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Deus Ex: Complete

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Timeless classic!

| | See all suprat's reviews (2)

Went back for the umpteenth time to play it - yep, still awesome. Definitely play this before trying Deus Ex: Human Revolution to truly appreciate the world of Deus Ex. Search online for graphics update packs.


| | See all THESTODD's reviews (9)

Absolutely amazing game - the graphgics are dfated but the gameplay is still head and shoulders above anything else. If you haven't played it then do yourself a favour and pick it up now. The included sequel isn't bad either.

  simply amazing, even 11 years on

| | See all ChrisAkira's reviews (4)

this is by far one of the very best games to be made ever, and i'm not exaggerating.
the game has everything, an epic storyline with so much thought and detail put into it, even when you think you know whats going to happen it still suprises you. the character development hasnt been matched by any game i've played since trying this back in 2000.

as other people have stated, every decision you make, no matter how small, affects how people react to you. if you decide to clear a building using stealth and tranquilizer darts, you'll be offered one reward. if you go in all guns blazing and kill everyone, you'll get a different reward, with every option to a decision granting different voiced dialogue. i've owned this game since release and i still enjoy playing it more than the majority of games that are out today, even with the now dated graphics. i'm still finding things iv never found before and ways of dealing with situations that i've missed in previous play throughs.

which brings me onto the online community. this game has a big mod community behind it, with various teams currently working on graphics enhancements to try and bring everything up to date. that mixed with the large array of custom made maps and storylines, new weapons and items, adds hundreds of hours of gameplay to a game that already boasts a tremendous amount to do.

to sum up, if you like rpg style character development, get this game... if you like FPS's, get this game... if you like very deep story driven gameplay, get this game. it truly has everything and its all combined so well, hence why its still easily holding its own against todays game releases by those who have played it

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  Don't listen to trolls

| | See all SlainRebel's reviews (1)

The original Deus Ex is arguably one of the best games created. It features an intricate story, presenting multiple paths and branches in the story to produce different outcomes, resulting in many hours of gameplay.
Don't be put off by the graphics, this is still worth buying today.

The second game, many regard as being inferior, many features were removed or diluted to make the game more accessible to new users, but it does just as good a job at telling and advancing the story as the original, the voice acting and plot telling devices are greatly improved and combat can actually be more fun, despite saying this I still think it is still far from being as good as the original, but is a very worthwhile game to play.

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| | See all Bobbyboulders's reviews (3)

Deus Ex - If you've never played this then BUY IT RIGHT NOW! It is the greatest PC game that was ever created. It is totally spellbinding and will entertain you for 100+ hours (no exaggeration).

Deus Ex 2 - Don't even bother installing it, use the disc as a coaster, heck, glue it to the back of the Deus Ex disc for protection and so that noone else steals your copy of Deus Ex. It is a truly awful game and doesn't come anywhere near to Deus Ex.

This review WOULD be a 3 star (for average, Deus Ex 5 stars, DE2 0 stars) but Deus Ex is too good not to buy at this price.

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  The BEST PC game I have ever played!!

| | See all Reggiep75's reviews (7)

I say the BEST PC game in reference to DX1 as DX2 was dumbed-down for the console market unfortunately but still was an ok game to play.

Back to the original DX1 tho.. It was recommended to me by my bro who said I should get it, so without any knowledge of what type of game it was other than 'cyber-punkish RPG shooter' I bought it and played it over a few months and garnered 65 hrs of play from it 1st time around and 42hrs 2nd time. I'm still in the middle of a 3rd replay.

On the amount of time spent playing the game I can wholeheartedly recommend it on value for money alone but the best is to come. This game was the most immersive game I have ever played with good GFX (dated by todays standards) but when you play the game somehow the dated GFX don't matter. The atmospheric music and sound effects shrouded you in the DX game world.

Now the game itself is where the strength of DX lies. You can play it as an all out shooter (but will encounter difficulties), play stealthly or a combo or both but all along you pick up skill/XP points to spend on weapons and upgrades suited to however you have chosen to play. There are so many missions within the game and it has side missions which do matter to your progress rather than just 'tacked on' extras.

As for DX2, it was an ok game but too much loading and dumbed-down elements to fit within the constrictions of consoles. Sure its GFX are nice n shiny but have very little substance compared to the original DX1.

Take it from us all tho, if you're looking for a good, original, one of a kind, cyberpunk, sandbox-ish, RPG-FPS...


And at this price its less than the price of a pint n pizza (for the adults out there)

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  My personal favourite game of all time

| | See all Hirsty's reviews (21)

Okay so it sounds cheesy and overblown but it really is. Deus Ex upon release was a game I didn't know anything about but after playing a demo I was hooked. The blend of First person shooter and RPG is at a perfect balance.

For those that don't know much about the game you play as JC Denton a Nano augmented special agent (or a cyborg if you want the short version) You're part of a UN sanctioned anti terrorist group (UNATCO) and are sent into a dystopian world of intrigue and conspiracy.

The main aspect of this game for me is its atmosphere its oppressive and harsh and makes you feel like the world is really going to hell, that coupled with a twisting plot and interesting support charatcers makes for a very good story.

The graphics are rather dated by todays standard but still aren't hideous to look at.

The gameplay is a real gem, players customize JC using Skills which upgrade his ability with weapons/lockpicks/medkits etc and also acquire augmentations which give him access to special abilities such as bullet resistant skin, increased speed and even a remote spy drone used for scouting.

For Newcomers the difficulty can seem rather harsh but tis something you adapt to once you realise you have to be somewhat subtle and you can't run and gun the entire game like its the next Quake or Halo title.

There's always more than one way around a problem. Depending on what you specialize in you can take numerous approaches to any given situation to reach your objective.

There's really not much else to say except that if you haven't played this game get it while you can at a reasonable price.

Still my most favourite game after all these years and gets replayed even now I give it a solid 10/10 which is very high and rare praise from me

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  Classic !

| | See all thelith's reviews (2)

Well its finally here guys ! DX 1 and DX 2 Re-Released in 2010 ! this is for marketing purposes because of DX 3 coming out soon ! anyway i have this and both games are fully patched/updated so no need to update they both work fine on XP/Vista/7 seems they patched DX 1 and 2 to work on these operating systems ! anyway such classic games back on the market in new packages Awesome ! A++++=


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