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Black & White 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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| | See all PaToN92's reviews (2)

this game is a big improvement on the first the only thing i had against the first bnw is that the only way you could capture villages and such was by impressing them until they joined you but with this game you can build armies and your creature is like a general i just love this game BUY IT NOW!

  A let down

| | See all Scar182UK's reviews (17)

The original black and white was brilliant, as a teenager I would spend ages on it. 2, however, dissappointed me beyond belief. Although not a bad game, so to speak, as it offers some good features, it lacks any replay value. The game will feel empty after single player is completed and you will grow bored.

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  A nice game

| | See all Supernewt's reviews (18)

Different challenges, it runs well and plays well, controles are odd to start with but you pick them up quite quick. Deffo worth the money!

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  Lionhead Studios yet again delivered a wonderful game

| | See all Kenpod's reviews (1)

Black & White 2 has been labeled as a 'god genre' game, and it is godly in both genre and gameplay. This immense sequel to the first successful game Black & White also by Lionhead Studios.

Gamplay: Simulation of a god; creating buildings, casting miracles, commanding your creature (your way of interacting with the world through a creature or something?!)

Sound: Brilliant music, ties perfectly with the gamplay. If you're good you have calm music, but if you're evil you have war-like and evilish music.

Longetivity: Probably has amazing replayability, seeing as you can be good or evil, or a bit inbetween. It also has the option to choose a creature, so I suppose you could play again with a different creature and a different alingment in mind.

Graphics: Superb realistic graphics. The water is brilliant, the people are brilliant, the grass is HUGE compared to the people but that casts off a brilliant effect. The sky is beautiful during the whole day (has a night and day system, by the way). The creature has fur and his eyes even move. It's a brilliantly designed and a well detailed game in every aspect.

Script: The speach within the game occurs when your conscience (good and evil people that pop up to hint/help you. They're rather like tutorial gods, sorta thing)

Overall: A brilliant game, I aspect many of you will drown many hours into this game. Myself? I have completed it twice, once with good, once with evil. And will most probably play again! I loved this game a lot.

Thanks for reading.

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  A Let down

| | See all Wolverine6104's reviews (2)

This Is not the worst game in the world let me start by saying that. I feel I got my hopes up when buying this. Don't buy it if you think you'll be almost all powerful. what truly go me about this game was that There's a story line and a set track. I just wanted to rule over a land as a god not follow a set story line.... well onto some good points. you are not all powerfull meaning that you must keep an army and train your creature to couple with the powers you can get. The story does pose some challenges. bad points Ore almost everything requires ore and in the latter levels most of the ore is in enemy lands and I know that it adds a challenge but to me t is unfairly distributed you can get for example 20,000 ore from your mine and the enemy has a botomless mine meaning the can get as much as they want.
There are more good and bad points but lets be fair It's a good game if you like having set missions on a set story line I personally would rather play Caesar 3 for it's indipendent city building.
So in conclusion Don't get your hopes up about the amount of power you'll have over the land and you'll more than likely love this game

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  Heavenly and Hellish!

| | See all PandaDrunk's reviews (27)

Lionhead Studios have always tried to be different and push what can be done both technically and usability wise and this game does not fail but does have a few problems.

Peter Molyneux takes the AI up to the next level and has a much more interactive creature, which some fans hated because now you can have direct control. But I liked this new interaction because it made the creature easier to mould into the good/evil one you need. The graphics are kicked up a level and this seem to be one of the main improvements, but the miracles have been limited and it seems this game has a smell that EA had it rushed to help sales. Lionhead Studios has moved to work with Microsoft and I hope they never go back to EA because Microsoft offers more funding and less interference.

Great game but does not offer as many new elements as B&W, oh I forgot and now you get to control an army in B&W2.

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  Brillant but lacking one thing

| | See all leilaa's reviews (7)

The game is brillant much better than the first, this time you can build massive armys to attack your ememys aswell as your creature.You can peform the most godly of miracles from healing your own troops to sending a metor stirke at your enemys and to top it all off wonders these huge building can cause earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and even summon a banshee.But now i must come to a little thing extra the game needs and i'm sure alot of people will agree with me a sandbox mode where don't have to do missions and complete objectives, where u can build what ever you like and do what ever you want.In all this game is a must have

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  A great gane

| | See all Macluke's reviews (1)

This game has everything. If you enjoyed the original Black and White, then you will love this game.

The graphics are brilliant if you have a good graphics card and the choices you can make are amazing.

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