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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Deluxe Edition

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  wow wow wowits great

| | See all harjeevan's reviews (1)

i first played this at my mates house and i was shock about this amazing game

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  FSX = epic must buy!

| | See all FSXepic's reviews (1)

no less then epic! mckay254 says not to bother he dose not know what he is talkintg about this is a must buy for any flight sim fans! and you dont need a brand new pc just turn down the graphics!


| | See all mckay254's reviews (1)

i bought this game as well as the normal version and i hated it there were so many things that went wrong or didnt work i have a brand new very high tech 09 computer and i can tell you that it doesnt work the same as they show you in the trailers i am very disapointed with this purchace.

if you want a flight simulator by fs9 cent of flight
that is amazing

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| | See all Tottenham4eva's reviews (12)

My title sums up what i think of flight simulator x : deluxe edition.So much detail and so much fun, online play is great fun, flying miles high in all sorts of aircrafts. 50 brand new missions to test out your flying skills, its a defiante must buy, the best flight simulator out there.

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  Great fun..................if you have a powerful computer

| | See all sazza123's reviews (5)

This game is great. Worth it over the standard version. There are loads of missions to do such as trying to land a plane on a moving bus or doing an emergency landing in a 737 with no working engines. Graphics are greatly improved over fs2004 and now you can see cars and boats. There are loads more aircraft than before as well including an Airbus A321. The only downside is that to get the most out of the graphics, you need a pretty powerful pc.

  Well worth it for plane enthusiasts

| | See all GeoGhost's reviews (9)

Brilliant and enjoyable game.
However, to play it on full-graphics, you need one hell of a good system. But even at mid-graphics... it's still amazing.

Brilliant range of aircraft to choose from, and added custom liveries from fan-bases is simple and adds even more fun to the game.
The game did conflict with FS2004 so i would recommend uninstalling other versions before installing this one.

My only criticism is that Alta in North-Norway is modeled wrong. The town was missing, and one of the mountains in the town was... flat. And the air-strip was much shorter than it should have been.
But they can't model everything in the world I suppose.

If you love flying, love planes and are a fan of Flight Sim, you'll more than likely like FSX. The training missions are easy and understandable and the co-pilot in missions is really good and sometimes quite humorous.

Well-worth the money but check your computer can handle it. I'm on a Vaio AR71ZU and the game works really well. So it can run on both laptops and desktops for any who wish to know.

Hope that helps anyone considering to buy the game.


| | See all poshboy111's reviews (59)

Im actually running this on a basic laptop with a basic in-built graphcs card and a basic control and it works well. Occassionally there are glitches but in general its fine.
Graphics are good and as there is unlimited gameplay available, its a bargain. In theory, I can fly across the world repeatedly, with real time conditions and that to me makes this worthwhile.
There are so many (non-flight sim) short games available for considerably more cost, so as this has unlimited playing time, it makes it a great buy.
I bought this to fly planes so it does exactly what it claims it will.
If you are new to flight sims, the lessons are vital as there is so much to learn for each individual aircraft. Patience is a requirement early on and expect many failures before you can fly with style.
The stunt planes are a great way to start as they are so manoeverable and a good way to get up close to the sights and scenery from around the world. In time you can move on to the larger craft but remember the lessons or you wont get too far.
Good value for such a large game

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  MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY - WAIT until mid 2029...

| | See all SimboSapian's reviews (24)

Warning, warning whoop whoop warning... Pull up, terrain terrain, pull up... Bank angle whoop whoop pull up... Mayday mayday mayday...
I spent £1500 on a new pc (tower only...!) and new flight control system to be able to run fsx comfortably... All i can say is booooooooooooo... I'm still suffering crappy performance especially when the direct x 10 preview is active...
Allow microsoft to fine tune dxt for a while and privide us with a good patch for fsx... Give them until mid 2029 (lol) to be sure... I turned back to fs9 (2004) and it plays flawlessly on my new rig... Huge fps, super smooth and glitch free...
I'm hoping microsoft will pull through... It's just a pity it's taking so darn long... I'm feeling cheated...
Fingers crossed...

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  ref flight sim/xbox 360

| | See all samualone's reviews (1)

please ,why not anything like this for xbox 360 elite.
only poor flight games appear to be available for xbox 360

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  It will leave you blown away...

| | See all Gamelover12's reviews (11)

This game is absolutely brilliant. The graphics are exceptional, the gameplay is fantastic, and if you buy a yoke it will be so much better. I must admit, the game wouldn't be as good without the yoke, so I reccomend you buy a yoke. The missions are class and challengeing, and if you think about it, FSX is a never ending thing, as you could buy expansion packs which improve the game and add extra stuff. I think, if you don't buy this game, don't bother buying any ithers, because this is the best game out of the lot ever.