black when changing from planet to space in the Space Stage. This leaves you unable to save the game, as the screen is black (but the game still runs in the background). You're stuck with having to kill the game using Windows Task Manager and lose everything you did since your last save.

No key mapping support:
Game keys are not customisable, which is a bit of a pain if you have a game pad. You're stuck with having to switch between the game pad and keyboard. There's no shortcut for saving the game by pressing a button on the keyboard.

Updates and Patches:
According to EA, there are a few updates and patches available for the game, but you're required to install their download manager (Origin). Not only does this download manager send all your hardware and software specs to EA (bye bye privacy), it didn't "detect" my SPORE installation, nor does it allow you to "add a game". (Steam can do this seamlessly with supported games).

Finally found an exe from a 3rd party site (which is not ideal, because there's a chance it might be infected with malware). The update installed successfully and it appears that the "black screen" woes are now over. (for those of you looking for the patches, search on fileplanet.com or gamefront.com)

Over all, the update experience and the lack of freely available patches is a nightmare. I paid for the game and I expect to download patches directly from EA without having to install yet another application (which doesn't work) and allows EA to index ALL your PC hardware and software.

After all the woes and draconian DRM hoops to jump through I don't intend to buy any more EA games in future.

  Fun but could have been better

| | See all knightdannster's reviews (22)

When I saw the video of Spore before EA got their hands on it I was very impressed. Then after purchasing this game I realised how many features they missed out. I was very disappointed but carried on playing anyway.
It's very fun all the way up until the Space Age part. Then after a few hours you find it becomes a little repetitive and you just put it back on the shelf with all the other games from the past 10 years.
But it has great gameplay value and the amount of creations you can make are huge!

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  must buy at £10

| | See all leepaget's reviews (5)

love this game, i've had it for years and still play it now, and so does my 5 year old son, he loves creating the aliens, boats, cars spaceships etc. great fun for children and adults alike

  Expected alot better.

| | See all Marshyy's reviews (2)

The only stage thought was at all fun was the civilization stage., tribal stage was all right but way to easy. the stage that really needed to be good is space stage as it makes up most of the game, but i found my self coming off after just an hour on the space stage. Would not recommend buying it.

  Good, but you'll want the expansion packs.

| | See all nahhnbah's reviews (1)

Overall, Spore is an excellent and immersive game, but not so much so if you have little or no imagination or creativity. You play as a small cell at first, and you must help it evolve to the point where it is ready to travel the universe and conquer distant stars, and, eventually, become a Spore God. Your actions have a direct impact on gameplay, deciding what special abilities you have and even what sort of parts you can find. Certain parts of the game are fairly bland compared to the creature stages but the space stage, if a bit interesting, is certainly worth grinding through it. Graphics may run slow on some computers but this can be easily fixed by turning down the graphics on it. Gameplay can also be extended beyond the main game by buying several expansion packs ( so far there is Spore Creepy and Cute, and Spore Galactic Adventures). Once purchasing spore, I recommend downloading the latest patches for it so you can experience the best gameplay possible. DO NOT, however, download the EA Store or EA Download Manager. They are pointless and not needed for downloading patches and such.

In short, if you are creatively minded and you are looking for something to while away a few hours playing, then get Spore. If, however, you are looking for something you can just pick and play you are going to be very, very disapointed.

  Really Awesome Game

| | See all jakjakisbak's reviews (3)

Brilliant game!!!

Difficulty setting
Easy to use
Lots of ways to complete the game(or stage)
Many things to collect

Gets a little tedious
Not enough body parts

Over all a brilliant game


| | See all Boatmangarion's reviews (2)

This had the potential to be a really good game, but once again they took a fantastic idea and dumbed it down to within an inch of its life. I've found the graphics to be particularly buggy (all my creatures seem to get very shiny rendering) which I've not had with any other games (had graphics issues on 3 different PC's all well above the minimum requirements)

The Cell stage is far far too short and no where near as immersive as it could've been.

The Creature stage was very samey, I've found every time I'm struggling to design a new creature because theres only a small set of parts that actually make the game playable (ie you don't pick a level 1 part when you've got several level 3 parts available) and also found this stage again finished very quickly.

Tribal Stage was ok, again very samey, hunt food, hunt enemies, get some new things, hunt food, hunt enemies, job done. Very lacking in depth

City Stage really lacking in depth! Could've been an amazing Civilizations style Space Race, but it's too easy just to click a button and conquer the level. I think my record was completing this section in 10mins when I'd expect this to take an hour or two. I find myself deliberately trying to slow down the pace of the game.

Space. OMG, the most tedious thing ever... you slowly earn money by zooming in and out and in and out of systems and planets just to collect some resources to take somewhere else to zoom in and out to sell. Took ages to make enough money to get any decent technology but it go very tedious. Again very buggy, kept having missions where I had to destroy an infected species only to find the species wasnt being drawn so couldn't kill it. Frequency of attacks and other issues on home and allied planets is far too high and you just end up spending your entire time doing damage control so never get a chance to go and explore.

All in all a very tedious, quick game that lacked depth. Seems it was designed for the 10 to 14 yr old market and ended up being a complete snub to the 16 to 30 yr olds that had been waiting 4 years for it.

And I haven't even mentioned the restrictions on the game by online registration and DRM...

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| | See all jsharp40's reviews (8)

This game is based on creating an animal and making it adavance. The player content is excellent but the space stage is a bit samey but who knows, the expansion pack may of fixed this. The civ stage is a tad easy since I am no good at stratagy games and I got the reward for completing the civ stage in less that 2 hours. The tribe stage is absoluty brill but a little tricky at first. The creater stage is a work of art and cell stage is like a fun mini-game. Why only 3 stars you ask. Well the space stage drags on for ages and only being able to istall three times and you only be able to have one account is very annoying since me and a someone else decieded to buy this game between us and it took ages to find out that you can have more than one creater. Any way I'm not going to lecture on DRM because spore is still a very good game. Not the best in the world but still very good.

Remember people who share games: you can have more than one creater in the campain game!

  Huge Letdown

| | See all james1942's reviews (1)

In all the years ive been playing pc games this has been the biggest dissapointment. There was a huge hype, and high expectations for this game but it has certainly failed to live up to it. The gameplay is to simplistic, it requires no real stategy or thinking, sure the creature,building and vehicle creator is mildly amusing but quickly seems pointless when you realise the game you put them into lacks depth. After 3 patches there are still many glitches that further detract from the game.

I splashed out 40 pounds for the collectors edition, and because of the online account system in the game I cant get my money back or even trade it in.

steer clear.

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  Great Game!

| | See all josh1482's reviews (1)

I got this game in November last year and want you to know that it is one of the best gamesfor a pc or mac for a long, long time. The expansion packs are Coming in regularly and are not disappointing. The Creepy and Cute pack is Great for creating cool characters, at £7.99 it is a must buy. I am also planning on getting Galactic Adventures which is only £14.99. So overall, ignore what everyon else says, if you like being in control of a game get Spore and the future expansion packs.

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