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Colin McRae: DiRT

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  Steal for this kind of money.

| | See all HowyDD's reviews (12)

Picked this game up for 3.50 delivered, I'm a sucker for a bargan and don't like dropping 30 quid on newer games. Got this up and running on windows 7. If you are using an i7 3820 like me you will have to
1.Go to folder Dirt then system then open hardware settings restrictions.xml
2. Find workerMap8Core.xml change it to workerMap4Core.xml. Save this file and run the game.

This will stop it crashing back to desktop when you try to start a game.

I'm using an ATI 7970 and this runs fine good level of graphics even for an older game. Good video options menu can select 1920x1080 at 16:9res and other combos

As for the game. Its a well polished and realistic rally sim. It gives you the chance to race locations all over the world in different disciplines Off road, tarmac, 4x4 etc. There are 5 difficulty settings meaning you can pick it up for a quick light hearted blat or get all serious and race some competition. Loads of fun to be had and i'm very happy with my purchase especially considering what I paid including delivered.

  A Game to remember. A must Buy

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

I Play this game recently and even now after 4 years of the release, i have to give 5 star, great game, great grafs and even great gameplay.
A must Buy for dirtier drivers

  Very good racing game

| | See all blackshard's reviews (2)

DiRT has many options that will be nice for both racing simulation and arcade players. Car setup is someway very deep, with many tweakable settings, just leave defaults if you are a newbie. The very nice thing is that there is a simple explanation for every setting.The game also has five different difficulty levels to chose from. There are several different racing types, each with their own different cars. Obviously most of the game is sticky with rallies, and this is good, but there are also more competitions with completely different approach and cars (you may drive trucks too...!)
About graphics, the game has very good in-game graphics, it looks really nice, but it requires good updated hardware to run smoothly.
- Simulation and arcade nicely mixed
- Lots of tracks and cars
- Different racing types
- Good graphics
- Require a fast CPU and a fast video card (at least a x1950)
- Has Starforce protection (but can be circumvented...)

  N,F,S,U Sweet, Dirt Sweeter.

| | See all Brookie's reviews (12)

For this Price this Game is well worth it, If you like real Driving then this is the Game for you. Better on High spec pc otherwise could look like a cartoon. Now lost a star due to NEW game Racedriver GRID all can say is Shame DIRT Sweet, GRID Mmmm Live and Learn.

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  Awesome game.

| | See all BIGBC89's reviews (18)

Theres plenty of playablility within this game because of the many tracks and cars. It looks great and the physics are modeled well making this one of my favourite games atm.

definitely a must buy for racing game fans, especially at this price.

  Could be better, much better

| | See all joyofsix's reviews (5)

I bought this because I enjoyed CM04 and have waited until the price came down. I prefer CM04 and it's still half the price.

The cars drive better (i.e don't seem to be floating rather than gripping) and the game is about racing and not scoring points cause you have kept your over muscled beach buggy on two wheels the longest. The graphics in DIRT are good but a bit flat - eye candy for detail but just no life.

Biggest feauture about it is its all the speaking parts are really, really, really annoying and I don't think you can turn them off. The whole thing comes across as if its been lifted from some comic skateboard game. I am sure they have used the two commentators out of the DODGEBALL final. e.g at the start of the race your co-driver immediately gets on your nerves with an innane "OK, sure and steady, I am Mr Sure and you are Mr Steady". Like racing along side some wierd version of Bill and Ted. Unless you think you would like this all the time through a game (and I mean all), save your money and buy CM04 - just so much better. This is my first review prompted by the fact that this part of the game makes the game almost unplayable. It would be great if Codemasters realeased a patch with a gentle Scottish accent and a 1 minute filter on words such as gnarly, dude and awesome.

Keep smiling. JOY.

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  6 Right over crest into 2 Left into 3 right into brick wall

| | See all Mobius's reviews (173)

An amazing looking game, plenty of tracks with plenty of cars to race them on. works a treat with a 360 Controller.
But I feel that though a dam fine game, Rally games have seen better days, Worth getting at the current asking price. and on my systems the game looks amazing.

Win XP SP2
2Gb Dual Channel
Q6600 Quad Core Cpu
Nvidia 8800 Ultra Graphics Card
22" Samsung SM226BW : 1680x1050

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  Great but requires fast system!

| | See all Pegjh1's reviews (3)

Very good fun and far more playable than Sega Rally. The controls are spot on nd there's so much variety in terms of vehicles and track types. Be warned to run at full spec you need a powerful set up though.

  Poor Steering Wheel Support

| | See all freshfish's reviews (1)

It looks very nice. Okay enough on that, on to the problems. If you have one of the supported wheels I am sure it is great, if you have an Act Labs wheel then you are out of luck, no wheel input at all and no force feedback. Ten year old games have better wheel support than this! So using the keyboard!!! I find the AI cannot hold a clean racing line. Not holding my breath for the patch.

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| | See all ChopStix900's reviews (18)

Im not going to review the game much here other than say its a little arcade like compared to previous colin mcrae titles but good fun when used with a force feedback steering wheel and the graphics on high-ultra settings are lush. I want to share a tip with you all on how to get this game to run better. My pc spec is:

amd 64 x2 4200+
ati x1900xt
2gb ddr
16x dvd

If you reference my pc against the recommended specs u can imagine i was very dissapointed to find the game would hardly run smooth on low graphics settings. I was expecting to have them on high and some on ultra. There is a bug in this game that means it will run slow on any system with a stand alone sound card. What you need is a sound blaster x-fi card, u can get one for around £30. Purchasing one of these will improve your frame rate by about 15fps no joke!

If u dont want to fork out on a new soundcard then i have another solution for you. Try disabling your soundcard and launching the game. You should notice a massive improvment in fps (run fraps to test this). Now exit the game and enable your soundcard. Start the game again and if ur as lucky as me and a few others u will get a 5-8 fps increase. Be sure to run the sound on lowest settings to.

I hope this helps some of you who have been dissapointed and had problems like me. Enjoy! :)

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