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| | See all Deviis's reviews (1)

Such an amazing game! Great story line, amazing visual space environment, good graphics for the time (still pretty good tbh). The game play is just overall so much fun from the combat, controls etc.

You can either play the story line or go off on your own way and just explore the hundreds of space stations and planets.

The best space game ive ever played! And believe me ive played a dam lot. :D

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  great game

| | See all superthing96's reviews (5)

freelancer is a great game it has great graphics but im stuck on a bit where you have to destroy 8 ship missile things and im finding it rearly hard

  10/10 best singleplayer AMAZING story

| | See all Morrisnewcastle's reviews (14)

if you want a good space game this is it. it really is an amazing game wish they would bring out a number 2 !!!

  brilliant limited game

| | See all Lezero's reviews (7)

i love this game to bits its probably one of only a few games in existance i can play without any problem. it is very rare for microsoft to create such a gem of a game, but without a doubt its really good to spend hours messing around shooting out cargo pods on large frieght trains and tractoring in the loot and selling it off at a big price.

it has a good storyline albeit very short, the story is about a transport pilot whos ship was destroyed on freeport 7 (FP7) by unknown attackers suspected to be order operatives only to find out the unknown attackers were not the order.

the reason the limited word in the title is because, there is only so much you can do on this game, there are mods and such you can download but half of them really work well and the other half crash the game to the desktop.

anyhow, it is a good game to play.. also to be aware.
Microsoft shut down the freelancer server however their is another server online i suggest you check it out and follow the instructions if you wish to play online.

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  Best Game of All Time

| | See all Fletcha92's reviews (2)

This is by far the best game off all time. I first bought it when I was 9 and now 7 years later I still believe it is brilliant. Admittadly the graphics do now seem a tad dated compared to modern games, however other than that I cannot fault it. It has an intense, complex storyline that will keep you hooked throughout filled with many unexpected twists. The fights and general atmosphere created by the game are incredibly immersive, reinforced by the music that complements your surroundings. Furthermore the game has fantastic RPG elements during and after completion of the story missions, with over 40 enormous systems to discover and explore. It is for these reasons that I would rate this game the best game ever and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to own a game of epic proportions.

  Fantastic game

| | See all Feersum's reviews (2)

Trult open ended gameplay,Once youve completed the storyline missions you still have a universe to explore and its up to you how you want play.
There is also a community of modders out there continually adding new servers and star systems and ships to the multiplayer servers adding even more scope for exploration.

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  Choose your own path

| | See all Proxmo's reviews (1)

Hero, merchant, Pirate, Police, Trader, you decide. This game gives you the opportunity to decide your own path on what you choose to do in the game. Whit freighter class ships you can bye and sell goods between over a hounded planets and stations in the different systems in the galaxy in witch you play in. You can join the corsairs or other pirate clans in the outer sectors of the galaxy, stop traders, smuggle illegal goods, you chose.

I have played many flight simulator games, but Freelancer is the best space flight simulator game I have played, you have completely control over your ship. You can fly a dusen of different ships whit witch you can equip whit different kind of equipment from weapons, shield, engine and so on.

There are lots of different unexplored systems to explore, planets and bases to visit, and missions to complete. There are nebulas, asteroid fields, mine fields, jump holes, jump gates and more.

If you are into role playing and space games, you should definitely try Freelancer.

  In my personal Top 10 of all-time

| | See all stb654's reviews (24)

It has been a while since i last played this, however i clearly remember the excellence of this game.

This game is the epitome of 'original'...
forget X2 or Darkstar One as they do not control as well or are anywhere as near as fun as this game.

Freelancer has a brilliant storyline, great graphics (especially for it's time), great immersive gameplay and is an all round classic title.

Whether you Freelance, Pirate, Trade or anything else... Freelancer never ceases being addictive or entertaining.

This game is clearly one of my favourites of all time and it's greatness cannot be witnessed until played.. for a cheap price it is WELL WORTH IT.

Im still awaiting a sequal or a game to top it as X2, X3 or Darkstar One came nowhere close.

Other Recommendations:

Darkstar One: A similar game, only worth it if you have withdrawal symptoms from Freelancer.

  The only spacw sim worth buying

| | See all 02cspearson's reviews (5)

With so much stuff in such a vast universe this game really is great. The story is great and the multi player is to. I have spent many hours playing this game and still enjoy it to date. I have never enjoyed other space sim's that much mainly because of there dodgy control schemes but the one used in freelancer works a charm. You can choose to trade, freelance, pirate or a little of all but whichever path you take you know it will be fun and adventurous. Exploring the stunning environments and finding new location is as well very rewarding. A fun game. A cheap price. Worth the purchase? Defiantly!

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| | See all Azeryk's reviews (56)

Up until this game I was never a fan of any space games, but then it all changed. It's action filled, fast paced gameplay was instantly addictive. The graphics are good and space is perfectly done, filled with colour and detail. The storyline is gripping and moves in a different direction when you think you know whats going on. The control are really easy to pick up on a well which makes it easier when it comes to the large scale fights nearer the end. The only downside would be the time taken to return from some smaller misisons but thats easily sorted with the auto-pilot. With a price tag this low everyone should get it.

Basically space has never been so much fun.

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