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Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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| | See all Anithong2011's reviews (1)

This game offers a very realistic experience of flying, you will have a great advantage if you know about planes and how they are operated, if you don't, no need to worry as there are many videos on youtube to help you learn more about this. Also, the game offers tutorials to teach you how to fly the plane, very basic stuff

I find that this game has a fantastic enjoyment bearing in mind your computer or laptop has got enough RAM to run the game smoothly, If not, then it will kill the whole mood if it's lagging in the middle of a flight. Also, a computer that runs fast will mean you can put the graphics up to a maximum, making the detail perfect.

Having said that, I would recommend this game to anyone who loves flying and wants to captain a plane virtually

  Amazing Game !!

| | See all Bangout11's reviews (1)

This Is The Best Game EVERR!, Its Great, Really Realistic And Its Fun ! But The Downside Is, You Need A Good Computer For This Game To Run Properly, But Oh Well, I Have A Good One Soooo....BEST GAME, I 100% Recommend It... GET THIS GAME !! :D


| | See all bankerbuster's reviews (1)

it is the most fantastic game i have ever played.
i am flying almost everyday for at least 2 hours and it feels like it is the real thing. if you mess it up you just crash(what happens in reality)
5 stars from me and i beleve tha anyone who likes flying must bye this game.

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  Only Good If you have a good pc

| | See all Jakerc's reviews (5)

This game needs a good pc to play it to its maximun capabilitys.. if you dont have a good pc the game is still enjoyable but the scenery isent as nice as it would be in full graphics. Also it can sometimes go very slow, i thought i had a good computer when i bought this game but apparently its not good enough. so before you buy this game check the minimun requirements.

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| | See all TheVampire's reviews (20)

Its amazing. Ok, lets get started - Deluxe and Normal are 2 seperate games, just they have different amounts of HIGH detail airports.

The game has such good graphics, remember, have at least 2GHz 2Gb Ram and 256MB Video card, this way you will get good preformance, my laptop lacks the 256MB and it runs really well regardless.

This game is worth your money - deluxe even more so. The downloadable aircraft make it even better!

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  If you don't think this is an unreal deal you're odd!!!

| | See all deanoroachy's reviews (6)

{This is my review for the deluxe edition, copied and pasted here but it is ALL relevant and does not specifically mention deluxe features and extras}

The pinnacle of Microsoft's simulators, after 20 years of development and refinement I can finally say the simulator looks realistic. I have played on all the series titles since Flight Simulator 98, but this is the only one which can actually impress a person to the degree where they can say "wow, it's actually like flying". The data provides massive accuracy worldwide, in both textures and terrain shapes. It's graphic detail of objects, aircraft and terrain is superior to other games I have played and with the huge varieties of aircraft to choose, as well as thousands of realistic airports the flight experience is exhilarating.
Since the 2004 title Microsoft innovated all aspects of the game. Aircraft are no longer inferior to the free add-ons that can be downloaded. They are also redone from scratch rather than being improved versions of the aircraft in the previous flight simulator: this has occurred since flight simulator 95 until the 2004 version but not in this edition.
Sattelite data is far better than before, giving brilliant sloping of land. Autogen is integrated into the terrain far smoother too: buildings not longer appear in clumps or on slopes because they are on roads in street formations, with hills ocupied by bare land instead. Coastlines and cliffs integrate far better than the previous simulator, they no longer cause jagged border marks between water and land, and the terrain does not dip below water with the water being above the land. This is due to the very advance physics engine used, where water is a solid, flexible, moving object rather than just a texture as was in the earlier Flight Simulator games. Now a person can fly through the grand canyon experiencing slopes, gulleys, gaps and mountains, instead of flying across a big gash in the desert with a blue colour at the bottom.
Objects now appear intelligently; trees are not randomly dumped and appear in clumps and formations, forests and woodlands. Species of tree are now used: previous limits being bushes in the desert and trees in temperate areas. Now there are vineyards in France, cactuses in Libya and sequoias in California. Seasonal blending of this foliage works far better, they appear very changed in winter when they are devoid of leaves compared to the summer where the leaves and flowers occupy every inch of their branches.
Other objects are now present too, across the whole world. There are moving oil tankers in Saudi Arabia, recreational yachts in monterrey and fishing trawlers in Sardinia. All major roads, motorways, highways and freeways are plotted to great detail in the correct location, with road traffic abundant on most motorways and highways. Airways are the same, realistically planned with extremely dense, abundant air traffic and when a virtual pilot finally does have to escape from an airway and land the plane there is plenty of airport traffic such as pushback trucks and luggage loading vehicles waiting at all gates to greet them.
There are a few issues with his game that need to be adressed though. It was intented to work on Windows Vista, but it has became apparent that there are error with this, such as failure to load or failure to exit. There are crashes on both windows XP and Vista, but from using this game on different PC's I have noticed that only lower spec PC's experience this problem. The free patch prevents this issue.
To run the game with settings at absolute MAX you probably need at least 2.4Ghz dual core with 2gb ram and 512mb graphcis card. BEWARE: Will only work on a very high end laptop. 14GB hard drive needed!

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  Great Game

| | See all tselby17's reviews (37)

This game is fantastic for any flight enthusiast and the price makes it worth it. However, to run the game smoothly on high graphics settings I recommend a Dual-Core and a good graphics chip, Nvidia 7 series or higher.

  Great Simulator, Worth the Money

| | See all Nigehorses's reviews (5)

I was amazed to Find this latest flight simulator package at such a low price - I remember paying £39.99 for Flight Simulator 98 back in the old days!

This has to be the best version yet, brilliant graphics and scenery, lots of planes and thousands of airports! Works perfectly with Windows Vista which was a suprise, however takes up quite a lot of hard drive space 15GB minimum, not bad though if you have lots of space available.

Would certainly recommend this game to anyone, brilliant price and brilliant features!

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