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Football Manager 2010

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  Loved it

| | See all lukeAc's reviews (5)

i loved this game so so so much very good game to get stuck into so much for you to do!!
Its a good challenge..
If you have played football manager before definitely buy this one! Its good for price if you dont want to spend 30 pound on the new 2012 one... If you go before 2010 not as good :)

  Football Manager 2010

| | See all chubbainmalta's reviews (24)

Amazing Cant Beat CM10 For Me But It's Absolutley BRILLIANT!
Graphics 09/10
Mail Handling 9/10
Footballer Attribute Accuraccy 10/10 Note:Inzaghi A bit Over the Top

  Another excellent addition of FM

| | See all steamgirl's reviews (11)

Another excellent addition of FM. The new 3D view definately enhances the gaming experience, It may not be anything like playing fifa but it works. The database of staff and players is immence.

side note: Playing as Man City I beat Man United in the league cup final. A few games later I lost to Burnley and got the sack. so even the owners are realistic lol

  massive game

| | See all callum1987's reviews (37)

A massive amount of stats features options, good laugh being manager of ur fav team, but the best thing is the editor where u can enter ur own team with u and ya mates in it a
and take them from the being blue square premier players to champions league challengers, buying players is also very realistic as some times u make an offer, the team excepts it but the player refuses to leave a tad annoying but all adds to the realism. Good game well worth the money, as its well cheap now.

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  I played it as 'Finance Manager' 2010

| | See all darelived's reviews (1)

The only flaw with this game is the frequency with which players are injured during a game: expect at least one player every two games to come down with ridiculous injuries like broken ribs that can keep them sidelined for up to three months. Other than that, I enjoyed the art of making my club richer and richer each season. "Greed is good" (Wall Street).

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  The best FM yet

| | See all Buyaboat's reviews (3)

Everything you love about Football Manager is here plus more! There is more to do, more options and features but still the core gameplay that has made the series so successful. It is by far the best Football Management game you can buy. For all those who complain about not being able to make stadiums etc need to realise they are playing football manager, not football chairman. The manager doesnt have a say in the design of the stadium so why should there be that feature in the most realistic football game series. Yes the game is hard at first but you get used to it quickly and when you do you appreciate all the depth and stats the game offers. Forget FIFA manager, this is the football manager game you want. My only complaint is that the 3d match engine still looks awful. I hope FM11 has better graphics but I think we will have to wait a couple years until we get a 3d match engine we can enjoy. Overall get this game as it is so cheap now and then get FM11 as it will be even better (I know I will)

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  Whose the best

| | See all Fewzzypop's reviews (20)

Firstly this is FM so you know your getting a good footy game.

But its now looking and feeling rather dull and bland and seen it all before , no pizzaz , training is anoying , no stadia upgrades and the press conferances are so anoying.

Fifa Manager 10 showed us how to add detail , pizzaz , and contains alot more stats and things to do that FM can only dream off , so perhaps its time for FM to step up a little bit more.

FM is still the best one around , Fifa would be the new king but the support and community is practically zero (so no bug fixes) , this means FM retains its crown.

you know what to expect from FM and they deliver just that , nothing more , nothing less , think of it as a large patch.

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  Good Buy!

| | See all TheDoctor1594's reviews (1)

The game is a very good buy, but it can be improved in area which have been describe by people below.
This is my first time playing, but i still think LMA manager is better, but i play this because LMA is out of production. So this is now the best football manager game out!!

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  Quality Gaming

| | See all Wilson3's reviews (2)

Fantastic managerial gaming experience. Tactics have been simplidied to make it more simple to use and overall game play has improved. 10/10, Definately the best FM yet.

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